Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite : SEE YOU LATER, Fatty bumps!!

Lymphatic massage for cellulite is slowly becoming a top technique you can use biohacking your body. Not long ago, we thought lymphatic drainage massages were to lull you, boost your immune system and expel toxins from the body. Turns out there is more to lymphatic massages.

Lymphatic drainage massage can help us prepare our summer bodies! Yes, you read that right; a manual lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce the appearance of cellulite on your body.

Millions of women suffer from cellulite. Over 85% of post-pubertal women have a form of cellulite. And contrary to many people’s beliefs, men suffer from cellulite too! Many celebrities invest huge amounts of money in surgeries to erase all cellulite signs.

If you are a woman with cellulite, chances are high you want to get rid of them. Lucky for you, you don’t have to invest heavily or go under the knife to reduce the cellulite appearance. A lymphatic massage is a non-invasive way that reduces cellulite appearance.

Before you book your lymphatic massage Los Angeles, you do want to know how lymphatic massage for cellulite works.

Shall we look more into lymphatic massages, and it helps resolve cellulite problems? Let’s dive right in.

Lymphatic massage for cellulite: What is Cellulite?

lymphatic massage for cellulite what is cellulite

Cellulite commonly appears on the thighs, stomach, arms, and buttocks of women. They are unsightly, bumpy, and look like cottage cheese.

The cellulite makes the skin look like dough or orange peels. This is the last thing you want on your summer body.

The hypodermis, the third-outermost layer of skin, hosts the cellulite. Cellulite is usually an impression of small pockets of fat sticking out from the hypodermis. These pockets of fats are called adipocytes.

Cellulite may also occur as a result of water accumulation. The bumpy impression is seen on the dermis and epidermis. Think cellulite as small pockets, like honeycombs (1). And just like you need to squeeze the honey out of the honey honeycombs, you need to extract fats, toxins and accumulated fluids from the cellulite pockets.

Types of Cellulite and How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Helps Resolve Each of Them

types of cellulite and how lymphatic drainage massage helps resolve each of them

There are three types of cellulite:

  • Water-based cellulite: This is the most common form of cellulite in women. It is caused by poor circulation, not drinking enough water, or sitting for too long.
  • Fat-based cellulite: This cellulite consists of fat cells only.
  • Combination cellulite: This is cellulite comprised of both water and fat retaining cells

Massage therapists use different forms of massages to help clear cellulite. The forms of lymphatic drainage massages may involve gentle:

  • Circular motions
  • Kneading
  • Pounding
  • Skin-rolling ( a technique that involves rolling and gently pinching the skin to drain fluids)

Your therapist will start gently and adjust the pressure depending on the type of cellulite type being treated.

Usually, fat-based tends to require more pressure than the other two types. It may end up being slightly uncomfortable because they have to expel fats and have blood flow to that area.

Water-based cellulite is usually easier to treat and doesn’t require exertion of much pressure.

What Does Cellulite Have To Do With The Lymphatic System?

what does cellulite have to do with the lymphatic system

Cellulite often results from poor lymph circulation. Poor lymph circulation causes accumulation of:

  • Toxins
  • Fats
  • Wastes
  • Lymph fluid

If the lymphatic system is not well-functioning, this matter will accumulate under the skin surface. The lymphatic vessels transport waste to the lymph nodes for their destruction and eventually expulsion from the body.

When lymph nodes are full of waste and cannot function correctly, cellulite forms. An improperly functioning lymphatic system causes swelling of fat cells, which triggers cellulite formation. Therefore, to reduce the prominent cellulite on your body, you need to free the lymphatic system. And to free the lymphatic system, you got it right; you need a manual lymphatic drainage massage.

Water retention is one of the major causes of a poorly functioning lymphatic system. Therefore, use a manual lymphatic system to get the fluids in the body moving well.

Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite: How does Lymphatic Drainage Work?

lymphatic massage for cellulite how does lymphatic drainage work

Lymphatic drainage massage is a delicate massage because the lymph vessels are superficial (2). During the massage, the movement is always in the direction of the lymph circulation. The massage is always from the bottom towards the top and never the other way round.

The movement is always gentle and rhythmic. The pressure applied on the skin is usually gentle, moving to the nearest lymph’s direction and then releasing the contact. The motion is repeated five times to allow proper drainage of water, fats, and accumulated toxins.

Lymphatic Massage for cellulite: why does it work?

A lot of time, we think that excess fat is the only reason behind cellulite. No, excess fluid retention is another culprit in the appearance of cellulite. Aggravation of fluids will cause two things:

  • Cellulite formation
  • Water retention

Lymphatic massage can effectively remove water and toxins accumulation from the skin.

Expelling water, fats and toxins will automatically improve the appearance of your skin. It will even out your skin, making it smooth and elastic. In short, it will remodel your skin surface, giving you the flawless result you have always desired.

One thing, lymphatic drainage will not make the cellulite disappear for good. You need to book sessions frequently to help banish their appearance on your skin surface.

Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite: After Treatment

After a lymphatic drainage massage, you will feel lightness. The accumulated lymph fluid has been released to the lymph nodes, and you will feel lighter than before.

After your lymphatic drainage, it is recommended to:

  • Hydrate properly
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Exercise regularly

The best exercises you could engage in for optimal results are:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Jogging

Staying hydrated after a lymphatic drainage massage will prevent the body from immediately replenishing expelled fluids.

Exercising helps keep the blood flow as needed. This is an effective way to keep cellulite at bay. If you want to keep cellulite away in the long term, ensure you cut down on your fats and sugar consumption.

Can Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite Completely Eliminate Cellulite?

can lymphatic massage for cellulite completely eliminate cellulite

Eliminating cellulite is difficult.

Actually, lymphatic drainage massage cannot single-handedly eliminate cellulite permanently. A lymphatic drainage massage will only reduce the appearance of the cellulite.

It is best to combine multiple treatments, including lymphatic drainage for cellulite. You must eat healthy, exercise, and stay hydrated to reinforce the results of a lymphatic massage for cellulite.

FAQ For Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite

For a long time, people have used liposuction to get rid of cellulite. Now that lymphatic massage is immersing itself into the limelight as one of the best ways to get fight cellulite, you may want to know more about it. We answer some questions on lymphatic drainage for cellulite to help familiarize you more with it.

Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite Q#1: Does Lymphatic Massage Help with Cellulite?

Yes, lymphatic drainage helps largely with cellulite. It is now one of the most effective treatments to help you fight cellulite. But one thing for sure, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle to support the results of a lymphatic massage. You must eat healthily, stay hydrated, and exercise regularly; otherwise, the lymphatic massage won’t be as effective.

Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite Q#2: Can Massage Get Rid of Cellulite?

Permanently getting rid of cellulite is not easy. A lymphatic massage will help reduce the appearance of the bumps on the skin. It can reduce the appearance of dimpled skin for a week or so. This means that you may need to drain your lymph approximately once a week.

Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite Q#3: What Type of Massage is Best for Cellulite?

lymphatic massage for cellulite q#3 what type of massage is best for cellulite

A lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the displacement of fats, water and toxins that cause cellulite. However, depending on the type of your cellulite, different techniques can be used. Your massage therapist can recommend an anti-cellulite massage or a lymphatic massage to treat the dimpled skin.

Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite Q#4: How do you Massage your Thighs to get Rid of Cellulite?

A lymphatic massage is a powerful yet very delicate form of massage. It is best to reserve a massage session with a practitioner and learn how to make it function properly. However, if you decide to massage at home, use light movements, and always work your way towards the lymph nodes. The case of the thighs works towards the lymph nodes located in the groin.

 Be sure to learn from a professional before you can do it at home.

Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite Q#5: How Long Does Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite Last?

A session is usually an hour long. During the one hour, the massage therapist will target clear cellulite on your thighs, arms, calves, lower back, sometimes the tummy and gluteus.

Final Thoughts on Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite

final thoughts on lymphatic massage for cellulite

Now, it’s no longer a secret. When you see the swimsuit models on Sports Illustrated, with legs so flawless, you know well that there are lymphatic drainage massages behind the scenes. If you are looking for a technique to reduce cellulite appearance, lymphatic massages will do you right. Just ensure you reinforce the lymphatic massage with a healthy diet, lots of water, and exercises; this is the only sure way to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Book that appointment, it’s time to get that silky skin you have been desiring for ages.




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