Cryotherapy and Tanning : Are You Getting An Even, Healthy Looking Tan This Summer?

The cryotherapy and tanning association is now an aspect that many tanning salons are embracing. Are you wondering why it is so? How come cold treatment is taking over cryo Los Angeles?

Summer is around the corner, and everyone’s desire for their holiday is a perfect tan. People are now up and down looking for a perfect tanning salon. 

Having the perfect tan transforms your self-confidence and how you take up things while at the beach or that luxurious vacation destination. 

The tanning industry has been dwelling a lot on spray tanning. 

 However, now everybody in the tanning industry is excited about whole body cryotherapy, and the benefits it comes with

 So how does whole body cryotherapy work?

What effect does it have on tanning?

What exactly does cryotherapy do to give you that perfect bronze tint? 

We reviewed everything about this innovation that tanning salons are offering below.

Let’s get down to business. 

Cryotherapy And Tanning : How Does A Skin Tan Work?

cryotherapy and tanning how does a skin tan work

 The process of skin tanning is pretty straightforward. It is similar, whether you tan indoors or outdoors. It happens on the epidermis, the outer layer of skin. The epidermis contains approximately 5% of cells called melanocytes. 

 When melanocytes are exposed to ultraviolet rays, which are the short wave ultraviolet, they produce melanin. The melanocytes and melanin are responsible for the tanning of your skin (1). 

The melanin with a pink tint travels through the epidermis and is then absorbed by other skin cells. When exposed to ultraviolet rays, which is the longer wave of the rays, it oxidizes and then darkens, giving you the dark tint

Why is a Tan Important?

People go to tanning salons for different reasons. The main would be tanning at the onset of summer to not get the burns easily. With a tan, your skin becomes more resilient to the harsh ultraviolet rays. 

 Secondly, everyone looks lovely with a tan in their swimsuits. Of course, you want to look attractive with an even tone in your swimsuit. Get cryotherapy as a preparation for your tanning to make the results even more appealing. 

Furthermore, some doctors recommend a tan to help battle vitamin D deficiency and depression. UV light releases a chemical called beta-endorphin. Beta-endorphin gives you a sense of mental and health wellbeing after a tiresome activity

Why Tanning Salons need Whole Body Cryotherapy and Tanning

why tanning salons need whole body cryotherapy and tanning

So, for a long time, the tanning industry has been running without cryotherapy (2). And, of course, the results were:

  • Uneven tans
  • Blemishes and unrich tan
  • Longer time to get tan
  • Short-lived tans

However, now we know the innovation of cryotherapy as a top biohacking Los Angeles tip, the tanning industry has transformed. The tanning industry is still embracing the new cryo innovation in the field. Some tanning salons already have the cryotherapy equipment to give their customer the best. 

 Some tanning salons still don’t have it because it is relatively new. 

 If you want the best tanning results and experience, get a tanning salon that offers cryotherapy. We discuss why below. 

Cryotherapy And Tanning Benefits #1: The Best Tanning preparation 

A cryotherapy session is essential in preparing your skin for a tanning session. How does it do this? 

It helps you get ready for the entire indoor tanning session. Cryotherapy promotes exfoliation of dead skin, leaving the skin flawless and even. If there is a lot of dead skin on the surface, the tan tends to be bumpy. 

Exfoliation eliminates the dead skin, revealing the new fresh skin underneath. The best thing is, cryotherapy helps you exfoliate thoroughly. The revealed fresh skin is primed and absorbs the spray tan deeply. If a spray tan is done on dead skin, it will be splotchy.  

Furthermore, if you take a bath, your tan will fade out so quickly, and you will be back to pale skin in no time. 

Cryotherapy And Tanning Benefits #2: Reduces Skin Pores Size

cryotherapy and tanning benefits #2 reduces skin pores size

Cryotherapy reduces the size of your skin pores. Large skin pores make the tan uneven and less appealing. Get a cryotherapy to make those pores smaller. The smaller the pores, the much healthier the results of the tanning. 

 Also, fake tans tend to block large pores. Of course, you want your pores to remain open for the proper functioning of the body. The cold treatment makes the pores smaller, and hence reduces the chances of pore blockage. 

Cryotherapy And Tanning Benefits #3: Makes Your Skin Younger and Tighter

A cryotherapy session gives you tighter and stronger skin. You know how well a tight and strong skin goes well with an appealing tan. Loose skin tends to be bumpy, especially after weight loss or surgery. Cryotherapy can clear the blemishes of a loose skin, making your tan even more even wholesome. 

Cryotherapy And Tanning Benefits #4: Cryotherapy Boosts Collagen Production

If you get whole body cryotherapy, you boost your body’s ability to produce collagen. Collagen helps reduce the fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. Increasing collagen production is a top anti aging biohacking tip. A smooth skin with no bumps and fine lines results in a perfect summer tan. 

It doesn’t matter whether you use a spraying can or a tanning bed; getting a whole body cryotherapy can transform the entire results.

Skin Tanning Methods that Work Well With the Cryotherapy and Tanning Combination

Most tanning salons offer the following kinds of tanning just after the cryotherapy sessions. We discuss some of the options you can choose from, depending on the results you desire

Sunless Tanning

skin tanning methods that work well with the cryotherapy and tanning combination sunless tanning

Many tanning salons have a sunless tanning system. The system automatically sprays a soft mist of self-tanning ingredients to your skin. These ingredients allow your tan to develop

in 8 hours. But, it fades in 5-7 days. 

It’s an ideal alternative for people who want to enhance their sun tan, or with no tan at all. The evenness created by cryotherapy therapy allows this tanning treatment to give you an even skin tone, making you feel beautiful and good

Mystic HD Tanning

Another tanning treatment that works well after a cryotherapy session is the mystic HD tanning. For this, you will enter a warm

chamber, heating your skin for maximum absorption. This results in a deeper and long-lasting tint. 

 This is not automated like sunless tanning. Here, there will be an airbrush moving from head to toe, spreading just precise and even amounts of your desired amounts of color. The warm air ensures that the skin remains dry and comfortable during the session. 

 Airbrush Tanning 

airbrush tanning

Airbrush tanning is usually done manually by tanning salons staff. They use the airbrush equipment to spray the color to your skin, ensuring it ends up even and unblemished as possible. Airbrush tanning is loved for anti-aging aging tanning, skin treatments, ph balance normalization and other shimmer treatments. 

This is the most loved form of tanning because it results in a perfect bronze tanning, you will fall in love. Furthermore, it takes just a few moments to achieve that perfect tint

High-Pressure Tanning

The magic 636 high-pressure tanning bed is the best in the tanning industry. If you land a tanning salon with this bed and offer cryotherapy before tanning the session, book your appointment right away!

 This high-pressure tanning bed offers a powerful yet relaxing experience and only gives a 2% burning rate. You will love that it has an open design, ideal for anyone with claustrophobia! This would be your ideal tan experience as it is so intense, giving you a rich bronze color you desire. 

The features of this tan bed are:

  • A maximum of 12 minutes tanning time
  • 36 UVA high-pressure lamps
  • 8 tanning levels for people who want to start low and work their way up
  • 8 Digitally controlled power levels for the lamps
  • Individual safety switch for each UV filter and
  •  Temperature sensors
  • 360° tanning experience
  • Air Conditioned 

With a cryotherapy treatment, followed by a tan in this beast, you will come out flawless and beautiful, ready to show off and turn heads. It gives the deepest, richest and longest-lasting bronze tan. 

Medium Pressure Tanning Beds

medium pressure tanning beds

If you are after a medium colored bronze but still rich and even, the medium pressure tanning beds could be your to-go choice. 

Medium pressure tanning beds have standing booths, too, if you prefer it over the beds. 

The features of the medium pressure tanning beds include:

  • A 10-12 minute tanning time
  • Results in a deep and long-lasting bronze
  • Medium body lamps
  • Lay down and stand up booths option
  • High-pressure facial bulbs
  • Low burning rays and high bronzing rays that tan skin in less time

Low-Pressure Tanning Beds

These are the conventional tanning beds. With this option, tanning takes longer to form a base of tan. Having cryotherapy before to minimize the blemishes will give you the bronze base faster. 

 Here are the features of the low-pressure tanning beds:

  • 7-15 minutes tanning time
  • Low -intensity lamps
  • Higher concentration of burning rays
  • Takes longer time to build a base in the tan bed

FAQ for Cryotherapy And Tanning

faq for cryotherapy and tanning

Cryotherapy and Tanning is relatively new. Most tanning salons have not even embraced it. We answer important questions to help you familiarize more with Cryotherapy and Tanning. 

Cryotherapy And Tanning Question#1: What should you wear During Cryotherapy and Tanning Session? 

The tanning salons usually provide their customers with socks, slippers, and gloves to protect them from the cryo treatment extremity. You will be required to get off your jewelry and any exterior metals such as body piercings.

Besides, you may have to pat yourself dry and be free from oils, cologne, perfumes before the treatment. 

Cryotherapy And Tanning Question#2: Why do You Need To do Cryotherapy before Tanning? 

Cryotherapy makes the skin more receptive to tanning. Cryotherapy makes the skin produce more collagen, makes skin tighter, reduces pore size, and exfoliates the skin. All these aspects make your skin more responsive for tan. 

Final Words on Cryotherapy And Tanning

There we go for cryotherapy and tanning. Whether you are just looking to ditch pale skin for the summer, participating in a body-building competition, or going to the beach or vacation, never rule out the correlation between cryotherapy and tanning. 

 It could be the start of perfect bronze, which is the secret to look stunning all season!




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