biohacking weight loss – The Absolute path to a lean body.

Biohacking weight loss takes away all the tedious routine of measuring food portions, hours of working out, and guesswork from your journey of shedding extra body pounds.

These are scientifically proven hacks that not only give you fast results but also bring about a sustainable tide of perfect health.

And the price for this is staying vigilant with biohacking weight loss for your body, and you will get your dream weight, size, shape, and retain it effortlessly (1).

So, how do you optimize your body for weight loss? Read on to find out.

Biohacking Weight Loss – Metabolism

The underlying secret behind biohacking weight loss is increasing your metabolism rate. An optimized metabolism translates to an increased rate of burning calories, both at rest and during activity.

If you burn more calories, you may need to eat more calories to sustain the weight.

This is why your friend may be eating more than you but gain no weight at all (2).

Cold Showers for Cryotherapy

Bio cryotherapy is one of the most effective ways you use to can speed your weight loss journey. Cold showers are a useful cryotherapy hack. They increase your body’s metabolism. Exposing your body to cold temperatures triggers white fat burning, which is responsible for diseases such as obesity. On the other hand, it stimulates brown fats, which is healthy.

Biohacking Weight Loss – Diet

Your diet and how you take it plays a vital role in your weight loss regime. Biohacking your food is something you need to add to your lifestyle if you want to notice tangible changes in your weight. Here are the right methods to biohacking weight loss through your diet.

Shorten Eating Windows: Switch to Intermittent Fasting

Getting rid of belly fat has proven to be difficult for a lot of people.

However, intermittent fasting is one of the best ways of biohacking belly fat. 

Short window eating and intermittent fasting are excellent in lowering sugar cravings and getting rid of stubborn belly fat.

Water Intake

Water is helpful in the weight loss journey, just like it is in many other body functions. It helps in the quicker burning of calories.

To make water’s effectiveness in your weight loss, take two glasses of lemon water in the morning, apple cider water before meals, and no less than 2 liters of water per day.

Coffee with Cardamom and Butter

Coffee stimulates the activity of brown fats in your body, which in turn aids in weight loss. Brown fats burn calories to generate heat.

Add cardamom and butter to your coffee to stimulate a quicker metabolism and digestion process.

Include Spices

Getting rid of high calorie and sugary food doesn’t mean you should take boring meals.

Include spices to your diet, and soon you will be taking both delicious and healthy meals.

Biohacking Weight Loss – Workout 

Working out is a critical aspect of weight loss and also maintaining a healthy weight.

Exercise increases metabolism, burning of calories, and the ability to maintain a lean body.

So, to keep that lean and healthy body, start biohacking workout. 

 If you want to succeed in biohacking weight loss, ensure your workout routine includes:

Build Muscles

Losing fat and building muscles simultaneously is one of the most effective ways of biohacking weight and staying lean. Some exercises that would help you lose weight while building muscles include lunges and weights, arm raises, and push-ups with weights.

Daily Cardio

Daily Cardio activities include jogging, swimming, and cycling. They are often underrated in the space of losing weight. However, if done vigilantly, they can aid in burning calories and weight loss. For quicker and easily noticeable results, combine strength training and daily cardio.

Stretches/ Yoga/ Ballet/ Pilates

This group of exercises is excellent for developing muscle tone and increasing metabolism rate. Also, restorative yoga is fantastic for losing abdominal fat.

Morning Walks

Taking morning walks may not seem intense, but does aid in weight loss.

Taking moderate-pace walks for half an hour each day can help burn approximately 150 calories. Take those morning walks if you want to get rid of abdominal fat.

Just remember to add strength training for quicker results (3).

Biohacking Weight Loss – Stress

When cortisol, also called ‘stress hormones’ is increased, the tension in the body goes up. High tension goes hand in hand with increased appetite and craving for sugar and fatty foods. This may hinder your weight loss.


Breathing is amazing for increased metabolism and digestion rate. Taking deep breathes increases the supply of oxygen to body fats, which translates to quicker burning of calories, increased blood circulation, and toning your muscles. Taking deep breathes is good for reducing stress levels.


Meditation helps you stay aware of your weight loss journey. It is good to connect emotionally with your body.

This enables you to create a healthy relationship with food and your workout routine. It also makes the journey more effective because you will be able to connect emotions with your and body changes. Also, it is an excellent way to get rid of stress, which contributes to weight gain (4).


Inadequate sleep puts your body at risk of obesity and weight gain. Also, when you do not have a good night’s sleep, you increase your appetite and decrease your metabolism rate when at rest. Also, sleep helps you rejuvenate you for a workout. If you want to try biohacking training effectively, you must have enough rest before and after your workout routine.

Biohacking Weight Loss – Environmental Improvements

The environment plays a vital role in influencing our habits. Therefore, you need to optimize your environment to make it friendly to your get-lean journey.


Rewilding means getting rid of a created environment and going back to its natural state.

This may include getting rid of sugary foods in your cabinets and refrigerator. Get off the burden out your way of obtaining a healthy weight and lean body