Ketamine Clinic of Los Angeles: Your Highway Out Of Depression

Ketamine Clinic of Los Angeles defies all odds to ensure the American population is healthy and free from depression and anxiety (1). And such is a stitch in time because 7.1% of the American adult population report having a depression episode at least once in their life. You could be part of that unfortunate statistics and wondering how to get out of that hole of pain.

In this article, we tell you about Ketamine clinic and how it could be the place to get off the problem of stress, pain, anxiety, and illnesses off your back. But you are probably asking: what is ketamine?

Ketamine infusion therapy is an alternative depression or anxiety treatment proven to be faster and better than other forms of conventional treatment. Many depression and anxiety patients complain of the side effects and sometimes the resistance to conventional treatment. In such instances, the savior is going for ketamine treatment. On top of biohacking stress, you are charting a new path to a balanced, healthy, happy life.

How Ketamine Works 

how ketamine works

Ketamine, as a biohacking option, has helped many people deal with bipolar conditions, depression, PTSD, other mood disorders, and chronic pains. When you schedule ketamine therapy, your specialist will be with you to navigate through psychological experiences. Also, they will ensure that you are comfortable all through the sessions.

Before you start your infusion, your doctor will consider your weight, age, medical usage, and history. The doctor will always sit and talk to you before and after every session. You can also opt to go for an at-home ketamine nasal spray to continue having the infusions’ benefits

Ketamine works by acting on the unique receptors and those that are not addictive. In fact, the standard infusion has over 90% success rates. When patients are sent to the worry-free state, they describe it as a dissociative feeling. This feeling will help you battle mental and mood disorders and chronic pain.

However, during the sessions, dysphoric feelings, sometimes referred to as bad trips, are experienced. The bad trips rarely happen, but we cannot rule out the chances. A nominal amount of benzodiazepine may be used to lower the occurrence of bad trips.

Ketamine Clinic Of Los Angeles: Expectations, Results, and Follow-up Treatment

ketamine clinics of los angeles

Before booking your appointment, you will have a consultation over the phone. But that is not it; on your first appointment, you will still speak with a doctor to assess your physical and mental health. You will also talk to the doctor about your health history. The doctor will answer any questions you have during this session.

The information the doctor obtains will be used to prescribe your first dose. The subsequent doses are open to adjustments, depending on how you respond to the treatment.

You will have specialists to make you comfortable before and during the sessions. You will be provided with headphones and blindfolds, which will make the therapies more ideal. You can tag along with a friend or family members. However, doctors recommend that you come alone during the sessions.

After every session, you will have time to discuss with your doctor about your results and progress. From such reports, the expert will determine if future sessions are necessary.

Is Ketamine Treatment For You? 

ketamine treatment

Are you wondering if you should or should not book for ketamine sessions (2)? You are a reliable candidate for ketamine if you:

  • Have prior experience with PTSD, OCD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and major depression.
  • Have chronic pain.
  • Experience pain syndromes such as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Neuropathic Pain, Trigeminal Neuralgia, TMJ syndrome, chronic back/musculoskeletal pain.
  • Have been resistant to other standard types of therapies.

At Ketamine Clinic of Los Angeles, you can always consult with the doctors and specialists to ensure you are a fit candidate for the treatment and procedures. Your well-being is always at heart. You get the right treatment for your problem.

Ketamine Clinics Of Los Angeles Cost

ketamine clinics of los angeles cost

The cost of your treatment will depend on a few factors. It will depend on the condition you want to be treated and the package you choose.

Patients with anxiety, depression, and PTSD go through 5 infusions. If you choose, you can go in for the 6th infusion. The 5 infusions last between 10-14 days. Typically, the cost per infusion is $625. Each infusion lasts approximately 75 minutes long. For every infusion you take after the 5th, you will be charged $475 per infusion. This charge includes the infusion and other consultation fees on things like ketamine nasal spray usage and prescription2.

It is worth noting that charges are not upfront. Also, it is up to you to choose how many infusions you want. However, we recommend that you take 4-6 infusions for depression, anxiety, or PTSD.

If you would love to have ketamine treatment for chronic pain, we suggest that you mention that during the first contact call. The variation in prices of chronic pain is very significant. Therefore, making a call will enlighten you on how much ketamine treatment will cost.

However, you can also opt to get memberships. This way, you may get unlimited infusions while paying less.

Can Insurance Finance My Ketamine Treatment? 

This is one popular question when it comes to ketamine infusions. Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles do not take insurance, just like is the case for other biohacking Los Angeles services. The clinics would take insurance, but insurance companies do not cover any costs of ketamine infusions. Even when your doctor pre-authorizes you to go ahead and have ketamine infusions, insurance companies will not cover that.

However, the brighter side is that you can use the Healthcare Spending Account or the Healthcare Spending Account with your insurance plans. This way, you can pre-tax dollars and use that amount to pay for your treatment. Many patients consider HSA and FSA an excellent way to use money from their paychecks directed into an earmarked account for healthcare expenses before taxes are deducted. In simpler terms, you are paying for your treatment before tax, instead of the regular after-tax. This way, you will surprisingly have a discount of over 40%.