58 Anti aging foods – best way look younger

Anti aging foods can make you look younger on top of other health perks. Radiant skin begins with how and what you eat. Therefore, a generous serving of collagen-rich foods for skin and hair could kickstart your journey to an ageless you. And that is only grazing on the surface; there are loads of options to leave you spoiled for choice. But we will narrow down the decisions for you. Keep reading to the end and pick your preference to keep old age at bay. 

Anti-Wrinkle Foods

You should not wait for the first fine line to show on your face to begin eating the best anti aging foods for wrinkle elimination. Start early and stay ahead of it. These foods are rich in minerals useful for your skin and cell building blocks. Besides, they are also delicious and readily available. You can incorporate them into your usual meals and reap benefits without sacrificing your diet. 

1. Fatty Fish
2. Avocados
3. Flaxseedsflaxseeds
4. Berriesberries
5. Chia seedschia seeds
6. Sesame seeds sesame seeds
7. Pineapplespineapples
8. Orangesoranges
9. Pomegranate seedspomegranate seeds
10. Olivesolives
11. Edamameedamame
12. Mushroomsmushrooms
13. Cooked tomatoescooked tomatoes
14. Saffronsaffron
15. Cilantrocilantro
16. Green Teagreen tea
17. Gheeghee
18. Red winered wine

Collagen Rich Anti-Aging Foods for Joints

Structural proteins form a significant portion of joints and skin. Collagen is the number one source of these proteins. Therefore, eating collagen-rich foods for joints is a big favor not only to your body but also to your overall well-being.

Naturally, the body produces collagen but in small quantities.

You can, therefore, supplement it with foods rich in collagen. You can pick your favorite source from animal and plant sources. 

1. Bone Broth
chicken2. Chicken
3. Shellfish
beans4. Beans
5. Cashews
soy6. Soy

Best Anti Aging Foods for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is for everyone, young or old.

You could be in your 70s and still flaunt your beautiful, healthy mane. Interestingly, your hair only grows by half an inch or 1.25cm monthly.

There are many factors that affect your hair’s health, and top in the list is what you eat. Consequently, you would be on the right track eating the best foods for health hair. These foods come highly recommended if you are experiencing hair loss due to poor nutrition. However, they are also excellent for you if you want long and healthy hair. 

1. Eggs (especially yolks)
2. Spinach
3. Salmon
4. Green Yogurt
5. Guava
6. Cereal (iron-fortified)
7. Cinnamon

Foods for Cardiovascular Endurance

Endurance, in other words, stamina, is the fuel that keeps your body going.

When you feel worn out after a day of work or a morning jog, your body is sending you a signal for help.

Fortunately, you should not look far to find what you need for your body’s vigor.

The best anti aging foods for cardiovascular endurance can give you that extra edge to feel energetic even at the peak of exercises. With a healthy cardiovascular system, your body’s “horsepower” is at optimum, and so is your health.  

bananas1. Bananas
peanut butter2. Peanut butter
oatmeal3. Oatmeal
sweet potatoes4. Sweet Potatoes
whey5. Whey
cherries6. Cherries

Best Anti Aging Foods for Immune System

If small and common illnesses usually take a toll on you, it is an immunity red flag. Your body “soldiers” are overwhelmed and could use some reinforcement. Don’t look further than filling up your shopping basket with the best foods for the immune system. It will be a surprise that most of these foods are available, yet you hardly include them in your meals. They are a majority of fruits, nuts, seeds, spices, and leafy veggies. 

1. Ginger
2. Citrus fruitscitrus fruits
3. Bell peppersbell peppers
4. Garlic

Anti Aging Foods for Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramps, though brief, can leave you in unimaginable pain. They are sporadic, and you never know when the next attack happens. Science has not definitively found the specific cause of these muscle contractions, but they are primarily associated with neuromuscular problems.

Extensive is ongoing on this subject, and specific nutrients have been discovered to reduce the frequency of spasms or prevent them entirely. These nutrients are available in anti aging foods for muscle cramps.

 Most of these foods help with body hydration and excellent sources of natural fat. If you often get muscle spasms, giving these foods a priority in your menus may go a long way to solve the problem (1). 

coconut water1. Coconut water
pickle juice2. Pickle Juice
watermelon3. Watermelon
papaya4. Papaya
lentils5. Lentils
melons6. Melons
orange juice7. Orange Juice
tomatoes & tomato juice8. Tomatoes & Tomato Juice
water9. Water – lots of it 

Best Foods for Brain Health

Like every other body part, your brain ages, albeit at a slower rate than the skin. However, how your cognition power decreases over time can be significantly affected by your diet.

For starters, did you that your brain spends almost 20% of your daily calorie intake? Therefore, if your brain is not getting adequate energy and essential nutrients, you will experience an accelerated pace of brain degeneration.

Such a predicament puts you at the risk of mental-related conditions that directly affect your health and well-being. Luckily, integrating anti-aging foods into your diet can improve your brainpower and reverse the effects of aging. It is all about being picky about what you eat with a bias for foods that bolster your brain’s health. 

1. Dark chocolatedark chocolate
2. Coffeecoffee
3. Seedsseeds
4. Whole grainswhole grains
5. Walnutswalnuts
6. Turmericturmeric
7. Broccolibroccoli

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