Month: February 2021

myers cocktail IV

Myers Cocktail IV: A Definite Blend to Upgrade Your Health

Since its creation in the 60S, the use of Myers cocktail IV has grown to be one of the most sought-after wellness treatments. After proving to be effective, Myers cocktail became a celebrities’ preserve, mostly wishing to treat jet lag, but that is all in the past now. This infusion has now broken barriers, and now basically everyone can use it to treat different conditions. How did it gain its popularity? How safe is it? What is Myers Cocktail IV? …

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iv hydration at home

Iv Hydration at Home: super Speedily Quench Your Cells in the Comfort of Your House

Have you tried IV hydration at home? IV fluids are quickly taking over as relief from dehydration, and you, too, should try it. Severe dehydration can be life-threatening if not attended to as quickly as needed. In dehydration cases, taking fluids will not just get you at a better place as fast as needed. In this case, patients seek intravenously supplied fluids and do IV hydration at home, and that’s precisely what you should do. Getting yourself to the hospital …

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scalp massage hair loss

Scalp Massage Hair Loss: ultimate hair restoration with fingertips use

Scalp massage hair loss is becoming the new resort for anyone who wants thick and luscious hair. If you have not included scalp massages in the biohacking hair routine, you could be missing out. Maybe just telling you a scalp massage will work wonders in helping you reclaim your hair is not enough. Good luck you landed here. This article gives you all the details you need to know about scalp massages and how they help fix hair loss. Alright, …

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hangover iv drip

Hangover IV Drip: Ultimate Secret to Quickly Recovery after Drinking

If you take ages to get over your hangovers, it could be because you are yet to discover hangover IV drip. Do you feel horrible after a night of drinking? Cannot even muster enough energy to leave your bed? We know that, we have been there before. Hangover symptoms can take a toll on you after a night of drinking. You have heard of all sorts of conventional treatment and home remedies. No need to go into details; we know …

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microcurrent facial at home

Microcurrent Facial at Home- super Use of Low-Voltage Electric Current to Reverse Aging

Has the microcurrent facial at home wave gotten to you already? We are all fighting untimely aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles. In a bid to achieve younger-looking skin, many people go for chemical products, which end up harming their skin even more. What you may not know yet is many health and beauty conscious people are quickly shifting to microcurrent facial at home. Microcurrent treatment is an excellent way to facelift and get some years off your …

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cryotherapy for cancer

Cryotherapy for cancer: The Emergence of a Less Invasive Treatment

Cryotherapy for cancer, or sometimes called cryosurgery, is an emerging treatment option for this ruthless disease. Initially, cryotherapy has widely been used by athletes to achieve different results. However, for cancer treatment, it is relatively new. What is cancer treatment to you? It has to be either chemotherapy or radiation therapy. But the emerging use of cancer cryotherapy is promising. And what is better is it is gentler to your cells. So, what exactly is cryosurgery definition? How is it …

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Lymphatic massage for weight loss biohacking los angeles

Lymphatic Massage for Weight Loss – Steer the slimming down journey towards a success

Are you wondering why people are quickly resorting to a lymphatic massage for weight loss? Has it caught your interest yet? It should. Losing bodyweight is not usually a comfortable journey. Getting into rigorous activities and starving yourself sometimes ends up unsuccessful; you do not want to disappoint yourself. How about you make your journey more worthwhile by using lymphatic massage for weight loss? Yes, you too could use lymphatic massage for weight loss to achieve your dream weight. But, …

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