Biohacking Your Body – Proven steps.

What is Biohacking your Body? 

There are various opinions and techniques for biohacking your body so that the definition can be pretty broad. We will give our vision on the subject based on our research, experiences, and proven results.

Biohacking your body is turning your biological clock back to look and feel younger, stronger, and healthier by consistently performing the set of specific routines. Biohacking your body is optimizing it to the best possible level.

The key is to enjoy what you do during the process for long-lasting results.

It is DO IT YOURSELF biology that includes the variety of selected, consistent actions for achieving measurable results.

While there are many immediate solutions (such as injectables, etc.) that bring you results right away, they are still questionable for long-term health effects.

We will concentrate on covering the natural, proven, noninvasive approach for creating the best version of yourself.

Biohacking Your Body with Speeding Metabolism 

Metabolism rate is unique to every individual. However, there is something you can always do to speed your metabolism rate (1).

A faster metabolism means the rate at which the calories burn is also quicker.

So, if you are on a weight loss journey, your focus should always be on activities that speed up your metabolism. You do not want to engage in activities that slow down metabolism, which translates to the storage of more fats. Here are some of the things that can speed up your metabolism.

Biohacking Diet for Optimal Body

The Biohacking diet is one of the most effective ways of speeding metabolism. Dietary proteins are known to speed up metabolism, while carbohydrates are known to slow down the fat burning pace. So, take more proteins and fewer carbs (2).

Choose fruits and vegetables as your snack. A biohacker diet should include fewer sugars and fats.

Also, ensure you fuel your body with a lot of water. Water will not only speed up metabolism but also support a lot of other body functions.

Physical Activity (Aerobic + Straight Training)

Working out is another sure way of biohacking your body. Simple aerobic exercises may not guarantee you bulging muscles, but they will speed up your metabolism after the exercises.

So, to speed up your metabolism rate, and gain healthy weight, incorporate physical workout in your lifestyle.

Some aerobic exercises that can help quicken metabolism include cardio machines walking, jogging, running, cycling, swimming, and kickboxing. These may not assure you lean muscles, but they will improve the metabolism rate, which is the ultimate goal for weight loss.

Biohacking Your Body with Improving Physical Performance.

Improving your physical performance is another sure way of biohacking healthIt promotes strong bones, muscles, improved cardiovascular, and respiratory health.

Your likeliness to cut weight is primarily reduced if physical exercises are omitted from the equation. So, if you want to achieve a healthy weight, get down to some work.

Also, it’s a sure way to reduce the risk of certain diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. Therefore, incorporate workout in your lifestyle for a healthier body.

Increasing Endurance – the Stronger Your Body, the Younger It Is.

Using physical activity to increase muscle endurance is another ideal way of biohacking your body. Use strength training to build endurance. You will not achieve strength and muscle endurance, but also a younger-looking body.

Enhanced Looks is the Result of Biohacking Your Body.

Did you know that to look and feel good about your image plays a central role in your body’s health? Yes it does and you should begin to work on it.

Good looks come as a bonus for good health. A healthy and younger-looking skin carries a heavyweight when it comes to looking good.

The good news is that it is not always mandatory go under the knife to enhance your looks.

Here is how you can hack your looks with ease.


There are a lot of safe treatments that could help you look younger and more confident. You can always find treatments for decreasing pore sizes, untimely wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity, acne, and dark spots.

Also, you could try cryotherapy to increase collagen production. Collagen is suitable for younger and healthier-looking skin. Try taking cold showers and keep track of the changes your skin will experience.

Topical Solutions.

You can use moisturizers, creams, gels, serum, and other natural treatments to fine out the wrinkles. These are usually safer and less expensive ways to biohacking your appearance. Just ensure that whatever you get does not contain harmful chemicals that may harm your skin.

Using Peptides and Supplements for Skin, Joints, and Muscle.

Collage is a protein building block for healthy bones, muscles, connective tissues, and skin. Your body manufactures collagen naturally, but the process starts to slow down in your 20s. So, you may consider taking some peptides supplements to have stronger bones and joints.

Collagen peptides are basically hydrolyzed collagen. The hydrolysis process breaks the collagen into smaller building blocks to make the absorption process easier (3).

Taking peptide supplements after your teenage years is ideal for that healthy body and muscles. The supplements will ensure your skin looks younger with no fine lines. Also, if you experience joint pain after working out, collagen peptides should help you.

Biohacking Your Body With Developing Flexibility.

Flexibility is crucial in your journey of physical fitness. First, it helps you improve your body balance and posture. Posture is not all about aesthetic purposes. It is excellent for your spinal cord and your internal organs.

Secondly, flexibility is excellent in preventing muscle soreness and injuries. To reduce the constant fatigue you feel after a workout, try exercises that improve your flexibility.

Thirdly, flexibility is fantastic for overall body shape and muscle coordination.

Looking for how to biohack your body? Try incorporating stretching exercises and watch the difference. Some of the stretch activities that can improve your flexibility include hamstring, neck, shoulder, abdominal, and glutes stretches.

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