Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments in Los Angeles – the best 5 places

Are you considering hyperbaric oxygen treatment Los Angeles and wondering what its REAL benefits are? Are you concerned about its side effects?

This info covers everything you should know. We also point you in the right direction for the best local businesses and services.

So let’s find out which local Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Los Angeles really deserves your precious time and hard-earned money.

We not only picked companies with the best reviews. Our team went and personally tried each treatment so we could choose the best.

Read on to understand the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, its types, costs, and outcomes.

Most importantly, we tell you why biohacking Los Angeles is worth your time and money.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Los Angeles?

hyperbaric oxygen treatment in los angeles

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a painless treatment to the whole body, which involves inhalation of 100% pure oxygen. The therapy involves having a patient inside a pressurized chamber, comfortable and safe. Inside the chamber, and through an oxygen mask, a patient inhales 100% pure medical oxygen (1).

Why is it essential for a patient to be under hyperbaric oxygen treatment? Of course, the amount of oxygen in your blood will multiply tremendously if you are under the hyperbaric oxygen treatment. And why would we want to boost the amount of oxygen in a patient’s blood? It is because oxygen promotes a quicker tissue recovery- and this is something you want?

Have a look at the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy below.

What Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Does? 

human body

For the body to recover from physical injuries, there needs to be a lot of oxygen supply. If the oxygen supply is standard, or below average, recovery may be slow, or may not happen. In a lot of cases, physical injuries linger because oxygen does not reach the injured areas. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an excellent way to speed up recovery while experiencing no pain and minimal side effects.

Under a typical environment, it becomes difficult for bodily fluids to take up more oxygen.

Therefore, to increase the uptake of oxygen in bodily fluids such as cerebrospinal fluids and blood plasma, the atmospheric temperature must be improved.

The increased oxygenation in the body comes with a lot of benefits. These include immune support, detoxifying, cell regeneration and growth, new capillary growth, and many other neurological functions.

What are the Different Types of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Los Angeles? 

There are two types of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, high pressure, and low pressure.

  • High-pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy is commonly called high-pressure HBOT, HBOT, or hospital-grade HBOT. This kind is designed to be above two absolute atmospheres.
  • The low hyperbaric oxygen therapy is designed to be below two absolute atmospheres.

Also, there is very low-pressure hyperbaric oxygen therapy called mHBOT, or merely mild hyperbaric. These entail administering the treatment at 1.3 absolute atmospheres.

Are you wondering which type of hyperbaric oxygen therapy to go for? Well, all these have a different effect on the body. So, it is upon you to choose.

The high-pressure option is more suitable in acute illness, but with a little more side effects. The low-pressure options come with no significant side effects to the body and are ideal for chronic diseases.

Preparing for Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

preparing for hyperbaric oxygen therapy

You’ve already searched about hyperbaric oxygen therapy near me, you’ve found your best match, but you don’t seem to know how to get ready.

Before you start taking your therapies, a hyperbaric physician in your selected institution should tell you how many sessions you need to take. The frequency and total sessions will be pegged on your condition.

Tobacco interferes with the transportation of oxygen in the body. So, you may want to keep off smoking as you prepare for your sessions. Consult your doctor about quitting smoking. You may want to keep off alcohol for 6 hours before you go in for your therapy.

Things you cannot get into the chamber with include wigs, electronic devices, jewelry, cosmetics, and anything else your doctor asks you not to bring.

What you can expect during your HBOT treatment

First, your doctor needs to determine whether your body health can sustain HBOT treatment. One of the conditions that make one an unsuitable candidate for HBOT is collapsed lungs.

Below is an explanation how your HBOT treatment will go

  • During the sessions, you will lay down in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Your comfort is assured during the therapy. There will be a pillow where you can lie down.
  • As the session goes on, you will experience some pressure in your ears. The pressure is due to the inflation and deflation of the chamber. You can always communicate with your doctor during the session.
  • A regular session takes approximately 60 minutes. During the sessions, you may notice positive changes such as increased energy, better sleep, improved physical performance, and cognition. However, you may experience some mild headaches, though it does not happen to everyone.

What are the benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Los Angeles (HBOT)

A lot of people know that hyperbaric oxygen therapy helps suppress pain and quicken recovery (2).

However, the treatment comes with a lot of other benefits which include:

  • Boosted immune system.
  • Increases the production of white blood cells.
  • Improved antibiotic efficiency.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Reduced swellings caused by bacterial infections.
  • Improved wound recovery.
  • The increased flow of blood.
  • Improved healing of grafts.
  • Reduced stressed and anxiety.
  • Quicken recovery from cosmetic procedures

Finding the best hyperbaric oxygen treatment Los Angeles can be tricky because there is a galore of options. To enjoy these benefits fully, take your time and read our recommendations.

What are contraindications with Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, just like all medical procedures, has its benefits and side effects. The good thing is, the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy outweigh the side effects.

When you find the right clinic for your hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Los Angeles, go in expecting the side effects discussed below.

Common Side Effects?

Some of the common side-effects you should expect after undergoing hyperbaric oxygen therapy include

  • Pain in the ear and sinuses.
  • Short-lived hyperactivity.
  • Temporary drowsiness.
  • Mild headaches (but not in everyone).

Rare Side Effects

You may also experience the side effects discussed below. These, however, show in a few patients;

  • Temporary dizziness
  •  Short-lived changes in vision
  • Short-term regression

Other Concerns

Other than the side effects, some conditions may bar you from taking the hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Seek expert opinion about pre-existing conditions before you schedule your sessions (3).

Some of the conditions that may bar you from taking hyperbaric oxygen therapy include;

  • Acute Asthma attack.
  •  Uncontrolled seizure disorder.
  •  High fever.
  • Severe lung or heart disease.
  • Pneumothorax.
  • Upper respiratory infections.
  • Ear infections.
  •  Pregnancy.
  • Congenital spherocytosis.
  • Under the influence of Cisplatinum, Disulphiram, or Doxorubicin.

What is the Hyperbaric Oxygen  treatment Los Angeles like & What happens during the session?

Once you are in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, you will start feeling a pressure build-up on your ears. Due to the pressure on the ears, you may begin experiencing a mild headache.

The therapy should take anything between 40-60 minutes to complete.

Are you worried about boredom? A lot of hospitals will let you watch your favorite shows during the sessions. Also, there will always be a physician watching over you during the sessions. There is no reason to be afraid.

What is the recommended treatment schedule?

There is no strict schedule for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This is because people go for it to treat different conditions. Some conditions may require more intense treatments. However, less severe conditions may require you to take approximately 20 sessions.

Your doctor should help you create a schedule on how you’ll take the sessions.

How much does hyperbaric oxygen treatment in Los Angeles cost? 

You’ve probably found the best institution for your hyperbaric oxygen Los Angeles, but your only worry is the cost. The truth is, the prices vary from institution to the other, and from session to session.

However, for estimation, most hyperbaric oxygen treatment Los Angeles will cost you $100-$150 per 1-hour session. Some institutions will even have offers as low as $60 per session. Always be on the lookout on the websites of the places with such offers.

Final Thoughts

There is a lot of hyperbaric oxygen chamber in Los Angeles. Take your time to find your best match because it is something that will impact your health. Finding the best hyperbaric oxygen therapy Los Angeles CA should be a good start for your health and pocket.

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