Cryotherapy and tanning

Cryotherapy and Tanning : Are You Getting An Even, Healthy Looking Tan This Summer?

The cryotherapy and tanning association is now an aspect that many tanning salons are embracing. Are you wondering why it is so? How come cold treatment is taking over cryo Los Angeles? Summer is around the corner, and everyone’s desire for their holiday is a perfect tan. People are now up and down looking for a perfect tanning salon.  Having the perfect tan transforms your self-confidence and how you take up things while at the beach or that luxurious vacation …

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Lymphatic Drainage Massage for Sinus – Get Over Those Annoying Nasal Mucus In Minutes

Lymphatic drainage massage for sinus is remarkably one of the best biohacks for health you need for the cold season.  The cold season is here. Suddenly you cannot sleep. Whenever you lay down, you cannot breathe well through your nose; you have to resort to the mouth. Your nose is dripping, and you feel like you can die anytime; the mucus build-up is too much.  You know that your sinus issues are out of control when your antibiotics prescribed by …

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IV vitamin therapy for weight loss

Iv Vitamin Therapy for Weight Loss – Time to Buy smaller-sized clothes

Are you wondering what all the fuss surrounding IV vitamin therapy for weight loss is? You are just about to find out! Losing weight and regaining it a few months later is nothing uncommon; many people can relate to it well.  Have you ever attempted to lose weight through rigorous exercises and ridiculous diet plans, only to end up adding some pounds? You are not alone; many people understand this struggle.   The thing is, a lot of myths and misconceptions …

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Ozone therapy in dentistry collage

Ozone Therapy in Dentistry – Take care of teeth health like never before

Ozone therapy in dentistry is a relative newcomer in the game, but it is a sure game-changer. Dentists in Europe have been using ozone in dentistry for decades. It is, however, just gaining traction in the United States. “Dental procedures are painful. “ “I can’t get over how invasive dentistry is.” “I dread dentist visits to the core.” These are statements we popularly associate with visiting dentists and getting any dental practice performed on us. The good news is, ozone …

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Cryotherapy Vs Ice Bath Collage

Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath – Comparing The two worlds of cold treatments

Cryotherapy vs Ice Bath, which one is better?  What are the downsides of both?  Often, athletes have used either cold air exposure, which is body cryotherapy, or immersion into cold water, which is ice baths, for their muscle rejuvenation.  And, both of them have proved to be effective in the treatment of strained muscles.  But how different are they?  Let’s look at how cryotherapy stacks up against ice baths.   Body Cryotherapy VS Ice Bath : The difference between the two …

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Post Op Lymphatic Massage

Post Op Lymphatic Massage – Free guide to Post Operative care

Getting a post op lymphatic massage is a health hack that could aid in your recovery journey. But, before you consider getting the lymphatic drainage massage after surgery, you sure want to know how and what benefits you will receive. How exactly will it impact your healing process after surgery? Does it have any risks? Is it worth it? Does it have any side effects? We have off-loaded the burden you could have had researching and compiled all you need …

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myers cocktail IV

Myers Cocktail IV: A Definite Blend to Upgrade Your Health

Since its creation in the 60S, the use of Myers cocktail IV has grown to be one of the most sought-after wellness treatments. After proving to be effective, Myers cocktail became a celebrities’ preserve, mostly wishing to treat jet lag, but that is all in the past now. This infusion has now broken barriers, and now basically everyone can use it to treat different conditions. How did it gain its popularity? How safe is it? What is Myers Cocktail IV? …

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iv hydration at home

Iv Hydration at Home: super Speedily Quench Your Cells in the Comfort of Your House

Have you tried IV hydration at home? IV fluids are quickly taking over as relief from dehydration, and you, too, should try it. Severe dehydration can be life-threatening if not attended to as quickly as needed. In dehydration cases, taking fluids will not just get you at a better place as fast as needed. In this case, patients seek intravenously supplied fluids and do IV hydration at home, and that’s precisely what you should do. Getting yourself to the hospital …

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scalp massage hair loss

Scalp Massage Hair Loss: ultimate hair restoration with fingertips use

Scalp massage hair loss is becoming the new resort for anyone who wants thick and luscious hair. If you have not included scalp massages in the biohacking hair routine, you could be missing out. Maybe just telling you a scalp massage will work wonders in helping you reclaim your hair is not enough. Good luck you landed here. This article gives you all the details you need to know about scalp massages and how they help fix hair loss. Alright, …

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hangover iv drip

Hangover IV Drip: Ultimate Secret to Quickly Recovery after Drinking

If you take ages to get over your hangovers, it could be because you are yet to discover hangover IV drip. Do you feel horrible after a night of drinking? Cannot even muster enough energy to leave your bed? We know that, we have been there before. Hangover symptoms can take a toll on you after a night of drinking. You have heard of all sorts of conventional treatment and home remedies. No need to go into details; we know …

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