biohacking stress – ultimate highway to happiness

Stress can have some adverse effects on both your physical and mental wellbeing. This is why you should look for how to reduce stress. This article is dedicated to helping you with one of the best stress relief hacks: biohacking stress.

biohacking stress

So, before we delve into details, what is biohacking stress? 

Biohacking stress is a biological process that entails optimizing our body to minimize the physiological and psychological harm of stress and improve the body’s ability to quickly and easily withstand and recover from stress.

Alright, time to dig deeper into the world of biohacking stress.

Biohacking Stress Resilience Approach

Stress is often caused by one big problem that sends your body into the stressing mode. However, a build-up of many small issues can send your body into stress too.

You may find it challenging to identify what is stressing you.

However, the first step towards effectively biohacking stress is identifying the stress agent.

To biohack stress, you need to fight the cause of it, and not suppressing the symptoms.

A lot of medical procedures today work by suppressing the symptoms.

But, the problem may recur tomorrow because you did not deal with the cause. Identify the cause of stress, and fight it.

Also, create a systematic approach to analyze the difference in the functioning of your body. You will pinpoint your weakness and strong areas. 

Finally, measure what is happening to see if you are towards recovery. Measurements could include heartbeats, breathing rate, hormones, and nutrient levels in the blood systems. While biohacking stress you have to have all main metrics measured.

Why Should You Avoid Chronic Stress?

Short-lived stress is a regular occurrence in our daily lives.

You can easily fight these using simple stress relief tips. 

However, if the stress is chronic, it becomes a different story. Chronic stress can impact on your wellbeing severely (1).

Chronic stress results in a build-up of pressure on your body.

Furthermore, it puts your body at a higher risk of developing diseases (2).

Biohacking Stress – Understanding Hormones that Regulate It.

How your body copes with stress, stay in the stress mode, or recovers from stress, all depends on hormones. (3)

The following stress hormones will determine the direction your stress levels take;


Cortisol hormone is also popularly referred to as stress hormone, thanks to its role in stress management. It is secreted in adrenal glands. This steroid hormone stimulates the brain to control fear, motivation, and mood.

Cortisol boosts your body energy to fight stress and recovery.

Also, it regulates your heartbeats, blood pressure, and other bodily activities. This helps optimize your body for proper and balanced functioning.


The adrenaline hormone is also referred to as the ‘fight or flight’ hormone. When your body is stressed, the adrenal glands are stimulated to produce adrenaline. Adrenaline helps your body to respond to stressful moments instantly. For instance, when you spot an email from your boss, you may feel your heart pounding, breathing becomes faster, your hands get sweaty, and your muscles become tense. All these are an instant response caused by the release of adrenaline (4).

Also, adrenaline gives you the energy to escape from different stressful moments. These may include the animals we are afraid of.


Norepinephrine, just like adrenaline, gives your body the ability to fight or flight from stressful moments.

Norepinephrine is a stress-management hormone, and also a neurotransmitter. When it is released, blood pumping rates increase.

Also, the blood pressure is increased, which in turn speeds up the breaking down of fats and sugars.

The result is usually increased energy to either fight or flee from the stressor.

Biohacking Stress Top Hacks That Work.

Consider trying out the following stress relief hacks if you have been looking for the best stress relief tips (5).


The best way to emotionally biohack stress is to meditate.

Meditation is effective in dealing with emotional stressors because it allows you to take a break from the causes.

Other hacks for defeating emotional stress include owning a pet, finding and talking to a mentor, becoming an avid reader of inspirational books and watching inspiring films, listening to uplifting music, and keeping the company of positive and inspiring people. This combination works towards lifting off the burden from your shoulders and finding a reason to be happy. 


The first step towards biohacking your health mentally is, accepting that the stressor is part of your life. You can then decide to fight it, or take flight from it.

For proper mental strength, strike a balance between social life and solitude. Engage in a lot of social activities, and also spend some time alone. This balance should help you make better choices.

It is also recommendable if you find the silver lining in every stressor that comes your way.


Spiritual way to biohack stress is less tangible but no less useful. It entails seeking more profound connections with yourself, life, and sometimes belief systems. For some people, spirituality may involve prayer, meditation, and finding a relationship with a higher being. For others, it may include secularity, nature, and seeking a better understanding of life and the world.

First, start by enlarging your support network. Be it in family, school, church, or the mosque, you can find people who will make you understand your worth and build your inner peace.


Physical exercises, especially yoga, can help your body manage stress. Yoga helps inhibit the production of protein cytokines, which are responsible for anxiety, depression, and inflammation. Other hacks for physical stress include staying active, getting adequate and quality sleep, upgrading your morning mug of coffee, and infusing your water for more benefits. It is also advisable to take a blood test to get an insight into your overall health.

Additionally, go for a body and leg massage regularly, avoid noisy areas, take breathing exercises, and fill your plate with more happy and healthy foods.

Essentially, anything that inspires a positive feeling about your body is worth doing.

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