Alternative Medical Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage Massage before and After Tips: Maxing out its benefits

You need lymphatic drainage massage before and after tips to get the best results from your massage sessions. ‘I feel ill immediately after my manual lymphatic drainage massage.’ ‘My lymph nodes remain noticeable even after the lymphatic system massage.’ ‘I read about lymphatic massage benefits but don’t get them after my massage.’ These statements are common to hear from people who just underwent their lymphatic massage therapy. We are about to break it down for you. The reason you feel …

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Heat and cold therapy for arthritis


Cryotherapy for Arthritis is the golden treatment you were looking for, for a long time. We know you are here because your joints hurt. Could this be rheumatoid Arthritis or, simply put, Arthritis? Well! We think so. If you are facing problems like: Inflammation in one or multiple joints. Stiffness Swelling Redness on the skin around the joints. Decreased range of motion The chances are high that you’re suffering from ‘arthritis.’ But don’t worry, we got you covered. Cryotherapy can …

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ozone therapy to fight stubborn viruses?

Ozone Therapy for Viruses – Can you flush off the Annoying microbes from your body?

Are you wondering why ozone therapy for viruses is more in the spotlight more than ever? Yes, you guessed that right. It is because the coronavirus disease(SARS-cov 2) is here with us. And let’s be honest here, covid-19 doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon. It may take some time for the world to be free from the disease.  The thing about viral infections is that they hit the world so hard. Everyone fears for their lives. Do …

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Lymphatic drainage massage for pregnant women

Pregnancy Lymphatic Drainage Massage – A SUPER-SMOOTH JOURNEY TO MOTHERHOOD!

Pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage is like dessert; you don’t have to have it. But, having it will make everything else worthwhile and simpler. A lot of people consider a lymphatic massage during pregnancy a luxury, but deep down, all pregnant women need it. If you are wondering why it has been creating a lot of buzz in the health sector, it is because it has taken health and wellness Los Angeles by storm.  Are you expecting your bundle of joy? …

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Lymphatic massage for cellulite

Lymphatic Massage for Cellulite : SEE YOU LATER, Fatty bumps!!

Lymphatic massage for cellulite is slowly becoming a top technique you can use biohacking your body. Not long ago, we thought lymphatic drainage massages were to lull you, boost your immune system and expel toxins from the body. Turns out there is more to lymphatic massages. Lymphatic drainage massage can help us prepare our summer bodies! Yes, you read that right; a manual lymphatic drainage massage can help reduce the appearance of cellulite on your body. Millions of women suffer …

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Cryotherapy Keloid


Cryotherapy keloid treatment is a new technique taking over in the treatment of keloids and keloid scars. It is proving to be a top tip in biohacking Los Angeles, and we are here for it. For decades, surgical and other non-surgical treatments have been used in keloid removal. We wouldn’t say that these conventional treatment methods of keloids were ineffective (1). They helped, yes, but with a lot of side effects and shortcomings. Also, treatment of large keloids proved to …

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Banana bag IV

Banana bag IV – A Nutritional Wellbeing Hub

We have repeatedly heard that banana bag iv therapy could help you feel better. So, after a night of partying and drinking, you wake up the next day with a terrible hangover. Fatigued. A terrible headache and body pain. Nausea and so many other hangover symptoms. And these are not even the worst part of the aftermath of partying and drinking. The real downside comes when you have to go through with the hangover symptoms for up to 72 hours. …

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Lymphatic massage after tummy tuck

Lymphatic Massage after Tummy Tuck – The Best Care for a Flat Belly

Plastic surgeons are now recommending the use of lymphatic massage after tummy tuck. Initially, after plastic surgery, we were told to just rest, move gently, and eat a healthy diet. Deep down, we know that it is more than; because why does it take so many people ages to recover after a tummy tuck or other plastic surgery form? After cosmetic surgery such as a tummy tuck or a Brazilian butt lift, your plastic surgeon will most likely recommend a …

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IV therapy for boosting immune system

IV Therapy Immune System – Kick Your Immune System In High Gear, NOW!

IV therapy immune system is the new advanced way to strengthen your body’s defense system. We all want a strong immunity system. Nobody wants to stay on edge with infections for ages. Nobody wants to be vulnerable to infections, bacteria and viruses. When already sick, nobody wants symptoms of a disease to put them down. This is why we need to have a strong immune system. And, unfortunately, it does not always come by default. You need to get some …

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Ozone therapy for cancer treatment

Ozone Therapy For Cancer – Defeat All The Odds & Be A Part Of Success Story

Ozone therapy for cancer is one of the revolutions we need in the medical world. And we are glad that it’s slowly but surely taking its rightful position.  Mention cancer treatments, and quickly everyone would start picturing surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy.  Yes, fine, this is because ozone therapy in cancer treatment is still taking up space in the medical world in the United States. Fortunately, ozone therapy is proving to be a game-changer in medicine and cancer treatment, thanks …

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