Biohacks for health – get perfect live

Biohacks for health are the keys to unlock your body and balance work, social life, and your wellbeing.

Being on the move every day, you can easily forget about taking care of what matters most: your health. Therefore, you should take total control of it.

For this reason, you should practice biohacks for health that guarantee you optimal live and happiness.

Consider biohacks for health, and your body will always thank you right back.

So, what are some of the health hacks you could incorporate into your lifestyle? Keep reading to find out.

Improve and organize your Morning Routine

Starting your day actively is good for your daily productivity and your general body health.

Waking up early helps you get more exercise time before the rush of the day begins.

Also, early risers go to bed early. Early to bed, you already know early to rise, makes someone healthy, wealthy, and wise.

So, to improve your organization skills and productivity, and lower your stress levels, ensure you wake up early.

Biohacks for Health – Workspace

A lot of us do not know how our work environment is harmful to our health.

The good thing is, you can retain your work but still optimize your space for proper health.

Here, look at some best ways to optimize your workspace for better body functioning (1).

Get a comfortable desk and chair

An uncomfortable desk and chair is one way that sends people into lousy posture. So, the first action should be getting a comfortable work chair and desk.

Slouching and general poor sitting posture is harmful to your spine and back.

Also, slouching crushes your internal body organs, such as the liver. With time, poor sitting posture will have a toll on your body organs. So, ensure you sit upright whenever you are on your work desk.

Bring Packed Lunch to work

There is more to carrying your packed lunch to work, than just saving money. Carrying packed lunch helps you be in total control of what you ingest. You can pack vegetables and fruits, which may be difficult to find in most fast foods.

The fast foods frequented by most employees offer many calories, sugars, and other unhealthy options.

Have your lunch outdoors to boost your creativity, mood, and lower risk of stress and chronic diseases.

Practice 20/20/20 Eye Rule

Using your electronic devices for long can be unhealthy for your eyes. To avoid the strain, incorporate the 20/20/20 rule (2).

Every 20 minutes you spend on your screen, look at something 20 feet away for 20 minutes.

Take a Walk to Work

Walking has fantastic benefits to biohacking for health. If your workplace is a walking distance away, walk to and from. It is a good exercise.

If you use a bus or train, alight earlier and have a short walk to the office.

Do not sit behind your screen all day. Take short, walking breaks.

Biohacks for Health – Exercise

Exercises are an excellent way to keep your body healthy. However, if you would love to get the most out of your workouts, the following biohacks for health may be life-changing.

Be Consistent with your Workout Routine

Consistency is one of the crucial factors when it comes to workout.

Working out daily, at the same time, is right for your body and mental wellbeing.

Also, it is suitable for shedding weight and keeping it away.

Create a Balance between Cardio, Weightlifting, Yoga, and Stretching

All these exercises have different benefits for your body.

To achieve maximum perks of meditation, power, and strength, flexibility, weight loss, and proper functioning systems ensure you incorporate all the exercises in your workout schedule.

Visualize your Workouts and Results

Before you get into your exercise, always visualize it, and imagine the results.

Visualization allows your body to follow the correct path, work towards the results, and goal.

Biohacks for Health – Gym

How you use the gym may determine how much you benefit from it. To optimize your health and fitness journey, incorporate the following gym biohacks for health in your routine:

Take advantage of off-peak Periods

Walking into a crowded gym means you’ll have to spend a lot of time waiting to use the equipment.

You want to maximize your time with the trainers and equipment for better results.

Work during Travel

There is no need to put off working out when you travel.

You want to stay fit and maintain your body strength, health, and fitness.

Always improvise equipment and weights when you cannot access a gym.

Keep your Gym Clothes at your Car or Office

Always have your gym clothes in your vehicle. Having to go home for a change of clothes can demotivate you altogether.

Head to your gym straight after work, and not back.

Go for Groups classes at the Gym or independent Studios

Working in a group is always a motivator. You can always challenge yourself to achieve more with your members.

Biohacks for Health – Good Night’s Sleep

Ensure you sleep for eight hours or more every night. If you get into a proper sleeping schedule, you wouldn’t need an alarm to wake up.

One of the best sleep biohacks for health you could try is avoiding screens a few hours before bed. Also, the habit of showering before going to bed is a sleep life hack that could help you get quality rest.

Clean bedding is another way you could optimize your sleep pattern. Start by cleaning the pillow or getting a new one altogether. Incorporate these body hacks for sleep for a good quality night’s rest.

Biohacks for Health -Hygiene

A lot of hygiene practices are more than just for aesthetic purposes (3). They do come with benefits of biohacks for health.

Cold showers

Cold showers are good for waking you up.

They will help you stay focused and alert all day. Also, they help you take those deep breaths that are excellent for your health.

Furthermore, they increase blood circulation, which in turn, boosts metabolism. An increased metabolic rate translates to a stronger immune system.

Floss your Teeth

Flossing helps you clean your teeth where your toothbrush cannot access. This helps you have proper oral health, with no cavities and gum diseases.

Exfoliating with Natural Scrubs

Exfoliating is right for your skin’s health and glow. Using natural scrubs helps remove dead skin, improve blood flow to the skin, and drain the lymph nodes.

Do Dry Brush Massage

To enhance blood circulation, and the emptying of the lymph nodes, incorporate dry brush massages to your daily skin routine.

Biohacks for Health – Meal Planning

Did you know your kitchen organization and planning can largely influence what you consume? Here is how.

Plan for and pre-prepare your meals

Planning your week’s meals and preparing them helps you take total control over what you consume. Last-minute decisions are usually poor; you may end up consuming unhealthy options.

Shopping for Groceries when you are full and Use Cash

Shopping while hungry means you will have to fight a strong temptation to pick those unhealthy and junk snacks.

So, to avoid falling for this temptation, go shopping while full. Also, plan what to purchase, and pay with cash.

Using your card gives you the urge to pick more unhealthy and unnecessary items.

Kitchen Planning and Design

When arranging your pantry and fridge, make healthier foods such as vegetables and fruits accessible. Let the unhealthy options such as the junk stay behind the healthier options. If you searching for tactics on how to make your health better, top on your list should be getting rid of junk food.

Eating Hacks

You are a product of what you consume. So, your eating habits play an essential role in your health. You can never get into biohacks for health without minding what you eat. One big secret on how to live your healthiest life is always double-checking what you consume.

Take Smaller Food Portions Frequently

For a healthier weight and body functioning, cut down on the amount of food consumed.

You can try taking smaller portions after a few hours to cut down on the amount.

Also, consider using blue plates for your meals. Blue, somehow suppresses your appetite. 

Track your Calories with Smart

Too much consumption of calories can lead to some chronic diseases (4). Use smart apps to keep track of the amount of calories you consume.

Eat Mindfully and Manfully 

Eating with distractions increases the chances of overeating.

This is because you will be paying more attention to the other activity, and not whether you’ve had enough.

So, stay away from the book, TV or phone and just eat without any distractions.

Trim your Calories Count and Add Flavors

Getting rid of calories is synonymous with getting rid of delicious food to a lot of people.

The truth is, you can still have delicious food without consuming too many calories.

One way to this is by adding spices to your diet.

Cook at Home more

A lot of food offered in restaurants contains unhealthy amounts of sugar and fats.

Prepare your diet and eat at home for healthier options.

Incorporate Natural Mood Boosters 

A lot of people go on a binge for sweets when they are feeling low. Too much sugar consumption is unhealthy. Instead, go for dark chocolate, coffee, or smell orange peels to boost your mood. Those are super handy and pleasant biohacks for health.

Take Supplements

Your body manufactures a lot of supplements. Also, the foods we consume contain the necessary supplements. However, adding these supplements is one of the health hacks you should consider incorporating in your lifestyle.

Take vitamin D, vitamin C, and other supplements for better health.


Meditation is healthy for both your mental and physical wellbeing.

Take at least 10 minutes a day to meditate. Switch off your phone or TV, and spend some time on meditation.

It is one of the daily health hacks you should never underrate (5).

Watch what you Drink

If you are biohacking for optimal health, consider incorporating the following fluid intake hacks.

Increase your water intake and Say no to Empty Calories

Consuming more water is healthy for general body functioning.

Water is fantastic for digestion, blood circulation, saliva manufacturing, healthy skin, transportation of nutrients, maintenance of body balance and temperature, and many more.

So, take more water, and get rid of the flavored drinks.

Make Cinnamon in Your Coffee a Friend

To significantly reduce your calorie intake, swap the cream you add to your coffee with a teaspoon of cinnamon. Make this your coffee routine.

A teaspoon of cinnamon can reduce your blood pressure.

Just don’t add sugar after you add cinnamon.

Go for green Tea instead of Coffee

Coffee will help you stay more alert for longer. But, the health consequences of caffeine is something you do not want.

Replace the coffee with green tea. Green tea packs many health benefits, top among them is its excellent way to help in your weight loss journey.

Add lemon, mint, cucumber, and ginger to your water and drink green juices more

Cucumber and lemon are fantastic antioxidants.

Adding them to water will help in bettering your body functions.

Also, they are excellent for detoxification and digestion.

Up your Sex Game

Sex has a lot of health benefits. Top among them include burning calories, lowering blood pressure, boosting the immune system, minimizing the risk of heart attack, reducing stress, improving sleep, and lowering the risk of prostate cancer.

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