Lymphatic Drainage Massage before and After Tips: Maxing out its benefits

You need lymphatic drainage massage before and after tips to get the best results from your massage sessions.

‘I feel ill immediately after my manual lymphatic drainage massage.’

‘My lymph nodes remain noticeable even after the lymphatic system massage.’

‘I read about lymphatic massage benefits but don’t get them after my massage.’

These statements are common to hear from people who just underwent their lymphatic massage therapy. We are about to break it down for you.

The reason you feel sick, or you may feel sick after lymph drainage, is improper preparation and laxity post lymphatic drainage massage.

Yes, laxity. It’s not just about the massage therapy techniques you receive from your therapist. You have a role to play as soon as you descend from that massage table.

Whether you have had lymphatic drainage massage before, and you are getting ready for the next session.

Or you have just scheduled your first lymphatic drainage massage; it

doesn’t matter. You still need lymphatic drainage massage before and after tips to help you get the most out of the sessions. 

Buckle up; we are going on a  trip of lymphatic drainage massage before and after tips. 


Lymphatic drainage massage before and after: Disclaimer

lymphatic drainage massage before and after disclaimer

The lymphatic system is responsible for detoxification. It receives and neutralizes the toxins generated from food, pollution and also your body’s cellular activities (1).

It is also responsible for the fortification of the immunity cells. This means that you need to have a proper functioning lymphatic system for you to have a strong immune system.

See how delicate it is as a system? If you do not follow the instructions we are about to give you below, you may feel unwell after. Or, you may as well not enjoy the immense benefits of this deep tissue massage.

Incorporate the tips below before, after and during your massage sessions.

Lymphatic drainage massage before and after: Before Tips

The tips in this segment will help you get ready for lymphatic massages. Always keep these in mind before arriving for your appointment.

Duration of Massage

A 30-minute lymphatic drainage massage is recommended for starters. It is enough to have the lymph fluid flowing normally. Start slow to give your body a chance to adapt gradually. If you have a massage for longer, you push your body to cleanse more than it can. And this may result in some serious side effects. 

However, if you want to incorporate lymph drainage into your 60-minute full body massage, you need to let your massage therapists know. This way, they can start slow by 10-15 minutes session and see how your body reacts before increasing the lengths of the sessions.

Ideal time for massage

lymphatic drainage massage before and after before tips

Secondly, be sure to verify with your massage therapists what time is suitable to have a lymphatic drainage massage. This may depend on why you are having a lymphatic massage. Are you receiving it for weight loss or after a tummy tuck? Besides, talking to your doctor widely about it may help you get proper nutritional advice.

Pro tip: Antioxidants such as vitamin C help bind toxins, making the lymph drainage process even much more effortless.

Also, being on herbs that enhance liver and kidney functions can make the process even easier.

Lymphatic drainage massages while under medication

Our third tip is for you if you are under medication. Beware that lymph drainage massages flush some medication out of the system faster, together with toxins. This is to say that if you are taking any medication, especially pain killers or just from having surgery, you need to proceed with medical supervision. Do not start lymphatic drainage massage without talking to your doctor.

Hydrating before Lymph Drainage

Take lots of water a day before and the morning of your appointment. You need to be well hydrated during the session. You don’t want dehydration to impair your body’s ability to detoxify. Besides, you don’t want the rebuild making you feel unwell.

Ideal clothing for lymphatic Massage Therapy

Be ready to do some undressing. Usually, direct contact with skin works the best. However, if you are uncomfortable getting off all the clothing, be sure to use these tips;

  • Avoid tight clothing; they hold the lymph fluid from moving
  •  Underwire bras should stay at home on appointment day; they too prevent movement of lymph fluid
  • Avoid clothes with buckles, zippers or pockets (yes, wear your yoga shorts or yoga pants)
  • Wear a top that makes your skin around the neck and collar easily accessible for the massage. (A tank top or v-neck t-shirts will work fine)
  • Cotton underwear is ideal if you choose not to undress during the treatment

What to Eat

what to eat for lymphatic massage

Ensure your stomach is empty during the treatment. The gentle pressure applied on the organs or deep abdomen may irritate you if you are full.

Alternatively, you can have a light snack before the session.

No lotion on Appointment Day

Arrive with naked skin. Do not apply any lotion or petroleum jelly on the skin. For best results, a lymphatic massage has to have a skin stretch response.

The stretch response enhances the lymphatic vessels to have the lymph fluids moving.

The stretch response is achieved well on dry skin.

No Alcohol a Day before Appointment

Keep off alcohol and recreational drugs a day before your appointment. We are just attempting to make it easier for your liver. Your liver will go overboard in detoxification of the toxins collected by the lymphatic system. You want to give the liver ample time and not overburden it with both toxins and alcohol.

What happens if the liver feels overburdened? You will feel exhausted and sick.

Movement after the Manual Lymph Drainage

Plan for movement after your lymph massage session. Don’t get into your car and drive home after the massage.

During the massage, the lymphatic system gathers toxic wastes and deposits them to the bloodstream for removal. This is why you need to exercise gently after the session; to help

with the removal. Plan to take a 20-minutes walk before driving home. Or some yoga poses will work fine.

We get it, it may be difficult, especially if you are getting the massage to help with chronic pain or cancer treatment. You could talk to your physical therapist for ideal activities after your massage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage When You feel ill

lymphatic drainage massage when you feel ill

Are you sick or recovering from an illness? Having shorter sessions will work well for you. Also, be sure to ask your therapist the best time for a massage as you recover from the illness. Beware that having a lymphatic drainage massage within the first acute 24_48 hours is not ideal. It can result in:

·    Coughing

·    Mucous

·    Nasal dripping and blowing

Prepare for Some Rest

Schedule a period of rest when you get home. After your massage, your body nutrients and resources will be redirected towards eliminating the toxins. You most likely will feel tired after the session.

This is why you need to give your body a chance to regenerate.

Have everything else like work sorted out before your massage.

Empty your bladder

Use the washrooms before the massage session. You may get the urge to use the restrooms during the massage, partly due to the ongoing detoxification, partly due to the gentle pressure applied to your abdomen. You don’t want to rush, come back, or attempt to hold it in.

Protip: After the massage, you may have the urge to pass urine. If you don’t, it most likely means you are dehydrated. That’s a sign to drink more water before your next appointment.

Lymphatic drainage massage before and after: What to expect during massage

lymphatic drainage massage before and after what to expect during massage

Here is what to expect during your lymphatic drainage massage (2):

– A gentle and light pressure massage. The massage will be gentle enough not to elicit discomfort or pain. But it will be hard enough to cause a skin stretch.

– Concentration on the lymph nodes. Your therapist will concentrate on several focus areas to have the stagnant fluid moving. This will include your neck, armpits, hips and abdomen. Body organs such as your liver, kidney, and lungs will also be a point of focus.

– A tingly feeling. When the fluid begins to move, you may feel cool and tingly in the toes and fingers. You may also experience some digestive noises in the process.

– You may also receive massage healing techniques to help in the optimal lymph flow. The most popular energy healing techniques include scar tissue release, Craniosacral therapy and Myofascial release.

Important: You need to know that everyone will respond to lymph drainage therapy differently, even after you follow lymphatic drainage massage before and after tips. . This will especially differ if you already have toxicity symptoms. You may experience benefits immediately, or sometimes within 7 days.

 Beware: A healing crisis may happen during the detoxification process. In the healing crisis, you will most likely experience:

  • Body aches
  • Soreness
  • Body aches

These are signs that your lymphatic treatment is not working effectively. However, it is a sign that your body is cleansing itself from impurities and toxins. If you are experiencing a healing crisis, chances are you are overlooking some of the before massage tips. Always refer to those to make the entire massage smooth and more effective.

What to expect after your Lymph Drainage session?

lymphatic drainage massage before and after frequently asked questions

These are some benefits you will experience after your massage session:

  • Body feel lighter
  • Increase odorous urination
  • Brain fog
  • Increased odorous bowel
  • Deeper and restful sleep
  • More perspiration
  • Hunger and more craving for
    junk food
  • Constant thirstiness
  • Chronic Sinusitis drainage
  • Ear drainage
  • Fatigue and constant
  • Reduced in swelling and
  • Reduced swollen lymph nodes
  • Shifts in congestion from one
    sinus to another or pressure joints
  • Reduced signs of puffy eyes
  • Reduced inflammatory conditions

The main function is usually to detoxify and reduce stagnant waste fluids. However, other symptoms that show that your lymphatic system is responding well to the massage include:

  • Weight loss with a reduction in adipose and cellulite tissue
  • Increased metabolism
  • Reduction in water retention because of the normal flow of lymphatic fluid
  • Reduced or no chronic pain
  • Feelings of being more energized
  • Reduced PMS symptoms.
  • Improved motion movement
  • Stronger immune system function and illness prevention, thanks to the increased amount of white blood cells
  • More youthful skin
  • improved blood circulation

Your massage therapist can use this massage technique to treat lymphedema.

Lymphatic drainage massage before and after: After Tips

lymphatic drainage massage before and after after tips

The performance of a lymphatic drainage massage can affect your overall health. This is why you need to be careful after the massage.

Here is how to help your system post-massage.

Have Adequate Rest

This is not time to drive back to work.

This is the time to drive back home and lie down.

More thirsty for your wellness? Switch off your electronic gadgets and forget about everything else around you for a while. If facing stress every day at work, school, or even at home, this is your day to rest and give your body an opportunity to replenish.

 Rehydrate your body after Lymph system massage

You most probably feel thirsty after your regular massage sessions. That is a sure sign that your body is dehydrated and needs more fluid.

You can help replenish your body fluids with water or a drink that is full of essential elements, vitamins and mineral salts. Through blood flow, your body’s nutrients will be recovered.


A few days post manual lymphatic massage therapy, you should start stretching gently. Have your muscles moving to create a better alignment because there is a shift in the reduction in the flow of fluids in the massaged area. e careful so as not to abuse your muscles and joints

Lymphatic drainage massage before and after Frequently Asked Questions

lymphatic drainage massage before and after the takeaway

Lymphatic drainage massage Los Angeles  has proven to be highly effective in treating different conditions. However, it remains delicate, especially if you don’t follow lymphatic massage drainage before and after hacks.

We answer a few questions on the lymph system massage to help you prepare to get the most out of it.

How long do the effects of lymphatic drainage massage last?

The effects of a lymphatic drainage massage last for up to around a week. It is recommended that you have a lymphatic drainage massage thrice or four times a week. However, if you were massaged by a professional, you won’t need more than a massage in a week.

Alternatively, a dry brush session can serve you before you schedule your next lymphatic massage treatment.

Do lymphatic drainage massages really work?

Yes, they do work. Very effectively. If you develop lymphedema, it’s a lymphatic drainage massage that will help relieve it. It is also effective for cancer treatment, especially breast cancer. It will also help reduce swelling and reduce pain. And there will be an immense transformation in the functioning of your immune cells. The benefits are so more than these. 

There is no magic trick behind it, follow the lymphatic massage  before and after, and the results will be evident.

Lymphatic drainage massage before and after: The Takeaway 

Lymphatic drainage massage is highly effective, thanks to its ability to solve many health problems. Its ability to equip your body with disease-fighting mechanisms is exemplary. Take it as a way to communicate and coordinate body cells, and help them carry out their functions as required.

The secret was( yes, was) following the lymphatic drainage massage before and after tips. And we have unveiled it all here. lymphatic drainage massage before and after hacks are no longer a magic trick. There is no reason at all for you not to see real lymphatic massage benefits now.




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