Scalp Massage Hair Loss: ultimate hair restoration with fingertips use

Scalp massage hair loss is becoming the new resort for anyone who wants thick and luscious hair. If you have not included scalp massages in the biohacking hair routine, you could be missing out.

Maybe just telling you a scalp massage will work wonders in helping you reclaim your hair is not enough. Good luck you landed here. This article gives you all the details you need to know about scalp massages and how they help fix hair loss.

Alright, time to get down to business.

Scalp Massage Hair Loss – What Is It?

scalp massage hair loss - what is it

A scalp massage is like any other regular massage. It is just like a massage that you get on your neck, back or the rest of the body (1). The significant difference is that a scalp massage is super gentle. It is more soothing than any form of massage.

Besides, it usually does not include essential massage oils. However, you may add oils depending on your preference.

Furthermore, only fingertips are used for scalp massages. Sometimes though, you can use a scalp massaging device.

The Structure Of The Scalp and How It Relates to Scalp Massage Hair Loss?

the structure of the scalp and how it relates to scalp massage hair loss

Every single strand of hair has a root called a hair follicle. A muscle called erector pili is attached to every single hair follicle, and it is also connected to the sebaceous glands. These glands are instrumental in the production of sebum, which is essential for healthy skin and hair.

If you notice that your hair is no longer growing as well as it did before, that’s a red flag. If you notice that your thick and luscious hair is gradually thinning, watch out; that’s a sign of hair loss coming (2). The only trick is you need to upload is to act quickly.

A lot of people believe that baldness is genetic, which may be right. However, sometimes, all you need is a head massage and sometimes a lymphatic massage to get you back on track.

We review the benefits of scalp massages below and how they can make your diminishing hair cycle take a new turn.

Scalp Massage Hair Loss Benefits

scalp massage hair loss benefits increases blood flow

Well, we all love how soothing a scalp massage feels. It can put you to sleep in a few minutes. It just feels…heavenly. But the benefits scalp massages give you is just more than the soothing effects it gives to your skin cells.

We discuss the top of this fingertip massage below.

Increases Blood Flow

This is often recognized as the main scalp massage benefit.

When you have your first scalp massages, you will feel a tingling sensation. This tingling sensation is a result of increased blood flow.

And how does increased blood flow matter to hair growth?

Androgenic alopecia is a type of hair loss that occurs when DHT miniaturizes hair. Miniaturized hair follicles are always smaller than healthy ones, and they hence appreciate minimal blood flow. Blood contains essential nutrients and oxygen that are necessary for hair growth. Lack of essential nutrients to the hair follicles results in thin and malnourished hair.

Most of the hair growth issues arise from insufficient blood circulation to the scalp. If you are after a hair regrowth, a scalp massager could go a long way in helping promote hair growth.

Increased Sebum Production

increased sebum production

A scalp massage increases sebum production. But, what are the health benefits of sebum oil to your hair?

  • Moisturizes hair and hence preventing hair breakage
  • Maintains the correct pH balance for the skin and scalp
  • Prevents itchiness and flaking on the scalp

The sebum is excellent for the hair growth cycle. Low sebum amounts affect the anagen phase, which is the growth phase of the hair.

Getting a daily scalp massage can help you release the sebum trapped in the follicles.

Stress Reduction

There is a strong relationship between stress and hair loss. Getting a body massage is one of the top biohacks for health.

One of the top hair loss reasons is stress. For instance, androgenic alopecia is often caused by increased stress levels. The ability of scalp massages to reduce stress will, in the long run, reduce hair shedding.

The soothing feeling will make you feel better and put you to sleep, which is often tricky when stressed. The health benefits of the massage will help reduce stress hormones, which may result in thicker hair.

How to perform A Scalp Massage

how to perform a scalp massage

Now that you understand the importance of scalp massage for hair, we now will look at performing a scalp massage. It is ideal to get occasionally get a scalp massage help when you need it. However, it is much better to do it on your own. It would be fantastic for you if you learned how to massage your scalp well; otherwise, you may not savor the full benefits of scalp massage.

We review the two methods you can use to massage your scalp below.

Use of Fingertips

use of fingertips

This is the most common method to massage your scalp. Any massage therapist recommends this method. Follow the procedure below to get the most out of fingertip massage:

  • Start massaging from the front of the scalp
  • Work moving to the middle of the head
  • Move your fingertips in small circular motions while applying medium pressure
  • Keep moving until you cover the entire head.

Do it for at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 and 20 minutes at night. But generally, if you have no time, 10 minutes a day should be sufficient.


  1. Make sure you use your fingertips and never your fingernails. Fingernails may worsen the hair loss situation.

Massage with Essential Oils

massage with essential oils

Essential oils are oils obtained from plants. They are instrumental in hair thickness and hair growth. They also help in regulating sebum production and eradication of dandruff. You can add oils to your scalp massages maybe once or twice a week.

Some of the popular essential oils you could add to your scalp massages include:

  • Peppermint oil
  • Borage oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Ylang-vlang oil
  • Rosemary oil

Using essential oil daily is not recommended as it may attract a lot of dirt. A lot of dirt means you need to wash your hair more than is recommended.

Use a Massage Tool

use a massage tool

This is the second way to perform a massage for hair growth. There are several scalp massage tools that you could use, these could include electric brushes, and you may need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. But, all in all, ensure you:

  • Use medium pressure
  • Run it for approximately 10 minutes daily
  • Ensure you cover the entire scalp

Scalp Massaging While Washing Your Hair

scalp massaging while washing your hair

Too much hair washing strips the scalp of skin oils. One of the best hair growth tips is to massage your hair with products as you wash it.

While washing your hair, use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp with shampoo. Ensure you cover the entire scalp. Rinse it off and repeat the same process with a conditioner. Afterward, rinse your hair as usual. The practice of massaging while washing your hair can help retain more skin oil on your head.

How Often Should You Massage Your Scalp?

how often should you massage your scalp

The best frequency of performing scalp massages largely depends on why you are performing them. For instance, if you desire to achieve hair thickness and more growth, you should use your fingertips to massage your scalp twice a day.

If your goal is to relax and relieve stress, you can massage your scalp whenever you want to. You could go for an oil massage to relieve stress too.

Whatever your goal, ensure you cover the entire surface area of your scalp.


This article seeks to enlighten people on scalp massage hair loss and how it can help transform your hair growth journey. The concept is not new, but a lot of people are still adopting it. We answer some FAQs for better understanding sake.

Does Inverted Scalp Massaging Help?

Yes, it does. When you bend your waist downwards, you increase blood flow to the head and more to the hair follicles. You will realize that most balding starts at the center of the head. It is because the region receives minimal blood, thanks to gravity. Bending will help your blood vessels carry more blood to this region.

Can I perform Scalp Massages for Hair Growth Daily?

can i perform scalp massages for hair growth daily

There is no harm in performing a scalp massage hair loss daily. Just make sure you use medium pressure while still being super gentle with your head.

Why is Finger Massage Preferred to Scalp Massagers

Your fingers are gentle. Using them will result in a gentle, soothing and hence a highly effective massage. Most massagers are made of hard plastic, which may be hard on and rough on your skin.

How Long Does Scalp Massages Take to Regrow Hair?

Make sure you are patient with this practice; it will pay in the long run. If you massage for at least 10 minutes per day, you will have achieved thicker and healthier hair in 24 weeks.

Final Thoughts

Many people love head massages because of how it feels and how it makes them sleep better. But, now, it is clear that a scalp massage can transform your hair growth. If you would love to regain thick and luscious strands, maybe it’s time you incorporate scalp massages in your routine. The best thing about these massages is that they do not treat symptoms; they solve the problem deep down from the hair follicles. And, if done correctly, the results will always be thick and healthy hair.




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