Cryotherapy and tanning

Cryotherapy and Tanning : Are You Getting An Even, Healthy Looking Tan This Summer?

The cryotherapy and tanning association is now an aspect that many tanning salons are embracing. Are you wondering why it is so? How come cold treatment is taking over cryo Los Angeles? Summer is around the corner, and everyone’s desire for their holiday is a perfect tan. People are now up and down looking for a perfect tanning salon.  Having the perfect tan transforms your self-confidence and how you take up things while at the beach or that luxurious vacation …

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Cryotherapy Vs Ice Bath Collage

Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath – Comparing The two worlds of cold treatments

Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath, which one is better?  What are the downsides of both?  Often, athletes have used either cold air exposure, which is body cryotherapy, or immersion into cold water, which is ice baths, for their muscle rejuvenation.  And, both of them have proved to be effective in the treatment of strained muscles.  But how different are they?  Let’s look at how cryotherapy stacks up against ice baths.   Body Cryotherapy VS Ice Bath : The difference between the two …

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ozone therapy at home know about health

Ozone therapy at home: Take Lead in Your Health’s ultimate Revival

Ozone therapy at home is taking shape as one of the non-conventional treatments. Initially, patients had to visit professional doctors to enjoy the benefits of ozone therapy at home. However, this is quickly taking another turn, and it is undoubtedly becoming one of the tops biohacks for health. A lot of doctors and clinics have not specialized in giving ozone therapy. This makes it challenging to access ozone gas treatments in a hospital. This is one of the reasons we …

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benefits of concierge medicine

Benefits Of Concierge Medicine. Finally, The Healthcare Model That Moves and Transforms Your Life!

The benefits of concierge medicine can be many, but the ambition to bring radical hospitality to healthcare cuts tall in the list. Remember when you waited a week for your primary care appointment? You expected your physician to be more kind and hearing. But it took them less than 15 mins to take reactive measures. Everything escalated so quickly; you couldn’t figure whether they treated you fairly. And then you thought, could it have been better had the healthcare offered …

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