Microcurrent Facial at Home- super Use of Low-Voltage Electric Current to Reverse Aging

Has the microcurrent facial at home wave gotten to you already? We are all fighting untimely aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles. In a bid to achieve younger-looking skin, many people go for chemical products, which end up harming their skin even more. What you may not know yet is many health and beauty conscious people are quickly shifting to microcurrent facial at home.

Microcurrent treatment is an excellent way to facelift and get some years off your skin. That’s just part of the good news: you can completely do the microcurrent facial at home by yourself. Who does not want to safely reverse their energy from the comfort of their house? Nobody.  

Read on to find all you need before getting a microcurrent device for your home use.

What is a Microcurrent Facial?

microcurrent facial

Microcurrent facial is a safe process that uses devices such as probes, gloves, and rollers to deliver low-voltage electric waves to your skin (1).

Our bodies produce natural electricity for healthy and young-looking skin. However, age, pollutants, harmful rays, allergies, and dust may slow down this natural process. This is because they increase the electrical resistance and also affect the production of collagen and elastin.

You can use microcurrent devices to supplement the natural electricity in your skin. The low voltage is an excellent way to tone and plump your skin. Picture the entire process as a little gym activity to your face; the results will always be desirable and healthy.

Benefits of Microcurrent Facial at Home

benefits of microcurrent facial at home

The reason a lot of people are shifting for microcurrent facial at home is they all want well-toned and plump skin. They all want to get over those untimely fine lines. It is true; home microcurrent will give you this. Microcurrent facials can stimulate elastin and collagen production, stimulate energy production, stimulate energy production, stimulate collagen and elastin production, and give a firm and slightly lifting result.

Get the microcurrent tools such as the pico toner and get ready to enjoy even its most overlooked benefits such as:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Increases penetration of skin products
  • Increases elastin and collagen production
  • stimulate the production of Adenosine Triphosphate, which is necessary for energy production
  • Tightens face and neck muscles
  • Suitable for the fibers, muscles, and skin tissues
  • Restructures facial contours
  • Stimulates oxygen transportation to the skin cells
  • Good for eyebrow lifting
  • Eliminating puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles
  • Shrinks the size of pores
  • Boosts the functioning of the lymph system
  • Improves protein production
  • Improves uniformity in skin tone

How To Prepare for a Microcurrent Facial at Home?

how to prepare for a microcurrent facial at home

It would help if you got yourself ready for microcurrent therapy, both physically and psychologically. First, ensure you are well hydrated before using microcurrent technology. Ensure you drink at least 16 oz of water before using the therapy.

Your cells have to be well hydrated to balance the body’s electrochemical balance during the treatment. To ensure you enjoy maximum benefits of microcurrent facials.

Here are some must do’s to max out the benefits of facials:

Clean and Exfoliate your Face

Your face has to be clean, free from oils, residue and make up, for you to enjoy the full benefits of microcurrent facials. To cleanse and exfoliate your face, follow the following procedure:

  • Use warm water and cleanser to remove makeup
  • Use scrubs to exfoliate your face
  • Rinse your face with cool water
  • Gently dry your face with soft towel

Open your Pores

Open your pores by:

  • Steaming your face to unclogged pores
  • You can either use modern steaming devices or traditional boiling water pores

You can add salt or essential oil to the boiling water to make the steaming process more effective.

You don’t have to use steamer every time doing microcurrent facial at home, just couple of times per week. Every time you need to splash water before the treatment.

Use Conductive Gel To Make The Skin More Receptive

The next step of microcurrent facial at home is getting ready would be to apply the conductive gel. Most of the microcurrent devices come with their electrical current. This gel allows the electric current to spread evenly on the skin. Also, the application of the gel will promote better contact between probes and skin.

You can also choose to buy a conductive gel with pico toner to improve the reception of the skin.

Performing Home Microcurrent Facial at Home Therapy

performing home microcurrent facial at home therapy

You are well hydrated, have cleansed, exfoliated and used the conductive gel; the next step would be to get into action. Of course, you will have to follow the instruction of the machines you are using. Therefore, ensure you purchase microcurrent home devices that are easy to use.

Many of the devices come with detailed manuals and sometimes videos to help you get started. Move the devices on your skin according to the instructions given in the manual.

The Microcurrent Process

the microcurrent process

Some people would shy away from microcurrent facial at home imagining how painful it could be. But, the process is not painful at all. It is smooth and may feel unnoticeable. However, it may feel a little bumpy in places that are not well lubricated with gel.

Okay, what exactly do you mean by not being painful? What exactly is the intensity? The process is more like gently pressing a grain against your skin. Don’t worry about getting shocks from the electric voltage; it will be so low you won’t notice anything.

The results are almost instant, mostly if you use devices such as the nuface and pico toner.

The Best Devices for Microcurrent Facial at Home

the best devices for microcurrent facial at home

For the best results, you have to get the best facial toning device. Don’t worry, though; everyone is having difficulty selecting home devices for their microcurrent facials.

If you are considering getting a microcurrent device, use the guide below to get your perfect match.

Factors To Consider When Looking For Microcurrent Device

Intensity Settings

The first factor you should be keen on is intensity settings. Some devices come with a fixed power. Do not go for such devices. You want to be able to set an intensity that works well with your preference.

Lower intensity power feels super gentle, while the high-intensity setting can give you some shocks, especially if you have thin skin or skin patches. The shocks are not harmful but can be uncomfortable. Just like powerlifting, you can always work your resilience and power up for better results.

Fully Body vs Facial Microtherapy

If you can find a device that allows for microcurrent therapy that allows you to work on your entire body, why go for one that is restricted to your facial muscles only? A lot of microcurrent devices only focus on lifting your face. But, if you go for the pico toner, you could work on the muscles of your entire body.

Accompanied by Conductive Gel

Your ideal Microcurrent should come with a water-based conductive gel. This will allows your skin to receive any current emitted from the device. You may only need to buy another one if you need a top-up.

Microcurrent Facial at Home vs. In-Clinic Professional Microcurrent Facial Therapy

microcurrent facial at home vs. in-clinic professional microcurrent facial therapy

If you are still wondering whether you should try the microcurrent facial experience from the comfort of your house, this segment would be what you have been waiting for. Is it worth it to get the experience from home and away from the clinics and spas? Is it worth investing in the devices?

Here are some takeaways comparing the two (while we are voting for microcurrent facial at home!)

Time Difference

You will realize that there a long-term changes after several in-clinic therapies. You can always book appointments with your facial experts and ask them about the schedule. However, for at-home therapy, you will see the short-term changes that soon get reversed. However, if you keep on doing it, you will notice some permanent changes. The great thing is that you can take as much time as you want to perform the facial toning.

Voltage Different Efficiency

When you use high-intensity settings, it transfers more electric currents to your skin. This means the results will be more precise and better. They have better control over their intensity regulation and wavelength and screen monitoring in the clinic, mostly because its experts are doing it on you.

Home devices will help mostly fix the appearance of fine lines. However, if you want more benefits, ensure you go for microcurrents with no downtime.


Of course, the therapies at the clinic s will be more expensive. It is usually a process that takes approximately five minutes, but it can cost you up to $500 depending on your location. If you want to save money, doing microcurrent at home would sort you out.

Getting your microcurrent facial toner will cost you anything between $10 and $500, and you could use it for so many toning sessions. Solving skin laxity doesn’t have to be that expensive. Get your toner, learn the skill, and have your skin looking younger again.

Side Effects of Microcurrent Facial at Home

side effects of microcurrent facial at home

Many skincare recommends microcurrent facials saying it safe and is painless. Anyone who wants to create a healthy skincare routine, and get youthful skin, can get these treatments. Also, this toner is suitable for all skin types.

To build your resilience to the treatment, ensure you learn how to work with the intensity settings.

A lot of people wait till the appearance of wrinkles hits for them to start using microcurrent facials. Yes, it’s good to use it for youthful skin, but you start early ideally. Women in their 20’s could start using this technology early when their collagen and protein synthesis is still at its peak.

There are groups of people that should avoid microcurrent facials, however:

  • Pregnant women
  • People with sensitive skin
  • If you have metal implants
  • People with acne problems
  • If you have had botox

The treatment can come as harsh, irritating, and also cause inflammation to them. Ask your doctor for advice.


Here are a few questions on microcurrent facials at home

Can Microcurrent good for fine lines and wrinkles?

can microcurrent good for fine lines and wrinkles

Yes, microcurrent therapy can help you eliminate those untimely wrinkles on your body and face. Using it frequently, say 2 or 3 days a week, can help reverse your age big time.

What is the best microcurrent device for the home?

The pico toner keeps winning the hearts of beauty and health-conscious people. A lot of experts recommend the pico toner too.

Final Thoughts

Microcurrent facials are like instant gratification for people looking for healthier and younger looking skin. Of course, you will not see results after one session. But, after a few successful sessions, you will notice some changes. Get the right device, follow the instructions, and safely get your skin looking youthful, plump and well-toned.

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