biohacking diet – 25 top hacks that work

Biohacking diet is one of the best ways to hack your life and health. We have always been told we are a product of what we eat, which is never definitive. There is a lot to eat out there, but finding the perfect eating formula for your health and wellbeing does not just happen.

But maybe we should start by telling you it is not just about what we eat. It is also about how often we eat and our eating habits and our lifestyles.

We seek to eliminate the guesswork and the tedious routine of measuring food portions. Instead, we bring you scientifically proven food hacks for impregnable health and your dream body shape and size.

So, lets review the best tips and hacks for biohacking diet

Drink Two Glasses of Warm Water After Waking Up

biohacking diet

Drinking a warm glass of water in the morning is good for cleansing your body. It helps flush toxins out. Also, the warm water helps in quickly breaking down the food in your stomach.

Elimination of toxins and fast, flawless digestion is a sure way to improve blood circulation.

Biohacking Diet with Stop Snacking

If you have a habit of snacking, it is time you break that habit. One of its dangers is adding excess calories to your body. Also, taking a snack makes you less mindful of what you eat. Furthermore, it spikes the level of insulin in your body. You do not want this to happen when you are trying to stay lean and healthy (1).

Take Whole Food-Based Vitamins

Taking synthetic vitamins would never match taking whole food-based vitamins. Having a healthy balanced biohacking diet with a lot of vitamins may eliminate your needs to take synthetic vitamins. The artificial vitamins are difficult to absorb and can cause several health problems due to their chemical composition.

Drink not Less Than 2 Liters of Infused Water Daily

Drinking plain water can get boring. This explains why many people fall back when it comes to it. However, infusing your water with fruits, vegetables, and herbs can make a whole difference. You still get benefits of water and the benefits of the infused ingredients (2).

Some of the benefits you can get from drinking 2 liters of infused water per day include toxin removal, weight loss, better digestion, and an impregnable immune system.

Proper Water Intake During the Day

With the right tactics, you can boost your immune system, skin glow, and numerous other body functions by taking adequate water.

Take two glasses of water before your meals. Do not take water while eating. You can have an additional two glasses 45 minutes after your meal.

Biohacking Diet with Speeding Up Metabolism

Your metabolism rate is wired into the genes. This is why some people may not care much about their eating habits, and you never see them add a pound. They have a naturally higher metabolic rate.

However, you can always eat foods that help speed your metabolism. Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet for a quicker metabolic process. Also, avoid skipping meals and overeating carbohydrates.

Practice Intermittent Fasting.

Intermittent fasting is excellent for weight loss, fat burning, especially around the abdomen, and lowers the risk of some diseases. It is also good at stabilizing blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and build your resistance against stress. Even better, the intermittent biohacking diet plan may also be easier to follow than a lot of other diet plans.

Do Microbiome Test.

Get a microbiome test to help you determine the ideal food recommendations for your health. Also, the test will help you track any changes in your microbiome status. Go for the test at a frequency of three months.

Food Sensitivity Tests.

Food sensitivity tests, though controversial, are useful in solving a lot of problems concerning gut health. Also, they have proved to be a reliable solution for rectifying allergies.

Sticking to Biohacking Diet.

A biohacking keto diet champions for the consumption of low carbohydrates and high fats. It is excellent nutrition for lowering insulin and blood sugar levels.

Additionally, it helps the body fight against the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s diseases, epilepsy, and some types of cancerUse a Meal Plan.

Meal planning is essential in controlling what and how much you eat. Having a plan will ensure you are selective about foods, stick to eating time, and only serve healthy portions.  

Beat Hangover in a Healthy Way.

You can use a biohacking diet to increase glutathione levels, get rid of toxins, and restore nutrients depleted when you go wild on alcohol.

Eat turkey meat or other animal products rich in amino acids before taking alcohol. Also, take absorbable vitamin C supplements during alcohol consumption. Afterward, take Vitamin B Complex, broccoli, fresh ginger to prevent nausea. Electrolytes such as coconut water and unrefined sea salt are excellent in beating hangovers.

Make Use of a Morning Tonic.

Use lemon juice to hydrate first thing in the morning. Mix it with half quart water and a teaspoon of salt. Lemon juice is a diuretic for increasing your urge to urinate, hence getting rid of toxins.

Balance the Type of Meat You Consume.

Do not just consume steak. Organ meat packs many benefits too. Steak, which is mostly muscle tissue, is rich in methionine. Excess methionine accelerates aging and increases oxidative stress.

Regulate Your Fresh Produce Intake.

Eat more vegetables, then berries, and finish off with fruits. These are packed with vitamins and other nutrients for holistic health.

Minimize Use of Foil.

Foil is an essential kitchen item, thanks to its numerous massive cooking benefits. However, the amount of aluminum it releases to your food is not healthy.

Take Natural Foods that Support Digestion.

Digestion holds the key to a healthy gut and perfect metabolism. You can boost it by taking foods that accelerate the process. These include carrot juice, celery juice, aloe vera, chamomile, papaya, oats, and Chaga mushrooms.

Biohacking Diet With Watching Out for Animes.

Food hypersensitivity is often caused by a spike in histamine levels in the body. When you experience constant headaches, brain fog, and fatigue, it may be a warning for such. What out for the foods you are eating.

Understand Your Genes.

Nutrigenomics is the study of the effects of nutrition on the functioning of genes. Genes play an essential role in the speed of metabolism and overall wellbeing. So, a particular diet would not have the same effect on two different people. Study your genes to understand which food is suitable for you.

Diversify on Your Vegetables.

Kales are often considered as the super vegetable. However, several other vegetable options have a higher nutritive value than kales. These are watercress, spinach, Chinese cabbage, and parsley.

Eat your Eggs Correctly.

Too much consumption of eggs is not healthy. Also, people allergic to eggs, and diabetes patients should stay away from eggs. Lastly, to enjoy the full benefits, vary from chicken, duck quails, and turkey eggs.

Make Use of Pistachio as a Probiotic.

Pistachio is rich in beta-carotene and lutein compared to other nuts. Pistachios are excellent in balancing blood sugar levels, especially when taken with a high-carb meal (3).

Mushrooms Are a Good Source of Vitamin D

Besides basking under the sun, consuming mushrooms can enrich your body supply of vitamin D. Sun-dry your harvested or store-bought mushrooms to increase vitamin D composition.

Biohack Your Diet with Drinking Unprocessed Spring Water.

Springwater contains a lot of minerals, which are great for a healthier body. However, when the water undergoes processing, a lot of minerals are eliminated, and chemicals added. So, to enjoy the benefits of a varied range of mineral salt, drink unprocessed spring water regularly.

Go Slow on Caffeine.

Too much caffeine causes restlessness, stomach irritation, insomnia, nervousness, and nausea. It also induces sleep disorders and severe issues in patients with blood pressure and heart attack problems. Keep your consumption of caffeine below 400mg per day

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