Ozone Therapy For Cancer – Defeat All The Odds & Be A Part Of Success Story

Ozone therapy for cancer is one of the revolutions we need in the medical world. And we are glad that it’s slowly but surely taking its rightful position. 

Mention cancer treatments, and quickly everyone would start picturing surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. 

Yes, fine, this is because ozone therapy in cancer treatment is still taking up space in the medical world in the United States. Fortunately, ozone therapy is proving to be a game-changer in medicine and cancer treatment, thanks to its effectiveness and benefits. 

No doubt, ozone for medical use has been controversial for some time now. That’s why we dedicate this article to review how medical ozone is fairing in cancer treatment.  

Do your frequent searches include things in the line of ‘ozone therapy near me? We give you all the critical ozone therapy for cancer treatment information before you book your appointment. 

 Time to plunge deeper into ozone therapy for cancer treatment analysis, which could easily qualify to be one of the best biohacks for health any cancer patient could embrace.  

Let’s get going. 

How Does Ozone Therapy for Cancer Work?

how does ozone therapy for cancer work

Ozone has been a crucial role player in alternative and integrative cancer treatment in the European Union for decades. It is only recently that it’s gaining attention in the United States for its anti-cancer properties (1). 

 Ozone therapy is the use of O3, which is a molecule with three atoms of oxygen. The molecules are unstably combined. The two oxygen molecules combine stably to form O2, which we are familiar with. Now, the might of ozone therapy is in the third hanging molecule. This third hanging molecule takes the tissue oxygenation in your body to a whole new level.  

Increased tissue oxygenation will propel you closer to being free from cancer. 

How is Increased Tissue Oxygenation Instrumental in Cancer Treatment? 

It is simple; cancer progresses very quickly in an environment with low oxygen levels. 

First, tumor oxygenation is vital as tumors with minimal oxygen are challenging to treat using traditional cancer treatments.

 Secondly, minimally oxygenated tumors( also referred to as hypoxia) increase radiation resistance. Also, low oxygen saturation stimulates a process called angiogenesis, which makes the tumor aggressive to conventional cancer treatment methods. 

It is interesting to note that a low oxygen environment is independently recognized as one of the causes of rapid cancer progression to other parts of the human body. 

Can Oxygen Ozone Therapy Replace Conventional Cancer Treatments? 

can oxygen ozone therapy replace conventional cancer treatments

Ozone gas has been considered a standard approach to combat the side effects of cancer drugs and treatment (2). 

Surgery to treat cancer is usually very invasive to cancer patients. On the other hand, chemotherapy comes with a bunch of harsh side effects such as :

  • Hair loss
  • fatigue
  • Opportunistic diseases
  • Buccal ulcers

It may not completely take over radiation therapy, chemotherapy and surgery, but it’s a powerful auxiliary treatment and complementary medicine that is quick thanks to its effectiveness. 

Ozone Therapy for Cancer Benefits

Why should you consider getting ozone therapy as a cancer patient? What effect will it have in treating your battle with cancer cells? 

We discuss the benefits of ozone therapy for cancer below.

Increased Oxygen Supply

enhances the success rates of conventional treatments

We live in a world where toxins are all over our surroundings. You may try to stay as healthy and clean as possible, but the toxins still manage to get to our systems in one form or another. 

An increased concentration of oxygen in the body can come as a relief. It:

  • reduces clogging of blood cells
  • Kill cancer cells
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Minimizes uric acid in the system
  • Kills viruses, bacteria and fungi

Cancer cells thrive in a low-oxygen environment. Make the concentration of oxygen in your body high to kill the cancer cells. Also, increased oxygen will help you respond to cancer treatments better. 

Enhances the Success Rates of Conventional Treatments

Signs that chemo or radiation therapy is not working include tumors that are not shrinking and the formation of new tumors. You will also realize that the cancer tumors are spreading to new areas. 

One way to increase the success rates of your cancer treatments is getting ozone treatment. Increased oxygen in the body will help shrink the cancer cells, prevent the progression and potential formation of new ones. 

Prevent Cancer Treatments Side Effects

A recent study shows that ozone therapy has been highly effective in treating fatigue in cancer patients. Fatigue is prone in cancer patients. Fatigue is often caused by:

  • The cancer treatments
  • The disease itself
  • Oxidative stress
  • The mental and emotional state of the cancer patient

The use of ozone administered twice weekly for a month has shown to significantly reduce fatigue. It reduced other side effects by over half. Ozone will generally decrease the fierceness of the cancer treatment-related side effects. 

Boosts Immune System

boosts immune system

Strengthening the immune system is one biohacking tip everyone should embrace. It is particularly important for every cancer patient. Ozone therapy in cancer patients will help them strengthen the immune system and better their health. Why is it crucial for cancer patients? 

  • First, cancer weakens the immune system when it spreads to the bone marrow. Bone marrows make the blood cells that help keep you healthy. Destruction of bone marrow is more prevalent in leukemia, but it is also possible in other cancer forms.
  • Secondly, cancer treatments weaken your immune system. The treatments decrease white blood cells in the system and inhibit their manufacturing in the bone marrow.

Having ozone gas will play a massive role in boosting your immune system. A strong immune system will recognize cancer cells as intruders and will destroy them. 

Ozone Therapy for Cancer Administration

ozone therapy for cancer administration

Ozone therapy to treat cancer is mainly done through a process called autohemotherapy or auto-hemotransfusion. This process entails drawing a small amount of a patient’s blood into a sterile container. The blood is then subjected to ozone. After, the blood is then infused back into the patient’s system. 

This is a process that lasts around one hour. 

Another way of administration is rectal insufflation. A tiny catheter is inserted into the rectum, and then the ozone gas is administered through the catheter. The patient then has to hold the gas as long as possible to maximize exposure. The process takes less than an hour. 

Effects of Ozone Therapy in Cancer Treatment

Effects of ozone therapy are not so adverse, especially if administered correctly. There were no tangible side effects, and if any, they lasted only a few moments after the ozone gas treatment. 

Ozone gas has three atoms of oxygen. This odd number means that it is unstable, which means that it is unpredictable. This is why certified medical professionals should always administer it. Also, it should be used in correct amounts and should never be inhaled. 

 Inhalation irritates the lungs and causes a burning sensation in the eyes. 

In 2019, after research, FDA put out that using ozone gas treatment can cause fluid build-up in the lungs. This may make it challenging for you to breathe. 

FAQ for Ozone Therapy For Cancer

The use of ozone therapy for cancer treatment remains controversial. Some medical professionals and cancer patients will swear by it, but research shows that more research is needed to show where ozone therapy in cancer treatment stands. 

 We answer some frequently asked questions to enlighten you more about the treatment. 

 How does ozone therapy work for cancer?

faq for ozone therapy for cancer how does ozone therapy work for cancer

Ozone therapy works to increase tumor oxygenation. Tumor oxygenation will help improve your response to cancer treatments, help manage side effects related to cancer treatment, manage side effects induced by treatment and drug administration, including those that arise from diminishing immunity. 

Can Ozone Therapy Replace Conventional Treatments of Cancer?

Ozone therapy for cancer is often described as an alternative treatment or auxiliary approach. Picture it as taking strides towards being cancer-free. Ozone therapy may not single-handedly bring you healing from the disease. You need to get treated with conventional methods. 

It will help you respond to the treatments well and also face and manage well post-treatment pain. 

Based on the response your body is giving or your safety, your doctor may recommend a change in the form of treatment. In such instances, as you analyze several other options, getting ozone therapy may give you a much-needed break and therapeutic effects. 

Final words

Administration of ozone therapy for cancer can play a massive role in the healing journey for cancer patients. It may not singlehandedly give you the healing, but it moves you many steps towards the healing. 

 The role it plays in cancer treatment is enormous; it cannot be ignored. Book an appointment, talk to your doctor about it, and see the directions it takes. It could be the start of a story of being free of cancer again.


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