Heat and cold therapy for arthritis


Cryotherapy for Arthritis is the golden treatment you were looking for, for a long time. We know you are here because your joints hurt. Could this be rheumatoid Arthritis or, simply put, Arthritis? Well! We think so. If you are facing problems like: Inflammation in one or multiple joints. Stiffness Swelling Redness on the skin around the joints. Decreased range of motion The chances are high that you’re suffering from ‘arthritis.’ But don’t worry, we got you covered. Cryotherapy can …

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Cryotherapy Keloid


Cryotherapy keloid treatment is a new technique taking over in the treatment of keloids and keloid scars. It is proving to be a top tip in biohacking Los Angeles, and we are here for it. For decades, surgical and other non-surgical treatments have been used in keloid removal. We wouldn’t say that these conventional treatment methods of keloids were ineffective (1). They helped, yes, but with a lot of side effects and shortcomings. Also, treatment of large keloids proved to …

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Cryotherapy and tanning

Cryotherapy and Tanning : Are You Getting An Even, Healthy Looking Tan This Summer?

The cryotherapy and tanning association is now an aspect that many tanning salons are embracing. Are you wondering why it is so? How come cold treatment is taking over cryo Los Angeles? Summer is around the corner, and everyone’s desire for their holiday is a perfect tan. People are now up and down looking for a perfect tanning salon.  Having the perfect tan transforms your self-confidence and how you take up things while at the beach or that luxurious vacation …

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Cryotherapy Vs Ice Bath Collage

Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath – Comparing The two worlds of cold treatments

Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath, which one is better?  What are the downsides of both?  Often, athletes have used either cold air exposure, which is body cryotherapy, or immersion into cold water, which is ice baths, for their muscle rejuvenation.  And, both of them have proved to be effective in the treatment of strained muscles.  But how different are they?  Let’s look at how cryotherapy stacks up against ice baths.   Body Cryotherapy VS Ice Bath : The difference between the two …

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cryotherapy for cancer

Cryotherapy for cancer: The Emergence of a Less Invasive Treatment

Cryotherapy for cancer, or sometimes called cryosurgery, is an emerging treatment option for this ruthless disease. Initially, cryotherapy has widely been used by athletes to achieve different results. However, for cancer treatment, it is relatively new. What is cancer treatment to you? It has to be either chemotherapy or radiation therapy. But the emerging use of cancer cryotherapy is promising. And what is better is it is gentler to your cells. So, what exactly is cryosurgery definition? How is it …

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cryotherapy for back pain

Cryotherapy for Back Pain – The ultimate relief for Chronic backaches

Did you know that at least 80% of the population experience lower back pain at least once in their lifetime? It is among the reasons for doctor visits in America. Also, it’s among the topmost causes of disability. The degree of back pain varies significantly. It could be upper, mid, or lower back pain. According to the Mayo Clinic, acute back pain strikes and lasts up to around six weeks. The back pain may be acute or chronic. However, it …

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cryotherapy wart removal

Cryotherapy Wart Removal – Proven Fast & Painless Method

Warts are small painless growths that appear on the skin. However, some warts may be itchy and painful, especially when on the feet or palm. They may also be painful when you bump on them. Bumping on them can cause bleeding too. Some people wait till warts disappear. Sometimes the sight and the pain may be discomforting. To get rid of the wart, you need to schedule a cryotherapy wart removal with your doctor. How is the cryotherapy wart removal …

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cryotherapy facial

Cryotherapy Facial: Giving Your Facial Skin A PERFECT Boost

Cryotherapy facial — a unique beauty, age reversing tour to Antarctica without stepping a foot in the coldest continent. Didn’t get it? How often do you see people from freezing-cold places and wish your skin was as tight and radiant as them? It might sound weird! You certainly can’t travel to these places because they may get too expensive and over-ambitious for good skin. But you can certainly make these cold places visit you, in your hometown, with the latest …

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cryotherapy weight loss

Cryotherapy Weight Loss: Achieving Toned Body Naturally

Cryotherapy weight loss is a fairly new technology but is gaining traction and popularity each day. In layman’s terms, cryotherapy is the exposure of your body to extreme cold temperatures for medical benefits. There is no debate that losing weight is never an easy path, and you have probably tried and failed several times. If you have not tried biohacking weight loss, cryotherapy would the right way to go. Of course, you may have many questions about the practice, and this …

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