Ozone Therapy Benefits: The Best Innate Power To Wellness

Ozone therapy benefits are easy to list even thought this therapy is one of our times’ most controversial forms of alternative treatments.

It is clear that it does have many benefits, and many doctors and researchers would swear by its effectiveness. However, some of them would not recommend this therapy to you. But don’t leave the page, we have useful information that will make the picture clear.

You probably don’t know which side of the ozone therapy to go with, and that is why you are probably here. Lucky here you will find all you need to know before going for that ozone therapy Los Angeles session.

Keep reading for more about using ozone therapy in biohacking your health.

What Is Ozone Therapy

what is ozone therapy

Ozone is a colorless gas that is composed of three atoms of oxygen.

In its parts, Ozone therapy is a form of alternative treatment that entails introducing ozonides and ozone to the body to acquire certain specific benefits.

The gas is introduced to the body to treat wounds or heal diseases and conditions. In hospitals, ozone is made using medical-grade oxygen.

Ozone Therapy Benefits

Ozone therapy has many benefits (1), and that is why it is still around despite its controversial aspect. The better part is that more and more researches back up ozone therapy benefits. 

Here are the potential benefits of ozone therapy.  

Boosts The Immune System

boosts the immune system

A strong immune system is something any health-conscious person would trade everything for. With a healthy immune system, you can:

  • Show milder symptoms when sick.
  • Be less susceptible to diseases and infections.
  • Have more strength and less fatigue.
  • Quick recovery from wounds and surgeries.
  • Generally have a shortened duration of sicknesses.

These are merely several of the benefits of having a strong immune system. Luckily, ozone therapy is one of the biohacks for health that will help stimulate your immune system.

But how exactly does ozone therapy boost the immune system?

  • It stimulates the white blood cells to battle any disease-causing microorganisms.
  • It counteracts mutations of cells, which may otherwise result in some types of cancer.
  • It individually destroys viruses, fungi, and bacteria.
  • Reduction of oxidative stress, which is the root cause of a lot of diseases.
  • Reduces the occurrence of respiratory infections such as flu and other winter bugs.

Also, ozone therapy has been shown to help with the immunity of people living with HIV. When ozone is mixed with blood and injected into people with HIV, it significantly reduces the virus’s load in the body.

Breathing Disorders

If you have breathing problems, you will probably enjoy the ozone therapy benefits.

Having ozone therapy increases the amount of oxygen in the body, partly relieving you from breathing difficulties.

This, in turn, helps minimize the stress on the lungs, responsible for supplying all your body parts and organs with oxygen.

However, out of all ozone therapy benefits, this could backfire terribly. If you have respiratory disease or any damage to the lungs, inhaling ozone could damage and irritate the lungs.



Another perk of ozone therapy is that it is useful in reducing the complications and risks of diabetes1. The complications of diabetes are often accelerated by oxidative stress in the body. The good thing is ozone therapy help relieve your body from oxidative stress.

If you are wondering how it relieves the body from oxidative stress, it does so by activating the body’s immunity and reducing inflammation. Inflammation is one reason oxidative stress hits the ceiling.

If you are battling those foot ulcers due to diabetes, ozone therapy can help you big time. It will help cure the ulcers and reduce the chances of infections.

Helps Cure Wounds

Doctors have used ozone therapy since the world wars to cure wounds quickly. One of the ozone therapy benefits that everyone should be aware is that it quickens the recovery of wounds.

If you are having an unbearable time with painful mouth ulcers, it’s time to consider ozone therapy.

Reversal Of Brain Damages Caused By Stroke

After suffering a stroke, the affected part, called the penumbra, starts missing out on the needed oxygen supply. This results in hypoxia in the brain cells that surround the affected part.

The best way to deal with the minimal supply of oxygen to the penumbra and the surrounding parts is by increasing the supply of oxygen.

Some studies show supplying ozone gases and oxygen to the hypoxic brain tissue will reverse the damage. If you have suffered a stroke, consider checking if you have hypoxic tissues so that you can have it fixed.

Ozone Therapy Benefits – What Is Ozone Therapy Good For

ozone therapy benefits

Ozone therapy is known to be useful in treating over a hundred conditions. However, its effectiveness stands out when it comes to:

  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Treating wounds and ulcers.
  • Surgery recovery.
  • Lowering the risk of recurring heart attacks.
  • Joint strength.
  • Good for the stability of the respiratory and cardiac systems.
  • Stem cell activation and repair.
  • Relieve from pain.

When ozone therapy is mentioned, these are some of the benefits that quickly pop out. And it’s because it has shown positive results when it is administered for these functions.

However, it remains that ozone therapy can help fix over 100 conditions.

Furthermore, the therapy is known to come with some more positive results such as:

  • Stronger and healthier growing nails and hair.
  • Radiant and flawless skin.
  • More athletic energy.
  • Ability to catch a good night’s sleep faster.

What Are The Side Effects Of Ozone Therapy?

what are the side effects of ozone therapy

First things first, ozone has to be introduced to the body correctly. If you inhale it, you may experience minor side effects such as coughing, nausea, vomiting, headache, and burning of eyes. In the end, inhalation may result in respiratory problems.

Also, people who have had ozone therapies may experience a Herxheimer reaction. This reaction results in flu-like symptoms that may make you feel even worse in the short term period.

Furthermore, if you receive the ozone therapy via the rectum, you may experience discomfort, cramping, and passing of gas.

However, all these are short-term side effects (2).

How is Ozone Therapy Administered

Ozone therapy administration can be done by either drawing blood, mixing it with ozone gas, or then reintroducing it to the body. If you are going with this option, be sure to have enough sleep the previous night. Also, have a healthy breakfast before going for the blood draw.

The other way to have ozone administered to the body is by blowing through the rectum. If you go with this option, be prepared to have some mild cramps, an urge to pass gas, and some discomfort. The good thing is that these last for only a short time.

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