Ozone Therapy for Viruses – Can you flush off the Annoying microbes from your body?

Are you wondering why ozone therapy for viruses is more in the spotlight more than ever? Yes, you guessed that right. It is because the coronavirus disease(SARS-cov 2) is here with us.

And let’s be honest here, covid-19 doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It may take some time for the world to be free from the disease. 

The thing about viral infections is that they hit the world so hard. Everyone fears for their lives. Do you remember the HIV scare in the 80’s and 90’s? A lot of medical research has been done, and decades later, here we are. 

Right now, with coronavirus, everyone is worried about their safety. It is scary to see people we know in critical condition or even dying. 

For this, the searches are full of:

‘What are some treatments for COVID-19?’

‘Can oxygen-ozone therapy treat coronavirus?’

For the moment, the world is battling coronavirus. The other viral diseases seem to have taken the back seat. People suffer from flu every other day, and it’s equally a considerable health threat. 

Are you looking for treatment options for viruses? You are in the right place. This article looks at why ozone therapy for viruses is now a top biohacking Los Angeles tip. 

What can the treatment do, especially at this delicate moment in health history? 

Let’s get on the move. 

Ozone Therapy for Viruses Mechanism of Action

ozone therapy for viruses mechanism of action

Medical ozone therapy destroys the viral capsid. This then inhibits the reproductive cycle of the virus to cell contact. In short, the contact prevents peroxidation. 

This process makes the virus and affected cells susceptible to oxidation and elimination. 

Therefore, it stimulates the body to manufacture more healthy cells. 

Ozone Therapy for Viruses Uses

You probably already know that ozone gas is used in air and water purification. It is also used to clean swimming pools. This same property applies to your body. 

Ozone gas has three oxygen atoms. This means it has an extra negative ion charge. The extra ion charge may destroy and eliminate toxins in your body (1). 

Medical grade oxygen-ozone may bind the toxins to something that is no longer harmful to your body. 

 Here is how it works to keep your body virus-free. 

Ozone Therapy for Viruses Uses #1: Ozone Gas is A Natural Antiviral

Ozone is a powerful treatment for viral infections. When ozone gas comes into contact with viruses in your body, the viruses are destroyed. Ozone explodes the virus and kills them. This move unburdens your defense system, which may be struggling to kill the viruses in your body. 

Ozone Therapy for Viruses Uses #2: It is a Natural Immune System Booster

ozone therapy for viruses uses #1 ozone gas is a natural antiviral

When viruses get into your system, what you need the most is a strong defense system. A weak immune system in a viral infection may mean:

  • More severe symptoms
  • Longer ailing time
  • Poor response to conventional medication

Now, this is precisely what you don’t want. 

A lot of people go miles and miles to boost their immune systems, which is fine. 

However, getting ozone therapy treatments would do great for your immune system. If you want to help the immune system defend you better from infectious diseases, try using ozone. 

Also, ozone therapy supports your body from inflammation during a viral infection. 

Ozone Therapy for Viruses Uses #3: It Boosts the Power of Mitochondria

ozone therapy for viruses uses #3 it boosts the power of mitochondria

‘Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells’- this must have stuck by you from your high school years. What it means is the mitochondria produce energy for the body. 

The use of ozone resets the mitochondria and stimulates the production of more energy. Infectious diseases such as covid-19 and flu can pin you down; you will appreciate some more energy.  

Besides, it’s known for its role in oxygen metabolism. 

Also, mitochondria produce energy that stimulates the burning of fats. Diseases associated with excess fats, such as obesity, puts you at a higher risk if you get the coronavirus. 

 Increased BMI puts you at more risk of:

  • Hospitalization
  • Being under intensive care unit
  • Death 
  • Invasive mechanical ventilation

Ozone therapy may put you in a better position when a virus affects you. 

Furthermore, the mitochondria mechanisms of action may help reduce oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress makes you more fragile in the face of covid-19. 

Ozone Therapy for Viruses Uses# 4: Improves Blood Condition

ozone therapy for viruses uses# 4 improves blood condition

Ozone administration could transform your blood condition. This helps patients stay ahead of virus progression. 

Ozone gs administration:

  • Cleans blood
  • Improves circulation 
  • Boosts cellular metabolism
  • Decreases uric acid in the body

We won’t say that improved blood conditions will treat viral infection. But, the therapy could put you in a better position. 

What Ozone Therapy Helps Treat

The use of ozone helps treat both acute and chronic conditions. We have looked at how this oxygen treatment can help your system fight viral infections. 

Clinical trials show how effective ozone therapy can help your body fight viral infections. Below, let’s now look at what ozone therapy helps treat. 

Ozone Therapy for Viruses: Treatment of Breathing disorders

ozone therapy for viruses treatment of immune disorders

A lot of people have had ozone help them in breathing disorders, but more research is needed. 

Are you wondering how ozone therapy helps with breathing disorders? 

The therapy increases oxygen concentration in your body cells. More oxygen means less stress to your lungs. If you have breathing problems, you need to relieve your lungs. 

The most common viral infections, flu and covid 19(sars cov 2) affect the respiratory system. Getting breathing help when viral respiratory diseases infect you. This is why research considers it an effective treatment for infectious diseases. 

 Careful though; ozone may be therapeutic, but inhaling it may be harmful to the lung. For your safety, ensure the administration of ozone therapy is done correctly. Otherwise, the side effects can be severe; it can collapse your lung. 

Ozone Therapy for Viruses: Treatment of Immune Disorders

Ozone therapy is good for immunity. If you have immune disorders, consider getting this treatment. 

Ozone therapy will help stimulate your body’s immunity. 

A study conducted in 2018 found out that ozone gas mixed with blood and injected back to the body reduced the viral load over two years. 

More research is needed on how ozone therapy can restore your health and get you back on the control seat after a viral infection. 

How Effective Ozone Therapy For Viruses is?

how effective ozone therapy for viruses is

Ozone therapy for viruses is still a mystery alternative and is still not accepted as a medicine by FDA. FDA states that more research is needed, and ozone cannot be used in medicine or anything therapeutic. 

However, a majority of people who have used ozone for viral infections would swear by it. The results are promising, especially when the administration is done correctly (2). 

Okay, we won’t say that ozone therapy is a medicine that will instantly free you from the virus. 

We are saying that ozone therapy will support your body to get back in control after a viral infection. 

Your body weakens in the face of viral infections such as flu, HIV, and Covid 19(sars Nov 2). 

It will help your body’s natural mechanisms strong enough to get the virus out of the cells.  

Remember use of ozone for medical purposes should only be conducted by a professional health worker. 

FAQ — Ozone Therapy For Viruses

Coronavirus has hit the world, and everyone is uncertain of what direction this may take. One day we see the light at the end of the tunnel, and some days, it seems like the health and sanitation situation is tumbling before our eyes. 

Of course, we are exploring choices to keep ourselves safe – we answer some ozone therapy questions to familiarize ourselves with it in this condition. 

Ozone Therapy For Viruses Q#1: What are some treatments for COVID-19?

ozone therapy for viruses q#1 what are some treatments for covid-19

At the moment, scientists in the world are working round the clock to develop a treatment for covid-19. Furthermore, the WHO discourages the use of antibiotics or any medicine for self-treatment or prevention against coronavirus. 

However, for severely ill patients, oxygen support and ventilation are given. Patients with chronic underlying health conditions may need critical care. Medical ozone therapy can help shield you from getting to this acute condition because it increases oxygen gas amounts in your blood. 

Coronavirus impairs breathing. Having oxygen directly administered to your body can help save the situation. 

Additionally, Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid that is used to reduce the length of time on a ventilator. 

Ozone Therapy For Viruses Q#2: How long does COVID-19 remain in the air?

Research shows Sars cov 2 lasts in the air for up to 3 hours. And up to 72 hours on surfaces. 

 However, the time it survives may also depend on the climate. Studies note that the virus stays longer in cold and less humid environments. 

The Final Say On Ozone Therapy For Viruses 

the final say on ozone therapy for viruses

Viral infections have always been challenging to treat. Besides, they sometimes create a worldwide scare; everyone gets worried about their safety. 

However, lucky for us, ozone therapy has come a long way in taking space in the health and medical field. The antiviral properties of ozone will support you through any viral disease. Research shows that ozone therapy could fortify your system and help get you out of your sickbed quicker. 

And, it is not just its powerful oxidative and antiviral properties. Ozone therapy assures you of your safety if you administer it correctly. It is a treatment with no severe side effects if it is introduced in the body correctly. 

Medical ozone( oxygen o 3) gas therapy is at the forefront of treating any viral disease…talk to your doctor about having it. It will help you tackle viral infections better.

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