Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss – Steer the slimming down journey towards a success

Are you wondering why people are quickly resorting to a lymphatic massage for weight loss? Has it caught your interest yet? It should. Losing bodyweight is not usually a comfortable journey. Getting into rigorous activities and starving yourself sometimes ends up unsuccessful; you do not want to disappoint yourself.

How about you make your journey more worthwhile by using lymphatic massage for weight loss? Yes, you too could use lymphatic massage for weight loss to achieve your dream weight. But, how exactly does it work? Does it have side effects? Is it worth a trial? Find out below.

What is Lymphatic Massage, and How Exactly Does it Help in Weight Loss?

what is lymphatic massage, and how exactly does it help in weight loss

Are you having health problems such as face puffiness, skin problems, body swelling, and cellulite? These could be signs that your lymphatic system (1) is sluggish, and you could be needing lymph to cleanse. Accumulation of lymph fluid looks like it does not affect your weight loss journey, but the water weight could be pulling you down.

Getting lymphatic drainage could be the best thing you could do to your weight loss journey. The lymphatic system works almost like the blood circulation system, where the heart ensures consistent blood flow. However, the lymphatic system has no heart that pushes the lymph fluid. What this means is, the lymph circulation may get slow because there is no pump.

The solution to a sluggish lymph system is getting a massage, which is a technique to enhance lymph flow.

But, how exactly does lymph drainage help you lose weight and what is lymphatic massage for weight loss?

Lymphatic Massage Reduces Toxins in the Body

lymphatic massage reduces toxins in the body

Are you wondering how toxins affect weight loss? There is a close connection between waste products and weight gain, and being overweight.

First, some toxins will make you overeat. All the times you overeat, that is a massive blow towards your attempts to shed weight.

And it is not just about weight loss; if the human body has an accumulation of toxins, it is more susceptible to health conditions such as:

  • Joint pain
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune system diseases
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Psychological problems

Also, a lymph cleanse could help you look tighter and feel lighter, which is a dream come true for everyone who wants to lose weight. Furthermore, lymphatic drainage improves your skin health, just like the pico toner is revolutionizing the skin and beauty industry.

Improves Lymph Circulation

improves lymph circulation

The blood circulatory system works hand in hand with the lymph circulation. If the lymphatic system gets slow, the blood circulatory system may be affected too. This can trigger cardiovascular health conditions and also stimulate lethargy. With such, you know that weight gain is just around the corner.

A properly functioning blood circulatory system means more energy. It would be amazing if you acquired the energy to hit the gym. So, go ahead activate your system.

Releases Water Retention

When the digits on your weight are undesirable, the first blame is always the fats. It could be the water weight that is letting you donw. Water retention tremendously slows down your lymph system.

Getting a lymphatic system to cleanse will get the water build-up moving. Promotion of lymph circulation will make you weigh lesser than you imagine. This is because lymphatic drainage cuts down on fluid drainage.

Helps Kidney and Liver Function

Getting a lymphatic massage for weight loss will go a long way in improving your kidneys and liver’s functioning. Your body is a system, and all organs need to be functioning well for a proper balance. Weight loss program could be unsuccessful because your liver and kidneys are not functioning well?

The kidney and the liver are essential in the proper elimination of waste products from the body. Detoxification is excellent for all body functioning, and subsequently, weight loss.

Signs it’s Time to Book an Appointment for a Lymphatic Drainage for Weight Loss

signs it's time to book an appointment for a lymphatic drainage for weight loss

Your question ‘how does the lymphatic massage for weight loss works?’ has been answered (2). But that’s not enough. How do you know it’s time to book a lymphatic massage session with your massage therapist?

Here are signs and symptoms that it’s time for a lymphatic cleanse;

  • Bloating
  • Swollen feet
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Excess weight
  • Cellulite
  • Body Soreness

If you notice these symptoms, your lymphatic system could require a massage for weight loss. With these signs, it could be time to:

  • Get your lymphatic massage machine ready for a home massage
  • Look for ways on how to drain lymph nodes naturally
  • Start feeding on foods for lymphatic drainage
  • Book an appointment for professional lymphatic drainage for weight loss

Getting Ready for a Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Home

getting ready for a lymphatic drainage massage at home

You can go for a professional massage or get your DIY lymphatic massage for weight loss; if done correctly, both will let you enjoy full lymphatic drainage massage benefits.

So, how you get ready for that lymph cleanse at home? See below.

Set the Pace with Lymphatic Breathing

Get your body organs ready for lymphatic system cleanse by taking deep breaths. Breathing pushes the fluids in the vessels and lymph nodes. For proper deep breaths:

  • Place both your hands on your stomach
  • Inhale until you feel your stomach expand
  • All this time, ensure your shoulders are still
  • Exhale slowly
  • Take a few minutes and repeat the process

Get Your Neck Ready

The neck hosts a lot of lymph nodes. This is why you need to get the neck ready for lymphatic drainage. Before getting the lymphatic massage machine on work;

  • Take your index and middle finger of both hands on either side of the neck
  • Move your fingers gently in an inward direction till you get to the collarbone. Keep it gentle but hard enough to stretch the skin a little bit

The next step is ready getting your side neck ready. To prepare your side neck:

  • Place your palm on your side of the neck, just below your ears
  • Move your hands up and down gently

The next activity would be to get the back of your neck ready. Start by:

  • Put both of your palms on the back of your neck
  • Slide both palms gently, downwards towards your spine, and back up towards the hairline
  • Now put your palms on the back of the beck (close to the hairline)

Be gentle, but exert a little pressure enough to have the fluid moving.

Prepare your Underarms

prepare your underarms

Lymph nodes are concentrated in the armpits. If you want to enjoy maximum lymphatic drainage benefits, don’t overlook the underarms, they harbor lymph fluid from all over the body.

To prepare your underarms:

  • Get your palms in a cup shape and place it under your armpits
  • Pump the palms upwards on the body, slowly and gently
  • Repeat the same moves on the other arm

Get Your Knees Ready

To get proper circulation in your knees;

  • Place your palms behind your knees, ensuring the fingers point towards each other
  • Roll the hand upwards to get the flow going
  • Keep repeating the process at least 10-15 times

Six Handy Techniques for Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

If you are new to getting your lymphatic system on its toes, we got you covered below (3). Use these six techniques to improve your lymphatic drainage and body immunity system.

Massage Your Clavicle Area

massage your clavicle area

Find a flat and comfortable place and lie on your back, and then follow the following procedure:

  • Cross your arms on your chest
  • The fingers of your right hand should lie on your left clavicle and vice versa
  • Lift your elbows to 90 degrees without lifting your fingers from your clavicles
  • Apply some gentle pressure on the clavicles
  • Inhale and exhale deeply as you continue with the process
  • repeat at least 15-20 times

Massaging the Solar Plexus Region

Have a steady seat, then stand and sit while ensuring your back remains straight. While at it, keep the fingers of both your hands together. Next, inhale deeply, and place the fingers on the ribs of the solar plexus region. Go round your back and press gently at the solar plexus region again. Stay in this posture for some minutes, and then get your back straight again. As you press the region, ensure you breathe in and out deeply. Repeat the process at least 15 times.

Japanese Vibration

Find a flat and comfortable place and lie flat, on your back, and then the following process:

  • Raise your arm towards the ceiling
  • Raise your legs towards your chest
  • Simultaneously, shake all your limbs until you feel relaxed and smooth
  • Breathe usually during the process
  • Keep repeating for up to 3 minutes

Roll Your Feet

roll your feet

Stand straight with arms straight on the side of your body.

  • Ensure your feet are parallel to each other
  • Slowly get on your toes while maintaining the position
  • Then slowly remain in this position and roll back up on your heels
  • As you roll your feet, keep breathing is a lie
  • Repeat 20 times

Frog your Body

  • While sitting on a flat surface, slowly bend your legs to make your soles touch
  • Place your hands flat on your knees and give them a push with some intensity
  • With each push, bounce your knees
  • Breathe as usual
  • Repeat 30 times

Crunching your Stomach

Again, find a flat and comfortable surface and lay straight on your back;

  • stick your legs together and raise them towards your chest
  • Lower them to the flat position
  • Start slow, and then quicker, but ensure you don’t lose your breath in the process
  • Lay on your back with straight legs.
  • Inhale deeply when you pull your leg towards your chest
  • Exhale when you crunch
  • Repeat 20 times

How Manny Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss You Need?

how manny lymphatic massage for weight loss you need

Lymphatic drainage will not single-handedly make you shed your weight. The lymphatic massage for weight loss will only jumpstart the journey and make it more worthwhile. It would be best if you still healthily and exercise to lose weight.

But, how many massages will it take to trigger your lymphatic system to stimulate your attempt to lose weight? Lymphatic massage is not a surgery that you will notice results almost soon after. One massage is, of course, not enough for you to notice any changes. You will need to have at least 10-12 lymphatic drainage massages to notice any tangible differences. However, all women are different. But the thumb rule is, you will need several of them to notice progress.

Because you need several of these, learn how to drain the lymphatic system at home. DIY lymphatic massage will save you lots of time and money.

Factors to Consider Before Lymphatic Drainage

If you are considering getting lymphatic massage for weight loss, here are a few things you should think about before:

  • Talk about your health and any health issues with your doctor
  • Let the doctor know your intentions to use lymphatic drainage to trigger weight loss
  • Are you pregnant?
  • Do you have any existing chronic diseases?
  • Is your skin sensitive?

Your doctor may give you an alternative technique if lymphatic drainage massage is risky to your health. Note: lymphatic massage side effects to your health are almost negligible but may be problematic if you have preexisting conditions.

Alternative Ways to Achieve Lymphatic Cleanse

alternative ways to achieve lymphatic cleanse

If for whatever health reason, you cannot get a lymphatic massage for weight loss, there is no need to panic; there are a lot of other alternatives. I discuss how to drain the lymphatic system without using the lymphatic drainage below.

Eat Foods for Lymphatic Drainage

Some foods could get back the circulation in your lymphatic system to function well. Do your body a favor by consuming a lot of:

  • Brightly colored veggies such as spinach and arugula
  • Deep red vegetables such as beetroots
  • Drink lots of lemon water to hydrate your Body
  • Eat foods rich in natural nitrates


Concrete exercises such as jumping and yoga up and down stimulate proper circulation in the lymphatic system. If you cannot go under the lymphatic drainage machine, consider creating an exercise routine that keeps you moving. A trampoline could help you in your jumping routine. A ten-minute routine can increase the lymph flow in your Body by over 400%

Sleep on Your Side

Studies show that your lymphatic system circulation is at its peak when you are asleep. However, how you sleep is also has a toll on your lymphatic drainage. Try to sleep on your side to stimulate waste elimination. Tuck a pillow on the back to help maintain the position all night long.

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss FAQs

lymphatic massage for weight loss faqs

Here are a few questions answered on lymphatic drainage massage.

Can Lymphatic Drainage Reduce Weight?

Lymphatic massage for weight loss will help reduce the puffiness in the waist, knees, ankle, and wrists. The lymphatic detoxification will also trigger the weight loss process.

How to Reduce Weight Without Dieting?

You do not have to starve to shed weight. You just need to eat healthily, ensure your immunity is okay, exercise daily, take yoga classes, and ensure your lymphatic system functions well. This way, your journey to achieving your dream weight will be successful.

Final Thoughts about Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss

A lot of people are struggling to shed body fat. Weight loss and anti-aging biohacking are becoming popular resorts for many people. Sometimes, their strict routines do end up bearing no fruits. Getting a lymphatic drainage massage could aid your weight loss more than you have imagined. Many people brush it off as only an anti-cellulite technique, but there is more to it. Draining the fluid from your body and getting the circulation could turn your immune system and health around. Whether professional or DIY lymphatic massage, the benefits are the same. Prepare yourself, have a lymphatic massage for weight loss, eat healthily and exercise, and getting ready to live your best life -feeling lighter than ever.




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