Cryotherapy Facial: Giving Your Facial Skin A PERFECT Boost

Cryotherapy facial — a unique beauty, age reversing tour to Antarctica without stepping a foot in the coldest continent.

Didn’t get it?

How often do you see people from freezing-cold places and wish your skin was as tight and radiant as them? It might sound weird! You certainly can’t travel to these places because they may get too expensive and over-ambitious for good skin.

But you can certainly make these cold places visit you, in your hometown, with the latest anti aging biohacking facial therapy.

Yes, hard for your ears to believe, but people are freezing their faces in -120 degrees Celsius, and it’s no joke. So let’s find out how you can freeze your face with cryotherapy.

What’s a cryotherapy facial?   

what's a cryotherapy facial

The injectable Botox therapies are quite famous facial treatments. Not only heard, but you might as well have tried it for collagen production and cell rejuvenation.

Cryotherapy facials or ‘Frotox’ are siblings with these Botox techniques, but those without the needles. It involves cold therapy in which your face is exposed to a cool air-breeze.

People call it sticking your face in the freezer, but cryofacial has extremely cold temperatures, which can go as low as -140 degrees. Usually, a cryofacial machine blows the liquid nitrogen onto your face and scalp.

The dry ice is said to tighten pores, rejuvenate skin cells, brighten cells, rub the fine lines, and enhance vessels’ blood flow.

How is cryo facial different from other facials?

how do cryotherapy facials work

Cryotherapy might not sound convincing if you’re used to other similar skin care treatments.

But what if it took you less than 10 minutes to have it done? And what if you can get it without removing off your make-up?

That’s right! Traditional treatments are effective but have multi-step processes with considerable downtime. Plus, you need to have a lot of preparation for them. Make-ups are not tolerated. Certain drugs are contraindicated. And a lot of formalities.

But cryo allows you to enjoy speedy sessions without having to spend hours in the lengthy procedures. Rushing for a function and need quick beauty therapy? Cryo it is! Want to have the same benefits in three to ten minutes? Cryo it is! Wish you didn’t have to erase make-up while getting treated? It’s cryo again!

How do cryotherapy facials work?

You must be thinking about what makes cryotherapy facials work. Think of it as a milder version of an ice cube rubbed on your face.

The colder temperatures of cryo facial treatments contract your blood vessels and tighten the pores. Low temperatures would also mean vessels won’t be as red and swollen as in the hotter environments.

When your skin regains the normal temperature, the sudden dilation in vessels causes a gush of blood flow. The increase in blood flow makes the skin look vibrant and glowy.

The areas with oxygen deficiency receive required oxygen, and your face looks less swollen. The lips and skin look stout and tightly stretched.

Benefits of a cryotherapy facial session

Don’t be surprised if the thought “why are we freezing ourselves” passes your head. It’s fun to discover why the world is obsessing over cryo facial, especially people looking for biohacking in Los Angeles.

It’s simple! Cryotherapy is working. Skincare therapy is supposedly expected to have several benefits and gives bang for the buck (3). 

Helps collagen production.

One of the studies (1) considers cryotherapy to increase collagen levels. Skin is elastic and rubbery because of the collagen proteins. Not having them enough can cause sagging skin, wrinkles, and lines. Collagen also helps replace the dead cells with the fresh ones to give a playful look.

Reduces lines on wrinkles.

Aging and collagen don’t get along. As you age, the collagen levels dip, making wrinkles look more aggressive. Cryotherapy sessions help collagen production and ensure you have enough proteins to fight-off wrinkles.

Reduces pigmentation.

You may want to conceal age spots, sun damages, and acne. But it’s quite a task with cream and other treatments. They may not be as optimal as Cryo in replacing the dead cells. Moreover, it is a well-known method to flush the wastes. As it triggers the development of new cells, the skin has fewer pigmentations.

Radiance in the skin.

benefits of a cryotherapy facial session

When you subject your skin to subzero temperature, the body glides into survival mode. The heart passes on the blood to your core organs, leaving your face pale. But when your skin gets back to the normal temperature, the immediate blood flow replaces the dead cells and gives your face a much better radiance.

Tightens pores.

Bigger pores are a pain in the neck. Yes, they’re good for cleansing our skin. But they’re also prone to more impurities and acne in the first place. But cryofacial can manipulate pore size for you. The fall and rise in cryo temperature tighten the skin and shrink the pores. 

Alleviate skin conditions.

Respondents with chronic skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis claim (2) to have been relieved by cryotherapy. If acne is not the best of your friend, the treatment makes sure you have all the necessary minerals in the body to fight it.

Who’s fit for cryotherapy facial treatment?

who's fit for cryotherapy facial treatment

Unlike microdermabrasion or other facials, the therapist doesn’t need to introduce instruments on the face. It means the treatment doesn’t leave you swollen or red.

It makes it easier for everyone looking to have a dazzling face run for therapy. But it doesn’t mean everyone can have it as and when they want. We recommend pregnant women to seek advice from their doctors.

You would also want to avoid cryotherapy if you have:

  • Seizures’ history
  • Respiratory problems
  • Cold activated asthmas
  • Artificial implants in your body (metal)
  • Bleeding disorders
  • High blood pressure
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Anemia

How to prepare for cryotherapy facial?

Honestly, you need not have to do or prepare anything special for cryo treatment. Doing these should suffice:

  • Get facial treatment at least two weeks after the Botox.
  • Keep yourself hydrated before the therapy.
  • Make distance with exfoliation products when going for the treatment.
  • Though not necessary, removing make-up and lotion will quicken the process.

What to expect in cryotherapy facial treatment?

what to expect in cryotherapy facial treatment

Step 1: Preparing for facial

A cryotherapy expert should get you to the following steps when you address the appointment:

  • The practitioner will recommend the best cryo facial variety, depending on your skin type.
  • When you have selected the package, they will clean and dry your face to start with.
  • Expect a gentle lymphatic massage for better blood and lymph flow from some practitioners.
  • The massage also ensures there’s less toxin in your facial-system, and the targeted muscles are free of excessive tension.
  • In case you have breakouts, they may take them out with steam.
  • They may also expose your skin to light frequencies to kill microbes.

Step 2: Giving cryotherapy

Once your face is ready for cryotherapy, the facialists will:

  • Ask you to remove ornaments and jewelry.
  • Cover your eyes with goggles.
  • Pump liquid nitrogen air from a hose or the duct attached with the cryotherapy machine.
  • Move the tube all over the face to ensure no area is left untouched.
  • Apply serum or moisturizer to seal the session for you.
  • Throw in red LED light therapy for skin radiance.

What you’ll feel during the process

  • Cold air embracing your face. Yes, it’ll be cold, but not unbearable. The laser in the machine hose checks the temperature of your skin.
  • Calming and relaxing sensation in the skin.

How much does a cryo session cost?

how much does a cryo session cost

Cryo lets you choose between a variety of facial treatments. They depend on the time taken, skin condition, and the desired results you need. Because it can be as quick as three minutes, the facial may start with a meager 40$. The longer treatments may get billed around 15o$ to 200$.

Thinking if you can get insurance coverage on cryo facials? The bad news is the insurance companies don’t cover elective cosmetic procedures. But if you happen to find cheaper therapies, generally, the cryotherapy Los Angeles costs you somewhere around paltry $45.

Cryotherapy Facial Treatment regions

Cryotherapy facial got into the picture with the full-body treatment but slowly evolved into the targeted region therapy, including facials, neck, and low neckline in many cases. The recent trend shows people receiving therapy for several other body parts.

Risks and side effects

risks and side effects of cryotherapy

Cryotherapy facial has a significantly lower numbers of risks and side effects comparing to other alternative treatments.


  • See if your facialists use proper ventilation. Excessive nitrogen may lead to toxic inhalation.

Side effects

  • Frostbite
  • Numbness and tingling sensation on face
  • Ice burns
  • Cold-related breathing issues
  • Temporary or permanent skin discoloration

What to expect after the procedure?

A little to no downtime steals the badge as the finest benefit for cryo facials. It means you’ll be up and ready to work as soon as the therapy is over.

You’ll see the results immediately. Getting it once or twice a month shall maintain its effect. Getting it more often in a week might as well tighten your pores for a long period. 

Cryotherapy Facial in Los Angeles

Cryotherapy Los Angeles has some of the earliest cryo-centers in the United States. From body to facial, Los Angeles has been redefining Cryohealthcare. 

Experts answers to frequently asked questions

How often should you get cryotherapy facial?

how often should you get cryotherapy facial

Twice a week if you’re looking for a lasting effect and twice a month to hold the effect.

Can I keep the make-up on while having cryotherapy?

Yes. As cryofacial is a noninvasive therapy, you can reap its benefits without removing off your make-up.

Is cryotherapy good for acne?

Yes. The flickering blood flow takes away the waste from the face and replaces it with nutrients.

Does cryotherapy hurt?

No. Though the targeted area may feel uncomfortable if exposed longer, the facialist should take away the blower rather than pick the same spot.

Who is it suitable for?

Cryotherapy is suitable for everyone wanting to facelift, tighten their pores, and enhance skin quality.

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