Pico toner – ultimate microcurrent tool for face & body

Pico toner is a slight newcomer in the microcurrent devices, but it sure is a game-changer.

The benefits the Pico Toner brings to the aesthetic skincare table is impressive.

No, don’t get it wrong, there are several other microcurrent devices you may fall in love with. However, the Pico Toner benefits are just out of this world. Your skin will be grateful for adding this handheld microcurrent device to your shopping cart.

Why don’t we get started on the benefits of a Pico Toner?

The Pico Toner benefits are long-lived. You don’t have to use it almost daily for the rest of your life to return and than keep a youthful appearance. We know you don’t want a device that needs daily use (you are crazy busy and we totally can relate), and this is why you should choose the Pico Toner over other devices.

Alright, maybe time to get down into the details?

What Is The Pico Toner and its Benefits?


The Pico Toner is a digital-screened with a neurosis device. The device comes with buttons that let you set the intensity of the microcurrents. You can also use the device to run treatments you prefer among the P1 and P2, which serve different purposes. Two cables are attached to the device. The cables allow you to connect with the accessories.

What Are The Pico Toner Benefits?

The Neurosis pico turner is a piece of art. You will love how it fills the gaps that the other devices may have lacked. Neurosis has manufactured the best body toner, and you, too, should enjoy its benefits. Why do we qualify the neurosis pico turner as the best there is?

The Neurosis has crafted the best body toner, thanks to the many output accessory attachments it comes with. Yes, you read that right. No other handheld microcurrent device(1) intended for home use comes with so many output accessories. You will love how it tones and sculpts your face & body.


  • Easy to use
  • You will see improvements immediately
  • It improved your appearance in multiple ways – wrinkle reduction, tightening pores, facelift, cellulite decrease
  • The choice between gloves and microcurrent attachments
  • The same device treats your face AND body – you would need to purchase separate devices in different brands
  • The quality is premium
  • It designed in Los Angeles, California
  • FDA approved
  • Comes with training materials
  • Ion spray is natural, chemicals free

Here are the details of how the device works on your skin and muscles.

How the Pico Toner Treats Skin

Younger-looking skin is something everyone wants to have. Unfortunately, with today’s rushed lifestyle, the skin ends up looking older than it should be. You will appreciate that the noticeable results begin immediately when you use the pico toner for your skin.

Here is how it works to transform your face and skin:

  • Improves blood flow and hence nourishing your skin cells
  • Lifts sagging skin
  • Tightens skin pores
  • Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and crows feet around the eyes
  • Plumps your face by increasing the production of elastin and collagen

How Pico Toner Treats Muscles

The Pico Toner doesn’t leave your muscles behind (2). Here is how it works on your muscles

  • Alleviates the overall body tone
  • Helps injured body tissues to heal faster
  • Relieves postoperative muscle pain

Why Pico Toner is Out of Stock So Often?

Pico Toner is becoming overly popular, so more and more often it becomes out of stock. The product is manufactured in Los Angeles, CA, and the manufacturer is more like a boutique than a huge production. So which devices should you consider if you can’t buy Pico Toner?

  1. Myolift – our personally favorite

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  1. Foreo – our next choice

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Overview of Neurotris Pico Toner – what’s in the box

Your neurotris pico toner comes in blue packaging. When you open box it, you will see the following:

Pico Toner Device

This is the main item when you open your box. The device has a digital screen, and it is blue. The device allows you to change the microcurrent intensity and select your favorite between P1 and P2. The device has two output accessory attachments to connect it to the gloves, probes and rods.

Silver Sculpting Gloves

The silver sculpting gloves help disperse the energy evenly to ensure maximum benefits. The high-quality gloves ensure your skin gets the dielectric properties, and you will notice results begin immediately.

Also, the silver facial sculpting device comes in the best condition. It is more durable than other gloves, and they will last you three years. You will appreciate the company’s effort to make long-lasting gloves.

Poly Inserts

The box has a packet of poly inserts that you wear before you wear the gloves. The poly inserts prevent the microcurrent from penetrating your hands while you sculpt and ton your face.

Ion Conducting Spray

The ion-conducting spray ensures the signature signals are conducted uniformly. With a guarantee that the signals will spread out evenly, you are assured of maximum benefits because the entire target area receives the ions.

The spray is made from Mediterranean sea salts. Also, the ions are in their most natural condition. It has no perfumes, additives or colors. Therefore, you are assured of having nothing harmful coming in contact with your skin, and it is also excellent for conduction.

Training Video Disk and Manual

You will also find a training video and written manual that guide you on how to use this device. The guide is detailed yet easy to follow, and you soon will realize how the entire device is easy for home use. You can use the guide to try using the accessories.

Velcro Strap

The velcro strap attaches the pico toner microcurrent device to your wrist. The velcro strap sticks firm around your wrist, allowing you to have an easier time not trying to adjust it later during treatment.


The tiny batteries come charged to let you start trying out your microcurrent device as soon as you receive it. The batteries are easy to plugin.

Velcro Bag

Headed out for vacation or maybe a business trip? Insert your microcurrent pico toner and all its accessories into this velcro bag, and you are good to go.

How the Pico Toner Works

When you study your pico toner manual, you will realize no rigid rule on how to use it. You can select different combinations, and different settings, according to what facial and body toning results you desire.

However, the most preferred is sculpting gloves therapy.

Setting up the Pico Device

This comprehensive guide will help you set up your Pico Toner device, step by step.

Insert the Batteries

You will see red and black snaps behind the device. Red is the positive terminal, while black is negative. Fix the batteries accordingly, ensuring the positive end aligns the red snap while the negative end is at the black snap.

Press the Center Button for Two Seconds to Start

Locate the center button in the device and press it for 2 seconds. You will see two programs named P1 and P2.

Select Among Both the Programs

To test your device, select one of the programs to get started. Wondering which program to select? Here is what each of the programs comes with.

P1 ( aggressive programming)

P1 is suitable for:

  • Facelifts
  • Reduction of wrinkles
  • Giving skin a glow and a brighter look
  • tightening and toning of layers
  • Tightening skin pores

P2 (mild programming)

p2 is good for

  • Increasing collagen and elastin production
  • Improving blood circulation

Tip: P2 ( mild programming )works well with an intense level than aggressive programming.

Adjust the Intensity Level

You can now adjust your intensity level. 5% is the lowest, while 100% is the highest. However, we recommend that you start at 15% before you determine your tolerance level. Use the – and the + buttons to adjust the intensity.

Lock the Pico Toner

When the pico toner is inactive for 20 minutes, it locks.

You can now connect your accessories for body and facial toning.

You can always unlock and change its intensity, no worries. How? Long-press the center button for 5 seconds, and re-adjust it to suit your preference.

Turn off the Pico Toner

When you are done using your pico toner and want to turn it off, start by decreasing the intensity level to zero. When it hits zero, it will shut off automatically. Also, the same works if you want to switch it off during your therapy.

Note: You can only have a 20 minutes session at most, in one sitting. The device can be on for 30 minutes.

Connecting the Output Accessories- gloves for face treatment

To connect your accessories, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Soaking Your Gloves

  • Get the gloves from their package.
  • Soak them in water
  • Ring the water out of them while ensuring they don’t drip. Let them stay moderately wet.
  • Set them aside until your hands are ready

Step 2: Preparing the Hands

  • Pick the velcro wrist strap and tie it on your non-dominant hand.
  • In case you are not treating your hands, put the ambidextrous poly inserts in your hands. They are not needed when you are treating your hands; otherwise, always have them on.
  • Put the sculpting gloves on
  • Put the Velcro strip around your wrist.

Step 3: Spraying the conducting ions

  • Squeeze conducting ion gel on the gloves
  • Repeat at least 10-15 times to boost conduction levels
  • Ensure you squirt the gel on the gloves uniformly

No conduction ion gel? You can use water.

Step 4: Attaching the gloves with the Pico toner

  • Connect the cable in the pico toner in the glove snaps
  • Adjust the intensity of the machine to 15 %
  • Position four fingers of each hand on the forehand to confirm if there is a generation microcurrent
  • Find your comfortable triggering point
  • Ensure you feel a little tinge

Basic Movements for P1 gloves

Do not take the toner and start moving it randomly on your skin. You will not obtain the best results.

To enjoy the best results while using programming P1, use the following movements.

  • Glide: Move your palm from neck to face, and then from the bottom upward in a sweeping direction
  • Clinch: Place your palm slightly tangent, most preferably close to your jawline, move your gloves in a sweeping motion
  • Erase: move your hands in an erasing motion on the target area, especially between the nose and upper lip and all the soft tissues. Move your gloved fingers back and forth, more like sideways sweeping
  • Hold: Stay still on your target areas for better toning results.

Giving Basic Movements to Gloves in P2 Programming

Only use sweeping motions upward when using P2.

Using gloves for hand treatment

We put on the poly inserts to protect our hands from microcurrents and to treat the hands to treat your hands.

Here is how to use your gloves for hand treatment:

  • Squirt ions on your hands without using any inserts. and prepare it for glove treatment
  • Damp your gloves
  • Connect the pico toner
  • set your preferred intensity

Additional output accessories

Other additional accessories can be used with the device. Noticeable results begin immediately, thanks to such additional output accessories.

The facial probes will reach areas on your face the gloves couldn’t reach. The probes do not come in the box, but you can get them separately for better results.

Facial Probes and Conductivity Gel

Here is how to go about the facial probe and the conductivity gel:

  • Remove the snaps of the velcro cable and attach it to the facial snaps. Note that the cable is multi-attachable
  • Scrub a teaspoon of conductive gel on your face
  • Set your preferred intensity, but ensure you feel the tingle
  • Let it run for 20 minutes
Basic Movements for P1 Probes

Repeat the same for movements for the primary probes.

Facial Pads (Comes in a bag of 24 pads)

To use the facial pads:

  • Remove the snaps from the pico toner again
  • Connect the negative and positive snaps again
  • Clean your face, and ensure it has no oils, and ensure it is dry
  • Use it on jowls, necks, eyes and cheek areas

Using Gloves with Probes Simultaneously

Follow the following steps to use your gloves with probes simultaneously:

  • Put on the gloves without inserts
  • Connect the toner with a quad cable
  • Connect two black snaps of the black cable with the gloves
  • Attach the remaining two with the facial probe
  • Use on hand for facial probing, and the other gloved hand for your hand treatment

What Level Works for You?

We all have different skin types. Therefore, what works for your friend will most probably not work for you. However, a lot of people into body toning don’t consider impedance. This means its purpose is underpowered.

But for pico toner, the adjustable toner will incredibly compensate for the resistance in your skin. The pico toner is the only device in the market that cares about the resistance in your skin.

Unique Features of Pico Toners

Here are some features that make the Pico Toner microcurrent device is hands-down the best there is in the market:

  • You can use it to treat the face and body while other devices are for the face and neck.
  • The two pins cable is convertible into a quad cable
  • Attachable with convertible quad pins with the connector and use different multiples at a go
  • You can unscrew facial probes to fix another probe and pick the areas, especially for softer tissues such as around the lips and the eyes

Pico Toner Cons

Despite being the creme de la creme, the Pico Toner as any other products suppose to have cons. At least customers who are in the research stage are going to look for them. Here are some of the cons of the Pico Toner we can come up with:

  • The device runs for 20 minutes only and has 10 minutes reserved minutes. If you want longer sessions, you will have to switch it off and reset it for a new session
  • The pico toner is a bit too small. You may feel like you have a little wire chained around your wrists.


The microcurrent sparks produced close to your eyes are unsafe for the eyes. This is is a fallacy. When using the device, close your eyes, the optical nerve picks the special signature from the device. It is safe to use this without worrying about any severe side effects.

It is also a myth that the Pico Toner uses the same frequency all through the session. The truth is, it changes the frequency after 10 minutes. To acquire evenness, give each side 5 minutes before the frequency changes.

Side Effects with Toner Detoxification

You may experience nausea(tamable with hydration tweaks) and headaches. These side effects are, however, super uncommon and mainly theoretical. We conducted a research among Pico Toner users and NONE of them experienced this side effects.

Recommended while Using

If you want better body toning results from your Pico Toner, here are some of the recommended tips you should incorporate during your sessions.:

  • Use four times a week
  • Alternate P1 and P2 on different days
  • Sit comfortably during your sessions
  • Don’t touch the pair of gloves to avoid canceling the effect
  • While on P2 programming, use both hands on either side of the face
  • Avoid touching the probe with each other

Things to Remember about Pico Toner

When working on the arms, remove the insert’s from the arm, but keep the other arm’s insert. Place a red snap on the arm you are working on. Rub the black snap gloves on the arm with no insert.

When you are working on your facial probe for production penetration, follow the following protocol:

  • Apply the stem cells or conductive ions using a brush on your target areas
  • Hold the black smaller electrode in your right hand if you are using the device on the left side
  • Repeat the process when you shift to the right side


Should you Use A Toner on your body?

Yes, you can use the pico toner on your body. It is equally suitable for body toning. It repairs the skin and stimulates its nourishment. Read the manual and try using it on the back, thighs, legs, and buttocks. It reduced the cellulite and appearance of stubborn fat.

What accessory do I Use on my face?

With the pico toner, there is no absolute restriction. All accessories are safe to use on your face. However, when you play around with the accessories, you will realize the facial probe dies magic for crow feet and lip corners.

Should I use the Pico Toner with clothes on?

No worries, you can use the pico toner with clothes on. However, whether you need to get clothes off or have them on significantly depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you are trying to battle superficial skin problems such as sun damages, pigments and sine line, it is ideal that you work on bare skin. However, if you are trying to address muscle pain or damaged tissues, you can work with your clothes on.

Does Pico toner help in lymphatic drainage?

Yes, the Pico toner is good for the lymphatic system too. The Pico Toner generates electrical impulses that help open up congestion in the lymphatic system.

What is impedance in the skin?

An impedance is the resistance of the skin to microcurrents. Other devices such as NuFace allows you to adjust the microcurrents level. However, that’s not possible with the pico toner because it automatically picks the microcurrents from your body.

Can men use Pico toner?

It is a unisex device. If you are a man who is keen on a healthy and youthful appearance, get a pico toner device.

What is the use of product penetration?

Neurotris stimulates stem cell gels for enhancement of product penetration into the skin. Smear it on your face with a brush and work on the procedure. It is good to manage skin issues such as homeostasis and repair the epidermis.