lymphatic drainage massage Los Angeles: Wellness At Best

Anyone who discovers the secret of the lymphatic drainage massage Los Angeles will never look back. The aesthetic and physical benefits of lying back and having this massage are definitely life-changing. See those models and Hollywood actresses that look fly even when out of the set? Yes, this shows you how lymphatic massage is long-lasting. It does not last at that instant only.

The benefits of this treatment cut across the immunity system, the skin, mental well-being, metabolism rate, and a good night’s sleep. If you can get all these and more from a massage, what are you waiting for? Sign up and get to live your best life.

How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Work

how lymphatic drainage massage work

Wait, before you start looking for the best lymphatic drainage massage Los Angelesyou need to understand how the whole process works. The lymphatic drainage massage results will be magical, but the process behind it is not that magical. The massage works by stimulating proper oxygen distribution in the body1.

When oxygen is distributed effectively and quickly to all body parts and organs, the systems will function properly. This is because a lot of body processes need oxygen to perform optimally.

Other than the oxygen distribution, lymphatic drainage massage is also excellent at eliminating body toxins. So, you will know what exactly the massage is supposed to do to your body when you get to the spa.

The Health Convergence Of Lymphatic Drainage Massage And The Lymphatic System

the health convergence of lymphatic drainage massage and the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is like a freeway for the body fluids, mostly water (1). The system ensures that the fluids keep flowing effectively all through the body parts2.

Also, the lymphatic system works with the heart in the distribution of oxygen to the body.

This means that if your lymphatic system is not working well, there will be a lot of water stagnating in the body. Too much water retention could result in infections, cellulite, and bloating.

Of course, our bodies have a self-draining ability. However, the drainage process may be sluggish. A lymphatic drainage massage may help quicken things or give you that quick detox your body desperately needs.

What To Expect From Lymphatic Drainage Massage Los Angeles

what to expect from lymphatic drainage massage los angeles

What you experience during and after your lymphatic drainage massage will entirely depend on the spa you choose. Different spas give their clients different experiences, and just like biohacking, it comes down to the individual.

However, in general, the massages start slow and later become involving.

You will soon feel your muscles stretch. Then suddenly become more aware of the movements in your body.

During the massage, your masseuse will address areas of strain and fluid concentration in your body and advise you on cutting down on that accumulation. For instance, if you do a lot of desk typing, there is likely a strain or accumulation of fluid in your armpits.

So, in simpler terms, if you get the best lymphatic drainage massage Los Angeles, you will know areas of fluid concentration and how you can get rid of those. You will also leave the spa feeling a lot more energized and comfortable.

The Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage

the benefits of lymphatic drainage massage

As stated earlier, lymphatic drainage massage has benefits for both our mental and physical well-being (2). Here are a few of such ;


We all envy a clearer and smoother skin complexion. Nobody likes the fine lines and the wrinkles that appear on the facial tissue. Also, nobody loves the unsightly puffiness that often comes around the eyes. 

What of the scars of past injuries? Luckily, lymphatic drainage massages can help reduce this. The massage helps the skin keeps its renewing ability in check.

Its ability to help with the skin is why it is used before and after most cosmetic surgeries. That would explain why Hollywood celebrities are top fans of the massage3


If you have not gotten any lymphatic drainage massage and are looking for time to schedule one, consider making one at the end of winter. After winter, the body is usually full of toxins and sluggishness. Too much starchy food and high-fat foods bring some sluggishness to the body that we can easily eliminate by getting some good, deep kneading. 


relaxation lymphatic drainage massage

If you are looking for another aesthetic reason to book an appointment at a lymphatic drainage massage Los Angeles spa, the urge to relax should get you moving.

Lymphatic massages are usually gentle, not even as firm as the other kinds of massages.

This is because the lymphatic system is very close to the surface of the skin. 

By the end of your massage session, you will feel relaxed from all the stress. This is why we consider these massages a biohacking Los Angeles tip. 

Reduce Swelling

Have you ever been immobile for so long, only to end up with swollen body parts such as feet? This is common, especially after long flights. With reduced immobility, the fluids tend to stagnate in the body tissues making them tender and puffy. Now, such instances put you at risk of conditions such as arthritis. 

To keep away from such risks, get your lymphatic drainage massage after long periods of immobility.


The majority of the headaches you are having are a result of congestion related to the lymphatic system. These include sinusitis too. To get rid of the pain, get a lymphatic drainage massage to reduce headaches. 


pregnancy lymphatic drainage massage

Fluid retention in the limbs of pregnant women is nothing uncommon. The fluid retention often leads to discomfort, especially in the legs. Getting the massage will help drain the fluid from your feet. 

Also, getting this massage will help with breastfeeding. A good lymphatic massage will help drain any blocked ducts that could interfere with breastfeeding. You also get relief for swollen breasts. 

Finding The Best Lymphatic Drainage Massage Los Angeles

There are a lot of spas offering lymphatic drainage massage in Los Angeles. They all have a way of biohacking different aspects of health. Go over as many reviews as your time can allow because you want to settle for the best. You could also begin by asking those around you for recommendations. It may surprise you that family and friends are already in this wonderful health hack.

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