Ayurveda Los Angeles: Ultimate Physical & Emotional Health Naturally

Have you heard about services, and you are now ready to try? You are a good timer because here we are all about this ancient treatment and how it can help you turn a new leaf to a healthy, satisfying life. Among other things, we will tell you what Ayurveda is, the several types of dosha, how to find Ayurvedic practitioners in Los Angelesand answer all your Ayurvedic medicine Los Angeles questions. 

If that feels like what you came here for, let’s not keep you waiting. 

Ayurveda Los Angeles: What is? 

ayurveda los angeles

Like most other treatments, you heard about Ayurvedic medicine Los Angeles services from family, friends, or reading it online. A little research into, and you will realize the practice has been used to treat several diseases and conditions for more than five millenniums. And that is not the only magical thing about Ayurveda; it has been used by millions of people across the globe to achieve optimal health (1). 

Ayurveda is simply a combination of natural treatment approaches that have the power to restore your body to its default health settings. The practice utilizes simple methods such as therapies, detoxification, and diet change, and both physical and emotional exercises. It also taps into the power of our immediate environment. It utilizes things like aroma, colors, and sound to heal chronic conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and a range of conditions with no mainstream cure. 

Like all Ayurvedic practices, Ayurvedic medicine Los Angeles treatment aims to balance the several body pranas pegged on the principle of energy. Restoring each prana’s balance gives the body an optimum environment to fight diseases and restore a healthy status in all body organs and systems. 

Origin of Ayurveda 

origin of ayurveda

The history of Ayurveda medicine is rich and with many twists. Having been in use for more than five thousand years, the treatment has developed to become a global practice.

However, historical archives credit the invention of Ayurvedic medicine to rishis, who are traditional Indian seers. Specifically, Ayurveda descends from Brahma, one of the Hinduism Triumvirate gods.

It then went down the family tree to his son, who did the same with his twin sons, and later it spread to the gods’ disciples. Today, however, with a few variations from the ancient treatment, Ayurvedic medicine Los Angeles services abide by this practice’s principle and has been incorporated to biohacking Los Angeles wellness treatments.  

Is Ayurveda really effective?

Before you begin your search for an Ayurvedic doctor Los Angeles Cayou would like to know what you are walking into. A question you should ask this point would be: is the treatment effective? If yes, is it right for you? 

Let’s start with the fact that any Ayurveda Los Angeles treatment seeks to balance your body and keep everything operating in an optimum environment.

The practice aims at removing all barriers to flawless health and significantly improve your chances of perfect wellness. Achieving that in itself would qualify this practice as effective. With its potential to fight and defeat chronic conditions and restore your health, it is right to argue that Ayurvedic medicine is for everyone. 

However, not everything about this treatment is scientifically proven. There are grey areas that experts feel they need further research to table evidence on the effectiveness of the various Ayurvedic treatments.

Therefore, you cannot entirely replace the mainstream healthcare with Ayurveda. Instead, you can use both of them side by side to achieve a 360-degree approach to your health and wellbeing. Besides, the treatments also work well with biohacking. 

Therefore, before you take that bold step and go for Ayurveda Los Angeles treatment, know that it has its shortcomings that you can fill up by keeping up with general treatment and overall change in lifestyle. 

Does Ayurveda have side effects?

Let nobody lie to you that Ayurveda Los Angeles treatment is flawless. Yes, Ayurveda may pack a lot of health benefits, but that should not blind you to the fact that it has several side effects, some of which are adverse. These side effects mainly come from the use of herbs and their reaction to regular medication. A few of the common side effects you should be aware of are nausea, abdominal discomfort, which may lead to diarrhea, rashes (when used on skin), sensitivity to light, belching, vomiting, and headaches. 

It should be common practice to let your physician know before going for Ayurveda Los Angeles treatment and any other form of treatment. 

What are the three Ayurvedic body types? 

ayurvedic body types

When you finally decide to go with the treatment and find the best Ayurvedic practitioner Los Angeles has, one of the initial things is finding your body type, otherwise known as dosha. Any Ayurveda Los Angeles spa will start with that and make recommendations based on your body specific needs. 

Typically, the body types are classified into three: Kapha, Pitta, and Vata (2). To be in one group or another will depend on your emotional and physical characteristics. Each dosha has unique needs for exercise, diet, and other individual physical and psychological needs. 


kapha dosha

Kapha are people with well-build bodies. They have massive shoulders and hips. Their stamina is exceptional, and they can quickly put on weight. Their hair is long and wavy. Their features like teeth are perfect, although they have a slow but steady pulse rate. If your body falls in this grouping, you should exercise and watch your diet. 


pitta dosha

Pitta body types are medium in size, and their muscles are toned. The digestive systems are excellent, and the skin is soft and healthy. However, their hair turns grey early, and they tend to be bald prematurely. With such a body, your appetite is never a problem, and your sleep is near perfect. 


vata dosha

Vata are those with small-build bodies. They hardly gain weight, and their metabolism is high. Your muscles will be thin, your hair and skin dry most of the time. Sleep will be disturbed, hence high chances of insomnia. Your sex drive will be high and low at times since there is a fluctuation of a lot of things. 

To know your dosha, find the best Ayurvedic spa Los Angeles and know what you need to stay balanced and healthy. 

What is Ayurvedic Diet?

ayurvedic diet

One of the approaches you will encounter when you go for Ayurveda Los Angeles treatment emphasizes what you eat. Diet (3) has the power to influence your health from all fronts. But when we talk about the Ayurvedic diet, what do we mean? It is a diet developed depending on your body and emotional attributes.

What you eat has to be right for your body to achieve balance in all its functions.

Once your body has its needs fulfilled, it will reciprocate with many goodies, one of which is perfect wellbeing and health. 

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