Functional Medicine Los Angeles: ultimate Doorway to Holistic Wellness

Have you been looking for functional medicine Los Angeles? Well, then, your timing could never be better. Here, you will find what functional Medicine is, how it is done, its benefits, and who it is suitable for.

When you read this article to the last stop, you will be ready to book an appointment with your selected functional medicine doctors in Los Angeles area. 

Now let’s get down to details.

Functional Medicine Los Angeles: What is it?

functional medicine los angeles

Functional Medicine is a nonconventional treatment approach that seeks to treat the body wholly. The functional medicine approach seeks to rectify underlying issues rather than just solving the symptoms. Usually, the symptoms seen are as a result of underlying issues.

For instance, your regular doctor may prescribe pills to suppress the pain when you have a chronic headache. But have you solved what is causing the headaches? No. The headaches will, therefore, keep recurring. If the headaches are caused by, say, stress, functional Medicine Los Angeles will work to cure the stress and not the symptoms (1).

Functional Medicine is never about treating the symptoms that are manifesting themselves at the moment.

The doctor will have a keen interest in your medical history. You will also undergo a bunch of nutritional lab work and specialty metabolic work. Also, the effect of your genetic interaction, and how the environment, nutrition, metabolism, and lifestyle are generally affecting your health will be reviewed.

Usually, these factors are ignored in the traditional medicine approach, yet they affect long-term health.

Functional Medicine Los Angeles – What is the procedure that is followed?

As already stated, functional Medicine is not a one-time process. It involves numerous tests, processes, analyses, and follow-ups. It more like what you should expect during your biohacking Los Angeles sessions.

Some of the procedures you should expect when getting functional treatment are as discussed below.

Before you settle for any Los Angeles functional medicine doctor, ensure they explain these steps. And one more thing, it is imperative to go through every stage because it helps diagnose your problem and finding the best remedy for it.

Health Screening

This is the first step of functional Medicine Los Angeles. The screening process will involve analyzing your lifestyle, medical background, health goals, and even family medical history (2). The screening is instrumental in developing a personalized medical plan, which is good for your mental and physical wellbeing.

Laboratory Tests

laboratory tests

You are more of what you eat than anything else. Whatever your digestive system takes in will have an impact on body functioning.

The nutritional lab tests will help to scout for any deficiencies, inflammatory changes, chemical reactions, and imbalances.

Also, the nutritional laboratory tests may be useful in helping detect if your nutrition is negatively affecting health and if you need to change it.

So, be sure to get into functional Medicine with an open mind. A lot of tests may be carried on you.


Now, functional Medicine is a collaborative approach. Your Functional Medicine doctor Los Angeles does not decide the way forward without involving you. After you undergo the lab tests, you will have moments to review your state and way forward for your health state. Also, it is at this stage that you will discuss with your doctor the risks of diseases.

Creating a Treatment Plan

functional medicine

After you have a review session with your doctor, the next step should be scheduling a treatment plan. This is after you know what condition is being treated. Also, the plan is created to match you towards your health goals.


Functional treatment should not just work during the treatment plan. Your doctor should follow up and see how the treatment is working with you. Your doctor can also change the treatment plan because the one already in use is not as effective. The constant monitoring is to ensure you get the best out of your functional medicine treatment.

What Should you Expect from Functional Medicine Los Angeles Treatment?

As you already know, functional Medicine works to treat the whole person and not just the symptoms. So, you will be in partnership with your doctor to achieve better wellbeing. You, therefore, need to trust your doctor in the partnership.

Your expectations from your Los Angeles functional medicine doctor should be as follows:

  • Rejuvenation of both your emotional and physical well being
  • Addressing the challenges of your lifestyle that may be negatively impacting on your health and wellbeing
  • Deal with the chemical imbalances
  • Diagnosis of underlying causes of diseases through laboratory tests
  • Issuance of necessary tools and information needed for a healthier lifestyle

What are The Benefits of Functional Medicine?

the benefits of functional medicine

In the modern-day, the complexity and popularity of chronic diseases are increasing each day. For instance, at least 133 million Americans have to deal with chronic illness once in their lifetime. For this reason, convention medication is becoming less effective. Functional Medicine is innovative. It goes beyond the regular treatment of symptoms.

With the best functional medicine doctors in Los Angeles, you will analyze the relationship between your health and factors that may be affecting it, such as mind, nutrition, and the environment.

Also, functional Medicine helps you track an underlying condition and treat it for good. If you treat the symptoms, the condition will keep coming up. So, if you want to bid those symptoms a goodbye, go for functional Medicine Los Angeles.

Who Should Consider Going for Functional Medicine Los Angeles Treatment?

If you have been struggling with a disease or condition that does not seem to go away, functional medicine procedures may be what you need. You may only be treating the symptoms, yet there is an underlying issue.

Also, if you have any gastrointestinal-related problems, you can benefit from the services of a functional medicine Los Angeles. 

Besides, if you any of these conditions have become a norm, you may also benefit from functional Medicine:

  • Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
  • Menopause and Perimenopause
  • Heart Disease
  • Epstein Bar Disease
  • Chronic fatigue
  • IBD

What You should know going for functional Medicine Los Angeles

Before you book your appointment with your Los Angeles Functional Doctor, ensure you go in free-spirited. It will be a collaborative process and may involve a lot of changes in the treatment plan.

Also, be ready for processes such as detoxification, exercise plans, nutritional alterations, medicines, and a strict diet.

There you have it. Start now looking for the best Functional Medicine doctor Los Angeles and join the ranks of those reaping many health benefits from this practice.