Post Op Lymphatic Massage – Free guide to Post Operative care

Getting a post op lymphatic massage is a health hack that could aid in your recovery journey.

But, before you consider getting the lymphatic drainage massage after surgery, you sure want to know how and what benefits you will receive. How exactly will it impact your healing process after surgery?

Does it have any risks?

Is it worth it?

Does it have any side effects?

We have off-loaded the burden you could have had researching and compiled all you need to know about Post Op Lymphatic Massage in this article.

Let’s get going!

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage, and What Does it Do?

what is manual lymphatic drainage, and what does it do

Manual lymphatic drainage massage is a massage technique performed by registered physiotherapists, professional massage therapists, or other expert health professionals.

Manual lymphatic drainage uses gentle strokes that stimulate the flow of fluid in the lymphatic system. It is sometimes offered alongside compression garments or part of combined decongestive therapy. It is also the standard treatment for lymphedema, which is sometimes referred to as lymphatic insufficiency (1).

Why Do You Need Post Op Lymphatic Massage?

why do you need post op lymphatic massage

Have you recently had any of the following surgeries:

  • Liposuction
  • Smart-lipo
  • Cool sculpting
  • Or any other cosmetic surgery procedure

If yes, you may realize that there is lumpiness or some hardness on the treated areas. It may even be more dominant if the surgery was combined with body contouring procedures.

A Brazilian Butt Lift, or sometimes just called fat injections, may make the lumpiness even more prominent.

So what causes this post-op lymphedema? The trauma often causes this during and after the surgery. Also, the cannula’s inflammation, which is the instrument that sucks fat under the skin, can cause lymphedema.

Getting a manual lymph massage will help get the accumulated moving back into the lymph vessels.

One thing for sure, reducing the fluid accumulation will reduce the discomfort that comes post-op.

Furthermore, suppose you have lymph fluid accumulation and do not get a manual lymphatic drainage massage to dislodge the lymph nodes. In that case, you risk getting fibrosis or seroma formation (pocket of sebum).

After liposuction or any other forms of cosmetic plastic surgery, most surgeons recommend post-op lymphatic massage to help keep the lymphatic system in check.

Liposuction and Post Op Lymphatic Massage

liposuction and post op lymphatic massage

Fat removal by liposuction damages the dome blood and lymphatic vessels. Some connective tissues suffer damage in the process too. This damage will cause a build-up of lymph fluid in the lymph nodes when accumulation, more space in the lymphatic system for the fluid to pool.

Both the lymphatic and circulatory systems need to be properly functional to get the correct fluid balances in the body. When fluid balance is not correct in either the lymphatic system or the circulatory system, there will be swelling, which may eventually lead to lymphedema.

Getting a manual lymphatic massage could help you balance the fluids correctly.

When to Schedule a Post Op Lymphatic Massage

when to schedule a post op lymphatic massage

Professionals and massage therapists recommend that they have undergone a liposuction or tummy tucks to start their massage when the bruising is gone. A lymphatic drainage massage is not usually painful. However, if you go in for it immediately after your plastic surgery, it may turn out to be painful.

It is recommended that you start two weeks after your plastic surgery. Three to five lymphatic drainage massages would be excellent for a start.

Don’t Get a Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage if…

If you have had your plastic surgery, you may be up and down trying to find the best massage therapist in town.

However, lymphatic drainage massages are not recommended for people who have a history:

  • Kidney or liver problems
  • Congestive heart failure
  • History of stroke and blood stroke

Getting a lymphatic drainage massage if you have these conditions may be risky for your health.

It is always safe to deal with experts. Ask your plastic surgeon to recommend an expert massage therapist to you.

Benefits of a Post Op Lymphatic Massage

benefits of a post op lymphatic massage

This massage technique is useful in helping in the entire recovery process after plastic surgery. It will also improve the aesthetic results of plastic surgery by decreasing the congestion in the tissues.

How exactly does massage benefit you? We discuss the details below.

It May Quicken Recovery Process

A lymphatic drainage massage will quicken the recovery process by:

  • reducing the bruising caused after surgery;
  • increasing removal of cellular debris and other toxic wastes;
  • reducing inflammation;
  • stimulating the immune system by improving immune cell transport;
  • reducing pain and sensitivity.;

Get a lymphatic massage to relieve your lymph nodes.

Reduction of Swelling

Every form of surgery causes swelling. After surgery, a build-up of the fluids around the surgery incision areas needs to be relieved. A plastic surgeon would recommend either compression garments or a manual lymphatic drainage massage to release the fluid.

It is the right way to expel toxins from the body.

Prevents Post-Surgery Infections

prevents post-surgery infections

Also, where there is a congestion of lymphatic fluid, the chances of infections are high. An infection will cause problems to the swelling tissue, and in the long run, interfere with the healing process. Also, getting an infection can negatively toll the incision lines after your plastic surgery.

Get that manual lymphatic drainage massage and reduce the risk of getting infections.

Decreases Scarring and Fibrotic Nodules Build-up

Fibrotic nodules are hard lumps that may form after surgery. A lymphatic massage will help prevent the build-up of fibrotic nodules, which in the long run will help improve skin tone and texture.

It will also decrease the scarring that arises from plastic surgery.

Post-Op Garments to Assist Lymphatic Drainage Massage

post-op garments to assist lymphatic drainage massage

Compression garments can help people getting a lymphatic massage after plastic surgery procedures or other forms of surgery.

Compression garments that assist with lymphatic drainage (2):

  • Prevent the build-up of too many toxic fluids in one area.
  • Helps the body let go of excess fluids.
  • Make lymphatic drainage more effective- makes the body more receptive to the massage.

Finding the right kind of compression garments for lymphatic drainage is not difficult. Your plastic surgeon can help you settle for a compression garment.

FAQ for Post Op Lymphatic Massage

Many people are still not so familiar with Post Op Lymphatic Massage. We answer some questions below to help you familiarize yourself with lymphatic drainage post-Op.

How Often Should You Get A Post Op Lymphatic Massage?

faq for post op lymphatic massage

Usually, it is recommended that you don’t have appointments until when you can comfortably drive yourself. This can be a yardstick to gauge whether you are ready to get the lymphatic drainage or not. For the first week, you can have appointments daily or thrice a week. The frequency can be reduced after the first week.

How Many Lymphatic Massage Therapies Do You Need?

The number of therapies you will need will depend on your surgery. It is recommended that you have a minimum of 12 sessions. You can have more; it doesn’t hurt to have a lymphatic massage. It is beneficial even if plastic surgery is not involved.

Final Thoughts On Post Op Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage after surgery could be what you need to get you through the recovery process. A lot of surgeons recommend getting lymphatic massage therapy. It has some possible benefits both for medical surgeries or plastic surgery.

Talk to your surgeon about getting your manual lymphatic massage; it could be your highway to a quick recovery.

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