Ozone Therapy for the Skin- 11 Top Reasons You Need to Get It

Many ozone therapy benefits are well-known, despite the therapy being one of the most controversial in medicine. You have probably heard some doctors or even sites swear by ozone therapy for skin and some that discourage people from using it.

You are probably wondering which the correct path to take is. Lucky for you, we discuss the benefits of ozone therapy and tell you why you should take it. However, we don’t leave it there.  We also look at the other side of the coin.  We tell you why ozone therapy for skin is debatable and also its side effects.

So, before scheduling your appointment, read this guide to the end and know what to expect.

What is Ozone Therapy?

what is ozone therapy

When oxygen combines with the ultra-violet rays from the sun, ozone is created. Ozone is a compound that contains three elements of oxygen. Ozone is not safe if you breathe it in. It is harmful to the lungs, which is one reason why ozone therapy for the skin remains a controversial treatment.

However, you will not breathe it in to receive the benefits it has to your skin. You are going to have it infused directly into your bloodstream. This way, you will enjoy the tremendous benefits it has for your skin.

Its ability to destroy fungi, viruses and bacteria gives replenishes your skin.

So, lets look at Benefits of

Ozone Therapy for Skin in Cosmetology

ozone therapy for skin in cosmetology

Ozone therapy is one of the revolutionary treatments that are coming up strong in cosmetology (1). We all want to look good and youthful. Symptoms of aging can be unsightly, and you don’t want those appearing on your skin before their time comes.

Want that glowy and youthful skin? Look at some ozone therapy benefits in cosmetology. Preserve the natural beauty and suppleness of your skin.

Ozone Therapy for Skin in Age Reversing

You can’t turn around your age, but there is a lot you can do to look younger. And that’s something all of us wish for; to look younger than our age. Luckily, you can use ozone therapy to eliminate those untimely wrinkles, sagging skin, and facial lines.

One of the causes of untimely aging symptoms includes exposure to harsh sun rays. Sun burns don’t match with youthful skin.

Ozone Therapy for Skin in Cellulite Treatments

ozone therapy for skin in cellulite treatments

Accumulations of fatty acids and sugars have a negative toll on your skin’s natural beauty and youthfulness. Breaking down the cellulite and burning the fat is one way to regain your natural beauty.

The ozone therapy breaks down the fatty acid chains and eliminates them from the body. Besides, it boosts the capacity of oxygen to carry erytons and thus improving blood circulation. Ozone therapy for cellulite is more effective than traditional ways of treating cellulite.

Ozone will tighten your skin by breaking down and eliminating cellulite, burning fat and excess sugar.

Aesthetic Ozone Therapy and Your Skin

A flawless, even-toned, well-moisturized, and young-looking skin is everyone’s dream. But achieving this kind of skin is a nightmare. Many people end up investing in different products that sometimes end up worsening the skin situation.

The secret you were yet to discover is you can achieve flawless and beautiful skin by just ozone therapy for skin treatments.

But how exactly does it work?

Increases the supply of oxygen in the body, thus supporting a lot of body functions

  • Kills and eliminates pathogens and toxins
  • Stimulates growth of skin cells
  • Supports retention of moisture and natural skin oils
  • Stimulates the anti-oxidating process of the body

Top Benefits of Ozone Therapy for Radiant, Spotless, Healthy Skin – What it Helps Treat

top benefits of ozone therapy for radiant, spotless, healthy skin – what it helps treat

Here are some of the top reasons why you should book that ozone therapy for skin appointment. These are tested and proven benefits that will transform your skin health and appearance (2).

Prevents Aging

Nobody wants to look older than they are. Unfortunately, this is nothing uncommon today, primarily because of the stress the rushed lifestyle is putting people through. So, if you want to get nowhere close to those untimely wrinkles, fine lines and sagging skin, consider getting ozone therapy for the skin.

Ozone therapy is becoming popular for the anti-aging process. The diminishing levels of oxygen in the body result in the different symptoms of aging. Introducing more oxygen to the body to the body through ozone therapy can sure help reverse your age.

Detoxifies the Skin

Detoxification requires a generous amount of oxygen. Therefore, with the diminishing levels of oxygen as you age, the detoxification process becomes less efficient. This means that toxins will accumulate in your body.

Accumulation of toxins directly shows on the skin with a lot of flaws.

Therefore, get that ozone therapy for the skin and get rid of those impurities and toxins.

Treats Uneven Skin Tone

With a minimal supply of oxygen, the metabolism process in the body slows down tremendously. A slowed metabolic process will show with luminous skin gradually turning dull. The skin tone will start appearing uneven, and this is a nightmare to any loves of flawless skin complexion.

Getting ozone therapy will also eliminate the build-up of dead skin and waste build up on your skin surface. Uneven skin tone comes from both an outer build-up and slowed down the internal metabolic process. Luckily, ozone therapy can fix the two problems and leave you with an even skin complexion.

Speeds up Cell Turn Over

Wounds, scars, and blemishes need oxygen to heal. The healing process is slowed down when the supply of oxygen is slow. Want to quicken the healing process? Maybe it’s time to schedule an ozone therapy. (Are you in the Los Angeles area? Check out Ozone Therapy Los Angeles here>>>)

It will increase the supply of oxygen in your body, which will, in turn, speed up cell production, reproduction, and growth. This is all you need to replace the damaged cells on the wounds.

Stimulates elastin and collagen production

stimulates elastin and collagen production

Collagen is responsible for ensuring the elasticity, hydration, and flexibility of the skin. Elastin is responsible for keeping the skin in its original shape, even after being stretched or pinched out of position.

Luckily, both collagen and elastin are produced naturally by the body. However, as we grow older, the rate at which collagen and elastin are produced slows down. Less collagen and elastin means that the skin will be less elastic, less hydrated, and starts getting out of shape. With this, you will soon see wrinkles appearing on your skin.

Ozone therapy boosts the cells’ ability to manufacture collagen and elastin. This way, your skin will stay younger for longer.

Reduce Acne

Acne is one of the most popular skin battles. They leave the skin with blemishes. Unfortunately, they are not easy to manage. Many people use creams and soaps to treat the symptoms, which appear on the skin, and completely ignore the underlying issues. This is why acne keeps recurring.

Introducing more oxygen to your skin surface will kill the bacteria that cause acne. It will start by reducing the redness and inflammation, which result in future outbreaks. Also, ozone therapy for skin will shrink the pores that may clog oil and dirt into the skin.

Makes Your Skin Glow Naturally

Ozone therapy for skin makes it more hydrated. Also, it unclogs all the pores and helps eliminate toxins and pathogens. On the outer, it excellently helps get rid of dead skin accumulation. The resulting product would be dewy, radiant, and young-looking skin.

No Downtime

A lot of health procedures will need you to take some breaks to have it function well. For instance, if you go for cosmetic surgery, you will need some recovery time and sometimes bed rest before going back to your everyday lifestyle.

Lucky for you, ozone therapy has no downtime. You can have the therapy today and head straight back to your lifestyle.

Infuses Moisture and Hydration

infuses moisture and hydration

A dry skin quickly turns wrinkly and older than it is. A well-moisturized skin looks naturally and effortlessly younger. This is because moisture gives more body to the skin.

Also, constant exposure to the fierce UV rays and pollution strips your skin of its moisture.

Ozone therapy protects your skin from dehydration and also increases your skin moisture-retention abilities.

Instant Results

The effectiveness of ozone therapy for skin will vary mainly depending on the issues you want to deal with, your age, and skin type. However, to look over these factors, you will notice instant changes shortly after your therapy. The brightness, smoothness, and dewiness will be visible on your skin immediately after; you don’t have to wait for ages to enjoy the benefits.

No Painful Side Effects

All medical procedures have side effects, some mild and some severe. However, if there are mild side effects, especially when you don’t experience any pain, it is worth considering.

Ozone therapy for skin is very gentle and won’t leave you with any form of pain.

Supports Energy Metabolism

Metabolism is the source of body energy. For metabolism to occur, you need oxygen. A sufficient amount of oxygen equates to a more efficient metabolic process. So, if you want to increase your energy levels, probably for your lifestyle or athletic purpose, try working from within by getting ozone therapy.

Ozone Skincare

ozone skincare

Getting ozone oil for the skin can let you enjoy the benefits of this treatment from home. There are ozone gels infused with active oxygen in them. The gels’ oxygen will help eliminate the bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are causing all the skin problems you have. Also, this gel will excellently repair any skin damages you have.

Many beauty spas are using ozone creams for their treatment.

If you decide to get your ozone cream, ensure you consult appropriately. You do not want to end up with anything counterfeit.

Also, you could consider getting an ozone treatment machine, which is quickly becoming popular.

Ozone Therapy for Skin Conditions

The conditions we see on the surface of the skin all come from underlying problems. So, when we rush to buy over-the-counter creams and medicine, we are majorly fighting the symptoms and giving the underlying issue a chance to grow even more significantly.

This is precisely why most skin conditions recur even after you treat them.

The best thing about ozone therapy is, it starts by fixing things from the cells. The cells will regenerate and grant you the beautiful skin you have always wanted.

Costs and Coverage

The cost of ozone therapy varies significantly depending on where you get the therapy down. However, getting estimation may help you prepare for your appointment.

Usually, most specialists recommend 5-10 sessions. A single session may cost $35-$350 depending on several factors, especially it depends on where are you located So, whatever you will pay depends on how many sessions you will undergo.

Insurance doesn’t cover ozone therapy treatment.


The effectiveness of ozone therapy for skin is not debatable. It guarantees you radiant, beautiful, and younger-looking skin. The good thing is, the results are almost immediate.

Going for this ozone therapy for skin is like placing a sure bet. The positive results will paramount and visible. It has been shown to treat skin problems such as herpes virus, eczema, acne, and pimples.

Schedule your appointment to enjoy the ozone benefits. Check out best services for Ozone Therapy Los Angeles

Frequently Asked Questions

Since Ozone therapy remains controversial and debatable, questions and inquiries will always come up. Here are some of the popular FAQs on ozone therapy for skin.

Is Ozone Good For Your Skin

Ozone therapy is perfect for your skin. As long as it is introduced correctly, you will see its benefits on your skin. The good thing is that its work starts from the cells before showing the positive results on the skin’s surface.

Can Ozone Damage the Skin

Recent researches show that ozone therapy can be harmful to the skin. Regular and constant contact with ozone depletes antioxidants present in the stratum corneum, and this can lead to some severe side effects in the deeper layers of your skin.


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