Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage – A SUPER-SMOOTH JOURNEY TO MOTHERHOOD!

Pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage is like dessert; you don’t have to have it. But, having it will make everything else worthwhile and simpler.

A lot of people consider a lymphatic massage during pregnancy a luxury, but deep down, all pregnant women need it. If you are wondering why it has been creating a lot of buzz in the health sector, it is because it has taken health and wellness Los Angeles by storm. 

Are you expecting your bundle of joy? Congratulations, we are happy for you!

Has the discomfort and changes started streaming in? Well, the changes are normal during pregnancy; your body is adjusting to carrying a life. But, you don’t have to suffer all through with some of the symptoms when a simple lymphatic drainage LA could help you. 

Are you wondering what a lymphatic massage can do to your pregnancy journey? 

We discuss below how lymphatic drainage massage could be a blessing in disguise for all pregnant women. 

Let’s get down to business. 

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Manifestations that Say You Need a Lymphatic Drainage Massage

pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage manifestations that say you need a lymphatic drainage massage

You must have seen those cute maternity photoshoots on social media. They look so adorable; you would think the pregnancy journey is a simple ride. At least that’s what we get to imagine in this age of social media. If you are pregnant, or have been pregnant before, you understand the behind-the scenes discomfort. It is not always as angelic as it’s portrayed on social media. 

For instance, it is nothing uncommon for the body’s natural detoxification process to slow down. But, during pregnancy, the accumulation of fluids, wastes and toxins go a notch higher. Fluid regulation becomes overwhelming for your lymphatic system before pregnancy. This explains the swollen legs and why you can no longer fit in your favorite sandals or shoes. The swollen legs during pregnancy are called peripheral edema. 

Peripheral edema is the most prominent manifestation of fluid retention in pregnant women’s bodies. 

And it, not just the swollen legs, pregnant women often have:

  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Sleep difficulties

And it is not just during pregnancy. Lymphatic massages will come in handy in breastfeeding women too.

 We will look at prenatal and postpartum benefits of lymphatic massage below. 

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefits

pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage benefits

We have heard some women say how smooth their pregnancy was. Well, that’s true, some women have a smooth ride, and the birth is even smoother (1). But, we know that is a preserve for a few lucky women. Many women go through a roller coaster of uneasiness and discomfort. 

The good thing is manual lymphatic drainage can intensify the flow and release of fluids and toxins to the lymph nodes. This supports the lymphatic system during the pregnancy period.  

In short, a lymphatic drainage massage comes with a bunch of benefits that will help make your 9 months easier. 

Here are the benefits. 

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefit# 1: Detoxification 

Pregnancy is a period that you want to keep your body healthy and clean. You want your baby to thrive in a clean environment, free from toxins. When a lymphatic massage is performed, it can be helpful in the expulsion of toxins. 

 A proper lymphatic massage will help the lymphatic system expel toxins suitable for your immune system. A clean system is good for the development of your baby. 

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefit# 2: Relieve from Swollen Limbs 

While pregnant, your uterus is full of fluid. Additionally, when the baby’s weight presses downwards into the pelvis, this weight compresses the body nerves, lymphatic and blood vessels. This weight and compression limits the amount of lymphatic fluid that is transferred back to blood flow. Therefore, the fluid stagnates in the legs. 

So, this means your whole body suffers a huge toll. If you are suffering from swollen limbs, chances are you have:

  • Slower lymph fluid reabsorption
  • Increased sodium and water retention 

 These two factors cause inflammation and pain in your limbs. 

Therefore, a lymphatic massage will help relieve fluid retention, pain and cramps in the feet.  

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefit# 3: Relief from Fatigue 

pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage benefit# 3 relief from fatigue

Pregnancy comes with fatigue. The extra weight of the fluids makes many women tired. Besides, sleep problems that are associated with pregnancy will make you feel tired. 

A lymphatic massage will help expel excess fluid that is pulling you down. The reduction is a sure way to increase energy levels. 

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefit# 4: Good for Mental Well-being

When pregnant, many women seek support for their physical well-being. What we forget is that mental well-being is equally crucial for your well-being and development of the baby. 

Stress is common in pregnant women.

Relaxation is ideal for fighting stress and depression. A lymphatic massage relaxes your muscles, and relieves stress and depression while at it. 

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefit# 5: Postpartum Massage

pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage benefit# 5 postpartum massage

You must have thought the water retention would go down in your legs, feet, ankles and hands after giving birth. The swelling around your tummy or limbs will not disappear in a short while. 

In fact, your tissues may appear more swollen because your body generates a lot of fluid to support you during labor. Besides, your body retains the IV fluids you acquired before cesarean. 

If you are looking to relieve your swollen body parts, a postpartum manual lymphatic massage will work wonders. You don’t have to sit back dissatisfied with your postpartum body.  

A manual lymphatic drainage massage can make a huge difference. It can boost the flow and release of fluid back to the bloodstream, which can help quicker excretion. 

Lymphatic Massage for Breastfeeding

lymphatic massage for breastfeeding

If you thought getting a manual lymphatic massage is only suitable for the prenatal period, you are entirely wrong. It can play an important role in breastfeeding. 

Postpartum stress is rampant in women, and it interferes with milk flow. Relieving your lymphatic system will relax your body, boosting milk flow.

Additionally,  it regulates milk flow by preventing mastitis. 

 Mastitis is frustrating. You can have an MLD and other biohacking products to help prevent it. 

Other Postpartum Benefits

The gentle MLD can be applied on the specific body part or the entire body after giving birth to help with:

  • Quicker healing and treatment after CS
  • Reduction of cellulite around the legs and abdomen
  • Improved functioning of the lymphatic system

FAQ for pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage

faq for pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage

Are you considering pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage? We answer some FAQs below to make you more familiar with this treatment (2). 

At What Stage  Should I get Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

You can receive your MLD anytime in your pregnancy. But, it is usually ideal when you feel fluid and lymph accumulation in your feet. When you feel the inflammation, it means your lymphatic system needs help with circulation. 

 However, most women start getting the treatment in their last trimester, when the edema is more pronounced. 

You will love the difference it will create. 

How often should I get Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Both for the prenatal and postpartum MLD, the frequency of the massage you should get will depend on the extent of fluid congestion. The more MLDs you have, the more reduction in congestion. And as already stated earlier, every pregnancy is different. If the swelling is too much, you will need more massages. 

 However, most women get it done once a week.

How is Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage Performed? 

MLD is a gentle massage that involves light pressure combined with slight pumping motions in the lymph nodes’ direction. The treatment is mainly focused on areas that retain most fluids, such as legs and hands. However, sometimes, the treatment is performed on the whole body. 

The Takeaway 

how is pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage performed

A lot of pregnant women didn’t know how helpful a manual lymphatic massage could be. The few who knew about Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage technique knew only of the massage’s ability to reduce edema and swelling of other body parts. 

Now it turns out speeding up the body’s natural detoxification process has lots of benefits. And it’s clear now; it’s not just prenatal. MLD has a bunch of postpartum benefits too. 

Talk to your doctor about getting this massage. If you get the go-ahead, jump on it. Clearing the lymphatic fluid could transform your pregnancy journey. 




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