Cancer Treatments

Ozone therapy for cancer treatment

Ozone Therapy For Cancer – Defeat All The Odds & Be A Part Of Success Story

Ozone therapy for cancer is one of the revolutions we need in the medical world. And we are glad that it’s slowly but surely taking its rightful position.  Mention cancer treatments, and quickly everyone would start picturing surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  Yes, fine, this is because ozone therapy in cancer treatment is still taking up space in the medical world in the United States. Fortunately, ozone therapy is proving to be a game-changer in medicine and cancer treatment, thanks …

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cryotherapy for cancer

Cryotherapy for cancer: The Emergence of a Less Invasive Treatment

Cryotherapy for cancer, or sometimes called cryosurgery, is an emerging treatment option for this ruthless disease. Initially, cryotherapy has widely been used by athletes to achieve different results. However, for cancer treatment, it is relatively new. What is cancer treatment to you? It has to be either chemotherapy or radiation therapy. But the emerging use of cancer cryotherapy is promising. And what is better is it is gentler to your cells. So, what exactly is cryosurgery definition? How is it …

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