Benefits Of Concierge Medicine. Finally, The Healthcare Model That Moves and Transforms Your Life!

The benefits of concierge medicine can be many, but the ambition to bring radical hospitality to healthcare cuts tall in the list.

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Remember when you waited a week for your primary care appointment? You expected your physician to be more kind and hearing.

But it took them less than 15 mins to take reactive measures. Everything escalated so quickly; you couldn’t figure whether they treated you fairly.

And then you thought, could it have been better had the healthcare offered the same convenience and customer-centric experience as retails and mobile industries? Or like those fine-dine restaurants?

And what if they focused on daily wellness rather than illness? What if preventative measures meant more business than curative measures?

Lots and lots of questions. Fortunately, all your questions are answered with concierge medicine healthcare, a fancy name for boutique healthcare.

So without any further ado, let’s find out how concierge medicine is the trendy healthcare model to accomplish your health and fitness goals. Lets learn more about benefits of concierge medicine.

What is concierge medicine primary care

what is concierge medicine primary care

Concierge medicine is a subscription-based healthcare model giving direct access to primary physicians.

Imagine quick appointments and not round-the-clock consultation, immediate check-ups and not long, dreadful waiting rooms, and a concierge doctor with comprehensive, personalized care rather than a doctor rushing to clear off the queue. This exclusively-catered medical care is concierge medicine (1).

It’s a private form of healthcare practice where physicians opt for fixed retainer fee instead of traditional fee-per-service. A patient typically buys monthly or yearly concierge services in return for full access to the medical facilities.

While there aren’t many primary care doctors practicing concierge medicine, there’s certainly an uptick in recent years.

Currently, the United States of America has around 12,000 boutique doctors, of which the majority of concierge doctors in Los Angeles are available and active for their patients.

Direct primary care through Zoom, facetime, calls, WhatsApp, and text helps the concierge medicine model disrupt healthcare delivery.

The overall crux of personalized interaction is to help patients make better lifestyle choices. With doctors one tap away, concierge medical practice is surely making the best of in demand services.

The rise of concierge medicine as direct primary care

The rise of concierge medicine is not merely a coincidence. The traditional healthcare services were leaving both patient and doctor unsatisfied.

The lack of choices limited the patients who looked to pay extra fees for direct primary care. Moreover, long waits and short consultancies were not meeting their expectations.

One of the studies in Wisconsin breaks the ground reality of inefficient health care in the States. Primary physicians spend 20 to 25 minutes less than concierge physicians per case.

While the traditional sessions fold in less than 15 minutes, boutique doctors carry their concierge care for 35-40 minutes.

Also, the complexity linked with conventional healthcare deters patients from hitting into medical institutes. An average adult typically visits medical care less than two times per year for many inconvenient reasons. The top three being availability, listening, and relational problems with the physician.

Much like patients, physicians don’t have the best healthcare experience. In one of the polls seeking an answer to “Will you care if your doctor went out of business,” 82% of the voters seemed not to care.

With healthcare being a service like any other industry, doctors feel powerless in their stream. Having spent years and fees in school and practicing, they think others control their prices.

No surprise, many physicians fail to hit the break-even point and fall flat before they could become what we call “credible doctors.”

But concierge medical services give greater pricing transparency, offer clarity on annual fees, and produce a secure financial sense for either of the parties: doctors and patients alike—part of the reason why younger doctors are open to the radical change in healthcare.

What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

what are the benefits of concierge medicine

The means-end benefits of concierge medical practice apply to everyone involved in this customized-caring boutique model, the biggest winners being both patient and doctor. Let’s look at the benefits of concierge medicine together (2)

Benefits of Concierge Medicine – Doctor’s super-availability

It’s one of the USPs of subscription medical care. No waiting room. No dates stacked over other dates. The doctors are available for you, even after the traditional business hours.

This ensures a continuous stream of communication between you and your concierge doctor, quickens your medical procedure, and keeps physicians on their toes at your service.

For example, you can clear off prescription confusion directly with the concierge physician without holding yourself back.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine – Customized care

One of the biggest problems with the conventional health care system is lack of personalized and customized care. With over 30 to 35 patients a day, doctors have less time to hear out problems and medical histories.

So they apply a blanket approach for the majority of the health issues. But concierge practice leaves more time in hand for physicians to listen to your story and customize medical solutions, specially catered as per your need.

For example, the doctor will have more information on you and your habits. So if you have breathing issues, they know what habits to tap and fix.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine – Power-pack management

Imagine you needed to make a switch to another specialist in traditional primary care. Seldom they refer their customers (patients) to better experts.

But membership-based healthcare not only actively participates in adopting preventative measures for you but also recommends you the specialists as needed. The concierge model is like a pool of experts looking to give you the best health solutions.

For example, a new boutique doctor gets your medical data even before you make his door.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine – Less stressful settings, productive output

benefits of concierge medicine - less stressful settings, productive output

A doctor in traditional practices sees 2500 to 3000 patients. It neither justifies your expectations nor their personal well-being. Whereas concierge physicians cap fewer patients ranging between 500 to 800 only.

Sure older doctors fear losing their patients with the seismic shift in healthcare culture, but many have affirmed feeling less stressed with the model, as a result: better output.

For example, there’s a direct correlation between a doctor’s well-being and a patient’s health.

Benefits of Concierge Medicine – Financial clarity

The notion still stands that personalized healthcare is a “luxury medical care,” when the stats suggest the average cost of concierge medicine costs around 137$ to 200$, almost half the ACA’s insurance premium.

Though membership fees don’t accept payments from insurance companies, there’s a fair bit of financial clarity when you’re running around seeking different services in the concierge department.

What are the benefits and pros of Concierge Doctors?

what are the benefits and pros of concierge doctors

After we laid out the benefits of concierge medicine, let’s take a look at pros of concierge doctors.

Hassle-free access to doctors

Access to a doctor’s office is a red tape barrier to health services. Concierge arrangements launch your direct stream of interaction with primary care providers either on the same or next-day bookings.

Always in virtual touch

You’re never out of your doctor’s thoughts, and maybe their prayers too.

In-person meetings, along with virtual correspondence on FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or personalized apps, allow your doctor to be your medical advocate throughout.

In house specialization and recommendations

No more wandering around, looking for specialists in different health areas.

Concierge specialists take care of you and your loved ones with intuitive information and fasten your medical process. They shed light on your medical history to the in-house teams, which turns out a shortcut for medical procedures.

Collaborated care

collaborated care

Skip running around doctor and pathology rooms, iterating your medical history again and again.

Concierge institutes store and process your data quickly. By the time you reach a specialist, they are already aware of your condition.

Enhanced patient /doctor relationship

As you frequent the nearby doctor, they develop a deeper personal relationship with you.

A better patient/physician relationship is a magical formula to understand your problem and key to any health improvements.

Organized care management

Limited numbers of patients mean more room to open up for full-care management.

The familiarized faces with familiarized histories make it easier for your concierge institutes to facilitate organized services.

Early detection and informed preventative cares

early detection and informed preventative cares

Concierge medical companies focus on preventative wellness rather than curative illness.

Little health tweaks on daily routine keep life-threatening ailments at bay.

Better standard of living

A personalized attention = better health = enhanced standard of living!

It’s almost an inscription on the stone now.

Minimized overhead and simple workflow for doctors

The concierge model’s financial certainty helps primary care physicians make informed business decisions like hiring freelance staffers and minimizing overhead costs where it deems fit.

Thus it lays out better health facility diversions for you.

 Trust, reputation, and credibility built-up for doctors and health system

If doctors had to make a wish, most of them would ask to improve their image and reputation.

As much they feel powerless with the general health care, the concierge system empowers them to build long-term credibility among patients.

Studies prove the patients spending more time with doctors form a closer relationship than those who needed less attention and personal doc-time.

Cons of Concierge Doctors 

cons of concierge doctors

There are a few cons. Thankfully, its a small fraction comparing to pros. Most of cons are related to financial aspect. However, the health is priceless and if you want the best medical care you should consider to invest

Membership fees

Some physicians who go about concierge services don’t take insurance. So the membership fees may add a medical burden to you.

But here’s the rub: they may provide better pricing on drugs and standard procedures.

Wallet-thinning prices

While concierge medical attention is no more “only for riches,” the fees can go as high as about 10,000$ depending on expertise, especially in cities like New York.

So A-grade concierge healthcare still may not be available to everyone.

Lack of concierge doctors

Only 20% of physicians practice the concierge version, of which there are only a handful of concierge care clinics. They have limited seats.

But don’t be disappointed if you couldn’t enroll with them. It’s maturing and expanding to more patient segments.

Here’s one for you if you are looking for Biohacking Los Angeles services.

Limited insurance cooperation

There is a kind of non-integrability within insurance coverage and concierge medicines.

These two don’t get along in many states of America. Moreover, your health insurance may cover procedures your concierge may not.

So you might feel tempted to avoid it altogether.

Enjoy personalized care

enjoy personalized care

Shoot your medical issues without any hesitations. Re-read the benefits of concierge medicine

In case you have a problem opening up, concierge practices help the doctor pull the words out of your mouth.

Personalized attention ensures there’s no more elephant in the room, and you have fair treatment!

Specially-catered wellness for you

Traditional healthcare has earned notoriety for reactive approaches.

Thankfully, concierge medical practices don’t fall in the same line.

You don’t receive chemical-laden drugs until the doctor has looked at your problems closely.

 Book or send queries any time of the year

You’ve physicians to resolve medical queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

No, you’re not disturbing those super-busy white-coat lab experts. Don’t be hesitant. Goodbye, second thoughts!

The entire purpose of concierge medicine is to make physicians available at your disposal.

Spend more time with doctors

spend more time with doctors

Concierge service is unique for the doctors and patients, spend plenty of time together, and get to know each other.

It’s more of a relational program where your doctor tries to learn about your habits and prescribes informed-wellness. This is one of the important benefits of concierge medicine.

Retainer costs and coverage

While you can’t ignore the price tag attached with concierge plus the insurance premium you pay, the rise in increased interest and demand will surely bring down the retainer’s cost in the future.

With services expected to go full-blow, it is most likely to cover as many procedures as health insurance.

Factors fueling concierge medicine trend

factors fueling concierge medicine trend

A lot of factors contribute to the rising concierge medicine trend. Some of them are:

  • The Affordable Care Act
  • Cultural Shifts
  • More Insured Patients and Less Primary Care Provider
  • The Internet and Technology

 How to make a switch

 Are you convinces with benefits of concierge medicine? So, how to move from the traditional health care to a premium boutique doctors’ subscription service?

Pick the right concierge service

Note there are different criteria to pick the right concierge doctor services. Go for the ones who:

  • have a flat fee
  • put a strict bar on the number of patients
  • recommend affiliated networks when you’re traveling

Know your concierge plan in and out

know your concierge plan in and out

Not all concierge services are equal. Some may easily meet your expectations, while others may fall flat horrible dead. Thus, it’s essential to know your concierge partners before committing. To do this:

  • make a personal visit to them
  • ask about operational details such as services, offers, response time, etc.
  • get accustomed to the new health care environment

Find a negotiating point between insurance and concierge medicine

Insurance covers and concierge fees may not comply with each other depending on where you stay. So please:

  • check if your health insurance compliments with the boutique fee
  • find the similarities and differences between both the models
  • make the best choices, so you don’t end up paying double

Find your concierge doctor in Los Angeles

We don’t blame you if you’re already tired searching “concierge doctor near me” and couldn’t make among a very few options. But not far from now, the concierge industry will disrupt the other health care models. So yes! Fret not mainly if you live in Los Angeles. Concierge medicine goes as a vital part of biohacking Los Angeles, and you can pick among these services.

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