Month: December 2020

cryotherapy facial

Cryotherapy Facial: Giving Your Facial Skin A PERFECT Boost

Cryotherapy facial — a unique beauty, age reversing tour to Antarctica without stepping a foot in the coldest continent. Didn’t get it? How often do you see people from freezing-cold places and wish your skin was as tight and radiant as them? It might sound weird! You certainly can’t travel to these places because they may get too expensive and over-ambitious for good skin. But you can certainly make these cold places visit you, in your hometown, with the latest …

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benefits of concierge medicine

Benefits Of Concierge Medicine. Finally, The Healthcare Model That Moves and Transforms Your Life!

The benefits of concierge medicine can be many, but the ambition to bring radical hospitality to healthcare cuts tall in the list. Remember when you waited a week for your primary care appointment? You expected your physician to be more kind and hearing. But it took them less than 15 mins to take reactive measures. Everything escalated so quickly; you couldn’t figure whether they treated you fairly. And then you thought, could it have been better had the healthcare offered …

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ozone therapy for skin

Ozone Therapy for the Skin- 11 Top Reasons You Need to Get It

Many ozone therapy benefits are well-known, despite the therapy being one of the most controversial in medicine. You have probably heard some doctors or even sites swear by ozone therapy for skin and some that discourage people from using it. You are probably wondering which the correct path to take is. Lucky for you, we discuss the benefits of ozone therapy and tell you why you should take it. However, we don’t leave it there.  We also look at the …

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