Hangover IV Drip: Ultimate Secret to Quickly Recovery after Drinking

If you take ages to get over your hangovers, it could be because you are yet to discover hangover IV drip.

Do you feel horrible after a night of drinking? Cannot even muster enough energy to leave your bed? We know that, we have been there before. Hangover symptoms can take a toll on you after a night of drinking.

You have heard of all sorts of conventional treatment and home remedies. No need to go into details; we know how most of these home remedies will leave you with the symptoms of hours. There is no need to be stuck in a hotel room trying to feel better when you can go for the ultimate hangover cure.

To get straight to the point, we are talking about hangover IV treatment. This emerging way could be the change we need for hangover treatment.

What is Hangover IV Drip Treatment?

what is hangover iv drip treatment

A hangover IV is an injection directly delivered to your bloodstream to relieve hangover symptoms. It includes all the nutrients and fluids that will instantly rehydrate you and get you back on your feet. Every hangover IV therapy delivers targeted nutrients in specific doses to help you feel better (1). A vitamin IV therapy will also deliver nutrients to your body, giving you a quicker relief.

What is in Hangover IV Drip Treatment?

You must want to know what is in this IV drip, mainly because it promises to deliver you comfort and relief in a shorter period than other conventional hangover cures. Well, here are the ingredients of IV hangover:

IV Fluid

drip hydration's iv hangover treatment

Alcohol consumption drains your body’s antidiuretic hormone(ADH). ADH is the key role player in helping the body reabsorb fluids. Besides, alcohol is a diuretic; it pulls fluids with it as it gets excreted.

From this, you can see how alcohol causes severe body dehydration. Restoring the lost fluids with fluids electrolytes is one of the fastest ways to get back on your feet.

You are probably asking, why not just drink water or take more fluids? A hangover IV drip is delivered straight to the blood stream, therefore more instant. Besides, with nausea during a hangover, drinking fluids can feel more uncomfortable.

Vitamin B Complex

Alcohol is a diuretic; it pulls out many essential nutrients with it on the way out. B vitamins are water-soluble and therefore affected most in alcohol elimination. Insufficient B complex vitamins are the reason you feel fatigued. Getting this in your hangover IV drip will clear the fog and replenish your energy almost instantly.

Getting A vitamin IV drip is another viable option you should consider.

Vitamin B12

vitamin b12

Cobalamin or vitamin B12 is depleted just like the B complex vitamins. It is easy to digest and absorb vitamin B 12. It takes your body time to do the process. Getting it delivered intravenously to the bloodstream can save you more discomfort. This ingredient in the IV drip will help recover your energy back.


Glutathione and alcohol dehydrogenase breakdown an alcohol byproduct and substance that intensifies hangover called acetaldehyde. When you drink too much, your body glutathione starts running low. This means acetaldehyde may slowly start taking over.

An IV hangover cure will deliver glutathione, a potent anti-inflammatory agent, which prevents cytokines’ synthesis. Cytokines increase your urge to drink more alcohol.

Furthermore, glutathione may help treat headaches and other pains directly and reduce the duration of a hangover.

Anti-nausea and vomiting medicine

Alcohol irritates the stomach and the gut.

The irritation leads to the production of pancreatic and gastric acid. These secretions lead to nausea or vomiting in the end.

An anti-nausea and vomiting medicine in your hangover therapy prevents signals transmission to the nervous system that eventually upsets the stomach.

Effective medicine brings to an end to nausea and vomiting urges.

Anti-heartburn and reflux medicine

The unrest caused by alcohol in your stomach leads to the formation of gastric acid. Gastric acid causes heartburn. An anti-heartburn and reflux medicine cuts down on the production of gastric acid temporarily. This will make reduce the duration of your hangover and the intensity of your heartburn.

Anti-Inflammatory, Headache and Pain Medicine

Headache and general body pain make hangovers even more unbearable. An inflammatory medication blocks the formation of the flammatory substances in the body, which often increases after drinking. Anti-inflammatory medication is the quickest way to get over hangovers.

Hangover Symptoms Treated by Hangover IV Drip

hangover symptoms treated by hangover iv drip

Hangover symptoms occur due to the struggle your body has coping up with alcohol and toxins. The struggle for the organs to eliminate the toxins punches a significant toll on your body.

The hangover symptoms vary from one person to another. This is why some hangover IV drips are tailored to suit your specific needs. But, from the ingredients above, a hangover IV drip can relieve you from:

  • Headaches
  • Dehydration, dry mouth and lips
  • Fatigue and general body pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Heartburns and stomach unrest

So, whatever the hangover symptom, an ingredient will do much more to get you back healthy and comfortable.

Hangover IV Drip Benefits

hangover iv drip benefits

Firstly, hangover IV is faster than taking other remedies. It is delivered straight to the veins, and the nutrients do not have to go through the digestive system (2). For instance, drinking water for dehydration is usually the typical resort. However, water needs to go all the way to the lower intestines to get absorbed. Some of it is lost in during the lengthy process.

Secondly, a lot of doctors and clinics customize their IV infusion to suit your specific needs.

Therefore, approach your service provider; let them know the specific hangover symptoms for a better infusion.

Thirdly, you do not have to go to the hospital for hangover treatment. Who wants to drive in that groggy and irritable condition anyway? You can reserve an appointment with your doctor and have a registered nurse treat you in your hotel room, house, office or wherever.

Lastly, these treatments can help you prevent or treat a hangover. You could have this before or after a night of drinking. Having electrolytes infused in your blood street will prevent your system from dehydration.

Hangover IV Drip Risks

This treatment is generally not regulated by the food and drug administration. Besides, the IV fluids delivery could bring the following side effects:

  • Infections at point of injection
  • Swellings
  • Bleeding


How Long Does Hangover IV Therapy Take?

how long does hangover iv therapy take

A single dose of hangover drip takes around 45 minutes to drip. Changes may occur as needed. However, if you are out of time, you can ask for a vitamin IV therapy or mini a drip.

How Effective is Hangover IV therapy?

Hangover therapy does not promise you bliss in seconds. Usually, most hangovers last 24 to 72 hours. If the hangover IV hands your comfort back in 1 or 2 hours, you would be in a much better position.

How Much Does a Hangover IV Drip Cost?

The cost largely depends on the location and the size of the drip. Some people go for small doses, while some customers opt for bigger doses. However, usually, the hangover treatments will be approximately $150 upwards.

Final Thoughts

Just because you had much fun last night does not mean your next day should be dreadful. You can have fun tonight and still run your daily business the next day without stress. Seventy-two hours is such as extended time to feel so awful. Hangover IV drips are the new best way to get over that hangover symptoms.

Consult your doctor about the possibilities of getting one; it is a promising treatment that would get you back running your errands faster than you imagined.


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