Vitamin IV Therapy Pros and Cons – 12 SUPER benefits & 9 Agains to consider

Vitamin IV therapy pros and cons are something you need to analyze before you get one. Vitamin D and Vitamin C deficiencies are quite prevalent in the United States. For your body to function correctly, you need an adequate amount of all vitamins and minerals.

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Time and again, we are told fruits and vegetables are rich sources of vitamins, which is true. However, sometimes, taking just fruits and vegetables turns out to be insufficient. Besides, the body sometimes has difficulties absorbing vitamins and minerals from food sources.

Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals will have an enormous toll on your health. A lot of your body process and systems will be affected if you have nutrient deficiencies.

Some of the problems that may arise from nutrient deficiencies may affect your digestion process, immune system and detoxification process.

So, how do we get over vitamin deficiencies?

What is the Solution?

vitamin iv therapy pros and cons

To supplement a slower absorption rate of vitamins (1), consider getting vitamin IV therapy; it is the best solution. In the past, IV supplements have been used, especially over-the-counter, to cure hangovers. However, they are becoming popular in making your general health even better.

You may have heard of IV supplements used as a hangover cure, but they are gaining ground as more than that.

Now, the IV infusions are evaluated by the Food and Drugs Administration, and can you can legally and safely enjoy the benefits of the therapy IV administered by your doctor.

But, just like any other treatment, IV vitamin therapy has two sides to the coin.

We discuss in detail what vitamin IV therapy is, and we also analyze both sides of the equation in the rest of this article.

The Basics of Vitamin IV Therapy

the basics of vitamin iv therapy

IV therapy is a health procedure used to directly administer nutrients, medications, and blood products into the bloodstream. The nutrients delivered to your body are dissolved to form a liquid solution and delivered into your vein through an IV line.

A healthcare professional can use different forms to administer the IV nutrients to your body in rehabilitation settings depending on your health conditions and needs (1).

IV vitamin focuses on delivering either one or more vitamins to the human body. The vitamin drips are quickly gaining traction in biohacking Los Angeles.

The intravenous therapy role in the biohacking world include:

  • Fighting fatigue
  • boosting the immune system
  • achieving a healthier and younger-looking skin

Vitamins and Minerals via IV Therapy

vitamins and minerals via iv therapy

In this section, we review the benefits of these individual nutrients administered in IV therapy. Suppose you are someone in need of any specific medical benefits of these nutrients. In that case, you should consider seeking medical advice from a health professional and maybe a way forward towards nutrient therapy.

Vitamin B complex

vitamin b complex

Vitamin B complex, which includes vitamin B12, plays a huge role in body functioning. Consider getting vitamin B complex IV drips if you want to achieve any of the following:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Blood sugar levels control
  • Increased energy
  • biohacking stress and depression
  • Battling migraines

Vitamin C

vitamin c

An IV treatment with vitamin C as the content will come in handy if you need an antioxidant that would improve your:

  • Bone health
  • skin health
  • blood vessel functioning
  • Immune system functioning



Getting glutathione infused in your body will be essential for:

  • Enzyme functioning
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Regeneration of vitamin C and vitamin E
  • DNA formation



Getting zinc in IV therapy may:

  • reduce the duration of illnesses by up to 40%
  • Heal wounds quickly
  • Boost your immune system
  • Improve your skin health



The benefits of getting a magnesium IV drip include:

  • Improved heart health
  • Improved bone health
  • relief from migraine
  • An increased absorption rate of calcium
  • Reduced risk of diabetes and its effects
  • Decreased anxiety symptoms

Vitamin IV Therapy Pros and Cons – Learn TOP BENEFITS

vitamin iv therapy pros and cons - learn top benefits

Here are some of the reasons you should consider getting that that IV therapy.

Benefit 1 – IV supplements are the most bioavailable type of supplement.

Nutrients and food are absorbed from the digestive system directly into the bloodstream. However, during the digestion problem, for one reason, such as your health status, the absorption rate may be low, or the nutrients may keep leaking out.

If you have leaky gut or other gut-related problems, consider bypassing the digestive tract by getting an IV vitamin drips.

Benefit 2 – Energy Booster

Another reason you should consider IV treatment is boosting your energy levels. If you want to fight the effects of reduced metabolism and fatigue, an IV vitamin drip could be your best decision. An IV drip with amino acids and B-complex vitamin will do the magic for you.

Benefit 3- Immunity Strengthener

Another of the most sought after health benefits of the IV drip is its ability to strengthen your immune system. When the human body has to regularly fight bacteria and toxins, the immune system will gradually get weaker and may need a boost, and IV vitamins will not let you down. The treatment will make your immune system stronger and more resilient to infections.

Benefit 4 – Customization and Convenience

Everybody is different and has different health needs. If a treatment can be customized to suit your specific help needs, then it is something you should consider. IV drips can be infused with contents that target your specific health needs. For instance, you can get vitamin cocktails that fight hydration, vitamin b12 deficiencies and maybe allergies, all in one IV vitamin treatment.

Benefit 5 – Recovery Enhancer

benefit 5 - recovery enhancer

If you are nursing wounds, probably from a sporting event, and they won’t heal, consider getting IV therapy. The nutrients present in the vitamin IV content may help accelerate the recovery of your wounds.

Besides, the nutrients will help increase your athletic events. Your doctor could also administer infusions with vitamin C and amino acids to reduce inflammation and soreness from rigorous activities.

Benefit 6 – Allergy Reducer

If you are someone battling different allergies, you should talk to your doctor about getting nutrient therapy. Nutrient therapy may combat both chronic and different types of allergies. It may also help you be more resistant to your allergens.

Benefit 7 – They Can Help Keep you Hydrated

It is usually challenging to stay hydrated, especially when you are always sweating it away.

The body is made up 60% of water (2).

Despite this, a considerable number of people still suffer from chronic dehydration. Dehydration has a lot of effects on the systems and body processes. The saline content on the IV therapy packages will help you stay dehydrated for longer.

Benefit 8 – They are Fast Acting

One of the benefits of IV therapy is they are so instant. The effects will manifest themselves a few moments after your treatment. The majority of people feel a lot more energized and replenished after a minute or two.

With many medications, or even say, drinking lots of water for hydration, you will have to wait for a long to see the effects. If you need instant results, talk to your doctor about getting IV therapy.

Benefit 9 – Anti-Aging Combatant

benefit 9 - anti-aging combatant

Aging shows differently in different people. Some will have changes on their skin, others on their hair or even nails. Some may also experience deterioration in their energy level.

Anti-aging biohacking Los Angeles is becoming quite popular because everyone wants to look youthful. However, you do not want to take a long way, and sometimes less practical to have an ageless body. Getting vitamin IV drips could work magic in fighting aging symptoms.

Benefit 10 – Provides a Better Absorption Rate Comparing to Oral Vitamins or Food

One significant benefit of IV therapy is the faster absorption rate because it goes straight to your bloodstream. Over 90% of the nutrients from your vitamin IV therapy will be useful in your system, unlike when it’s digested first.

Benefit 11 – Allows More Precise Dosing Based on What Your Body Needs

Your doctor can customize a dose that perfectly matches your needs. You do not have to worry about anything going overboard or below the required dosage. As long as you are diagnosed correctly, a precise dose can be tailored to suit your needs.

Benefit 12 – Alternative Resource for People Who Cannot Ingest or Respond to Oral Vitamins

Oral vitamins are pretty popular in America. However, some people do not get to pass through the digestive system to the bloodstream for various reasons. If you do not respond to the oral vitamins, IV therapy could be the ideal solution to directly infuse vitamins into your system.

Cons of IV Supplements

cons of iv supplements

People who have had successes with IV therapy will swear by its benefits. However, it is good to look at the cons of the treatment before getting one. In this segment, we review of the downsides of IV therapy.

Con 1- Done in Hospital or Doctor Office Unless Medical Personnel Comes to your Home

You cannot do this procedure yourself. You always have to visit your doctor or have your doctor come over to your IV therapy house.

Con 2- There are Not Enough Studies to Put this Treatment on Mainstream

If you are going for a treatment, you want something well researched and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. There is no sufficient studies to prove the safety of getting an IV drip, which means you are exposed to some side effects that may be serious.

Con 3 – Can Be Dangerous- Potential Overdose of Vitamins

If the vitamin infusions are administered improperly or in excess, you will be at risk of severe side effects. An overdose of vitamins can be chaotic to people with organ problems. For instance, people with blood pressure problems or heart problems are at risk of fluid overload from an infusion.

Also, too much vitamin A can cause severe side effects such as headaches, dizziness, and in the extreme, death.

So, make sure you know yourheart and kidney condition for an effective treatment plan.

Con 4 – Not a Long-term solution

The IV therapy treatment plan is not recommended for long-time use. Besides, it can not be used as a replacement for a good diet, despite delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

Con 5 – Not All the Companies are the Same

When getting your IV therapy, ensure it is from a reputable distributor because there are lots of people who will infuse harmful additives in your body in the name of vitamin infusions. Make sure you deal with reputable health personnel.

Con 6 – Can Result In Immediate Side Effects

Immediate reactions may occur, especially if you are sensitive to medication and new treatments. Also, if you get it from it in non-reputable settings, you may react immediately.

Con 7 – Can Have a Placebo Effect

You may feel better immediately after your therapy. And, it may be not because of the nutrients introduced to your body, but the thoughts you have. Just believing that you will feel better could do the trick for you.

Con 8 – Can Be Pricey

IV therapy can be expensive, mainly because you may need to go for several sessions. Besides, in most cases, insurance does not cover IV therapy.

Con 9 – Risk of Infection

When IV is done, it opens a natural part to your bloodstream. This is also an opportunity for bacteria and germs to access your body, which may not be a better opportunity to fight them. This is the reason you need to make sure you get your therapy done by a professional.

Vitamin IV Therapy Side Effects

Just like any other medication, vitamin IV therapy has side effects. To reduce the risk of side effects, tell your doctor any medication you are on.

Here are some of the prevalent side effects you may have:

  • Infection at the injection site
  • Rashes
  • Vein inflammation and bruising
  • Blood clots
  • Air embolism

How to Evaluate a Vitamin IV Therapy Provider

how to evaluate a vitamin iv therapy provider

If you are considering IV treatments for you or your family, you need to ensure the staff, and are reliable. The facility has to be reputable; otherwise, you put yourself at risk of infections and even slowed recovery.

Ensure that the health personnel is skilled in IV therapy. Also, ensure the facility is licensed to perform IV.


Is IV Therapy Safe

IV Therapy has been safe for a lot of people. The side effects are not usually serious if conducted by licensed medical personnel. However, more research on the safety of IV therapy is needed (2).

How Much Does Vitamin Therapy Cost

A single vitamin injection can cost approximately $100. However, what you pay may largely depend on the clinic you get your therapy. The price goes up for any additional vitamin or nutrient added to your injection content.

How Often Should I get IV Therapy

Having your therapy after two or three weeks would work fine. A single IV drip will keep the nutrients elevated in your system for 2-3 weeks.

Are Vitamin Infusions Worth It?

Vitamins infusions are with it, mostly because they come with an instant benefit for you. If you get it from a certified health professional, you will enjoy the benefits.

How Long Does A-IV Vitamin Therapy Take

A single IV therapy session will take anything between 20 and 30 minutes.


Vitamin IV therapy remains a little controversial because weighing its pros and cons can be a little challenging. However, the vital thing to do is research widely and consult with a certified and licensed IV therapy doctor before settling for anything. Have your health status checked to ensure you are fit to take your IV therapy.




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